Horror, Indy and ‘The Wall’ Books To Try and Find

Thanks again to everyone that reads and comments.  Comments are great.  People who comment sometimes get free stuff (hint, hint)…..now onto the first ghosts of 2018!


Monocyte #2 Bill Sienkiewicz 1:10 Variant

Appx. Print Run: 350

Appx. NM Value: $20

The title sub-heading is ‘In the land of the blind, the one eyed is king’.  So up front, this is a weird mini-series–which makes it a perfect fit for Sienkiewicz.  Issues 1, 3 & 4 don’t even show up on Comichron’s top 300 so those incentive variants are difficult to find as well, but Sienk is a legend, making this one of his most difficult covers to locate.


La Mole Artbook 2013

Appx. Print Run: ???

Appx. NM Value: $25

Ok, so it’s not ‘technically’ a comic.  But you have to admit, that Greg Capullo cover of Batman crouching over the Joker is amazing.  I’ve never been to La Mole so I’m not sure exactly how many of these are available, but out of the 7 years or so that they have done this, there are only a total of 4 for sale at the moment on eBay–and this isn’t one of them.


Halloween: Nightdance #3 Tim Seeley 1:50 B/W Variant

Appx. Print Run: 158

Appx. NM Value: $35

Ok, I’m going to let everyone know a little extra on this one….if you see these horror books for cover price from 2000-2010ish, you should buy them (ask Mel V).  Print runs were very low and horror fans will buy them.  This whole series is hard to find in general and a 1:50 variant?…all the makings of a ghost.  Oh, and its got a girl in a shower and is Psycho-esque.


Grimoire #4 Darwyn Cooke Variant

Appx. Print Run: ?? (Reported 250)

Appx. NM Value: $10

I normally shy away from the smaller, obscure Indy books for this article because most of the time these titles are inherently hard to find.  I included this one because of the Cooke cover and the fact that multiple large databases don’t even have this book listed.  Besides, it has a magic carpet and a raccoon on it–that is a classic combination.

Skye Runner #3 Jim Lee 1:10 Variant

Appx. Print Run: 816

Appx. NM Value: $10

Another book that does not show up in a lot of databases, this is a tough one to find for Jim Lee completionists.  Issues #1 & #2 have a Lee incentive variant as well, and they are both difficult to find, but this one takes the cake from this short-lived series.


A Game of Thrones #7 Mike Miller 1:35 ‘Virgin’ Variant

Appx. Print Run: 329

Appx. NM Value: $30

Trey K was the first person that I knew to mention these GoT variants.  Some of them are truly incredible and this one is no different.  Jon Snow and Tyrion Lannister standing on top of The Wall is magnificent.  With spin-offs to continue, fans of the show will have a long time to continue to keep the series fresh in their minds.


Findable (barely)


Red Sonja (Vol. 4) #30 Alex Ross 1:25 ‘Virgin’ Variant

Appx. Print Run: 704

Appx. NM Value: $15

As always, let me know what ‘ghosts’ you find!  Congrats to Zack Gustafson on finding a Wonder Woman #300 $2.00 price variant!


  • SkillzWeldon

    ….Mission accepted.

  • UltraMaximus

    NICE LIST!!!!!
    Don’t sleep on Zack G! Dude is a beast when it comes to finding stuff.

  • Hhhmmmm,,,never seen any of these.

  • MC

    That Batman La Mole is freaking awesome.
    This is an amazing list, definitely worthy of a deep search and destroy LCS’s for.

    Darwin Cooke’s cover art. Superb. Thanks for this piece. Corn bread sounds yummy.

  • That Skye Runner series is interesting the Campbell #2 is the only issue I ever see.

  • Great list. Love these type of articles. Thanks, Ben.

  • Very nice article! Love stuff like this. Quick question, what does La Mole Artbook contain inside? My hands are itching to get my hands on one just to see what is going inside that comic. I don’t know if it applies but what about THB, Comics from Mars #2 Baltimore Comic Con Variant? That is a very expensive comic that doesn’t come out for sale that often!

  • I always grab any of the various horror movie titles as they are great reselling books. Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, Psycho, Chucky…money in the bank from horror fans.
    Haven’t seen the Skye Runner variants, I have come across the Lee & Campbell #1s a few times though.
    Here’s a gorgeous variant you don’t see often:
    Red Menace #2 by Mike Kaluta. 2007 Wildstorm miniseries.

  • ender6988

    I wish there was a concrete way we could get print runs for incentive variants. I think it would only help them sell as I’m sure in most cases it’s less than our approx guesses.

  • Mugroantics

    A Sienkiewicz cover always seems to end up on these Ghost Book articles…. Great list and love the the prints numbers to give you an idea of why its a ghost!

  • I love some of the horror variants! Don’t see them a ton, so you are dead on about grabbing them.

  • Honestly think Alex Ross has the best Vampirella and Red Sonja covers.

  • Clash of Kings #3 Virgin variant is pretty awesome as well. I saw it before it came out and had to have it.

    Horror books are always gold. I’ve got a stack of Nightdance here and I don’t see the 1:50, sadly. I posted them on the G+ page, but I can’t remember which ones I’ve got now.

    Nice list. I’ll be looking for an Alex Ross Vampirella here soon myself.

  • Thank’s for the info Ben! I am always on the look out for Bill Sienkiewicz covers! I have loved his art since the old New Mutant issues he did!

  • A Game of Thrones #7 Mike Miller 1:35 ‘Virgin’ Variant – WOW….those giant ice cubes are perfectly amazing! Canadian winter admiration award. 😉

  • Once again great job! Always one of my favorite articles – I would otherwise have no idea about most of these books!!!

  • Bryan

    Love these articles. Takes me back to the 90s when I would buy wizard and immediately turn to the Top 10 and Top 10 over 10 lists. Great Job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ben – great read as always, thanks for sharing. I have never seen that Halloween cover before. Now you got me going detective man to try and track it down LOL. That’s a great cover. All these books are cool as hell!

  • The whole line of Halloween books from DD had 1:50 variants. They also had multiple covers for each issues. Including a website only variant.

  • That Red Sonja variant is really cool! Wish I could find it 😭

  • Demon Jim

    I need that Red Sonja (Vol. 4) #30 Alex Ross 1:25 ‘Virgin’ Variant. I didn’t even know it existed until this article.

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