Variant Heat Check for 1/9/18



Dirty Pair: Run From the Future #1 Hughes Variant

HEAT CHECK STATUS: radioactive

The last time I mentioned this book back in October, it was going for a little over $100 raw. Three months later, with the market all but dried up, a raw hit $300!!! Hughes fans are putting this one in the vault and not letting go.

Batman Cacophony #3 1:25 Sienkiewicz Variant

HEAT CHECK STATUS: pepperpepperpepper

Bill Sienkiewicz has been putting out a lot more covers lately, but it’s his older ones that are catching heat. This killer Joker cover hit a nice $150.

Batman #679 Daniel Variant

HEAT CHECK STATUS: pepperpepperpepper

I love these Tony Daniel variants from back in 2008, as most of them seemed to be undervalued. Maybe the print run is too high, but this one seems to be breaking away from the pack with the most recent sale at $85.

Note: Variants appearing in the Top 10 will not appear on this list due to contractual obligations.


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    You are right about the Hughes fans putting these copies of Dirty Pair in the vault.

    Speaking of that Hughes cover for Dirty Pair… just realized it’s an homage cover to Dave Stevens’ Planet Comics Vol.3 #1 cover.

    Maybe that’s why the Planet Comics #1 issue has seen an uptick in movement? Or vice versa?

    Food for thought!

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    Hey no problem Keith.

    I like reading your variant heat checks articles.

    And once in a while, I’ll throw my 2 cents in here!! πŸ˜‰

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    I agree the Hughes Dirty Pair is definitely and homage to Steven’s Planet Comics!
    I’ve got 9.8s of both πŸ˜‰
    I do wonder if either/both moving up relate to each other.
    The other book I have with the same ‘feel’ – if you’re interested – is one I’ve NEVER seen anywhere but once in the wild. It’s a Vampi comic. #24 Variant. Can’t even find another picture but this small one:
    It’s not popular or worth anything – just a bit of the same feel.
    Good Eye!

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    Dirty Pair 1 was selling for $100 raw back in October. This one single sale for $300 happens. And then the next day another copy sold for $100 again.
    That makes the $300 sale look like an outlier, and the book not particularly “hot” in reality.

    • Keith S.

      So I knew this was going to come up because I saw the book out there for $175 obo when I wrote the article, but if you look at the actual pics of the book, the spine is roached out and it isn’t as high a grade as the one that sold for $300. I do a lot of research before posting any of these books, maybe you should too before commenting.

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        I always research too. That’s how I saw the low sale after the one seemingly high one that you’re talking about. And I saw the spine, and it wasn’t that bad. The only real difference between the one that supposedly sold for $300 and the one that sold for the more normal $100, is the one that sold for $100 actually had close up pics of the spine and the other one did not.

        And let’s not also overlook the slabbed and signed 9.2 that only sold for $200, also after that raw copy allegedly sold for $300.

        One isolated, outlier sale does not make a book “hot”.

        • Keith S.

          I will stand by my statement that the “supposed” $100 sale book is not NM 9.4, but who knows. I don’t have it in hand, but the spine on both corners look toasted. 9.2’s traditionally sell for less than raw NM because people are buying the hope of a higher grade.

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            You’re obviously entitled to whatever opinion you have but I think using more than one random, possibly (probably) fake sale that is so far beyond what a book has ever previously sold for, sandwiched between other sales that are right in line with what the book has basically always sold for, is not a very strong basis for declaring a book not only “hot”, but evidently “nuclear” according to the graphic that was used. There were far more notable sales of other books with more than one flimsy looking sale that could have been used instead of rehasing this same adam hughes book that you just talked about a couple of months ago already.

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