The Day After Wednesday for 1/4/2018

After a delay, I'm back for the New Year! Want to know which books from yesterday’s new deliveries are already heating up and which ones are cooling? Here’s a “Day After” list that we hope will help! This isn’t a reflection on the quality, collectability or long term potential of recently released books. This is based on today’s market price for books that came out on Wednesday, 1/3/18. They could still be at your shop.



GREEN LANTERNS #38 (DC) – With the appearance of a new villain team, RED TIDE, both covers are selling for $10. Sets are (obviously) $20. This is so close to being WARM as eBay is currently flooded with copies. Undercutting hasn’t yet started, but probably already has by the time you’re reading this. Don’t fret; a first appearance with the character on the cover is usually a solid long-term spec.

SECRET WEAPONS #0 1:50 POLINA VARIANT (VALIANT) –  The 1:50 Polina variant sold for $100 and the 1:20 is primed for $50. Always buy high ratio Valiant variants. They’re fantastic flips.  (Corrected: I mentioned that this was a re-numbering.  It is not.  Thanks to our members for the correction.)



BATMAN #38 (DC) – Yeah, I know. You feel this should be HOT. Yes, both the variant and the standard cover for “The origin of Bruce Wayne” were selling decently between $7-$10 shipped, which roughly doubled your money. Earlier today, sets were selling for $20 shipped. As I write this, the flood has risen and they have dropped to about $13 shipped for a set. A copy of the Tim Sale cover sold for as low as $5.50 shipped.   I would personally only buy the Coipel variant as it has the best long term potential.

POPEYE CLASSICS ONGOING #65 ZOMBIE 1:10 VARIANT (IDW) – Remember how overdone Zombie variants were at one point? With the now overdone Venom and Batman Who Laughs variants becoming simply exhausting, this is a well-welcomed old friend. It’s a great variant for a character that you wouldn’t associate being grotesquely zombie-fied. There are no current sales for this insanely hard to find 1:10 variant. I’m leaving this as WARM as I’m positive that it will sell really well once a copy is listed.




BATMAN WHITE KNIGHT #4 (OF 8) (DC) – Selling for a tad over cover price plus shipping. Sellers are doing well pairing this issue with #3.   You’re not making a profit, but it helps issue #3 to sell over solo copies.

COSMO #1 (ARCHIE) – This is currently selling for cover. Full sets of all the variants have been selling for $35-40 shipped. Hopeful sellers have their standard copies listed for around $20.









TRANSFORMERS VS THE VISIONARIES #1 (OF 5) (IDW) – Keep an eye on the RI-B 1:20 variant. There are no copies for sale and I have a feeling that this could do decently.


WALKING DEAD #175 SIENKIEWICZ VARIANT (IMAGE) – I thought these were going to be hard to find. However, the standard cover was sold out at my LCS and a stack of this variant still sat on the shelf.



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    I had some trouble finding the regular Walking Dead cover. The Bill S was everywhere, much Timmy surprise. That Ursus cover evaporated quickly everywhere.

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    That Transformers looks great …I gotta tell ya that Popeye,ive been calling and asking some store retailer buddies of mines to get a gauge on how many stores actually order 10 of the book to get the incentive …1 person got it from Graham , 1 person from Midtown Online,1 person in Canada , and 1 person in Jersey who orders 10 just to get the incentive . I don’t this this one will appear on Ebay anytime soon

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    time to buy watchvark #1 it looks like.


    Hey great article Matt thx!! I’m going to have to respectfully disagree with Batman #38.. A lot of people seem to think the character on the upper left of Two-Face on cover A (Sale) is actually the kid with the writing on his face all grown up (aka the anti-batman aka dark Bruce, whatever).. Even though I really like the Coipel B cover a lot more artistically, if that’s correct that’s a first cover appearance as well so it will definitely be the long term book to hold in my opinion.. Just a thought bud, what do you think?? Thx either way, have a good weekend!

    • Matt DeVoe

      Thanks Rigger! Honestly, I just absolutely hate that Tim Sale cover. I used to love his stuff, but lately his covers are… not great. The first appearance on the cover could help, but a bad cover will have a hard time ever skyrocketing.

      • JMasters12

        I agree. When I got back into comics, The Long Halloween and Dark Victory trades were two of the reasons. I hated his art as a kid. I was a McFarlane fan. Sale is like Frank Miller, very stylized and great in small doses. Sale has done cover for almost the entire run of Batman covers and while I have at least 1 of each there’s only a few I really, really like.

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        This is right on point – I used to love Sale covers as well. But to be frank, his work the last few years seems half-assed at best. Welcome back, Matt! Love the Day After Wednesday!

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      Pretty sure that’s Zsasz on the Sale cover Next to Two Face. If you read the book Zsasz gets blamed at first for what the new character did. Plus, it looks like Zsasz.

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    Any predictions on where that Popeye will land when a copy finally gets listed?

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    Ive seen people put a Spider-Man variant with one bogus sale as the number one book but a book with no sales which you believe is going to be big is only warm? It should either be hot or mentioned but not be put in a category don’t you think? Secret Weapons is a second mini like Secret Wars 2. Why would you keep the numbering of a non ongoing. Also the 0 issues are origin stories. Oh and Red Tide is a team not a character. Do you read what you write about or just get the info from forums and groups and write it up? Not trying to be a B just curious.

    • Matt DeVoe

      Okay. Yes, I put this in warm with no sales. I know that, following my own rules, with no sale it should be cool. This isn’t an exact science. These are rules that I created and then choose to follow. Part of this speculation gig is paying attention to books that are teetering on the edge of a market boom or crash the next day or two after release. So, warm or hot doesn’t always have to be financially based. Because of how hard it is to find and how many people are looking for it, it’s not quite right to put it in cool. The book is WARM just due to people wanting it (myself included) and my own educated case that it will sell for an amount that would place it in HOT. Other books, like the Transformers book I included, I think that it’s a book that could do well. With the Popeye book, I KNOW that it’s going to do well. If it doesn’t, I’ll never book a book with no sales in warm again. I hope that helps.

      Thank you for the update on Secret Weapons. I had someone else also note that it wasn’t a new series. I honestly do not read Valiant and only monitor the big variant sales for it. I’ve updated that and thank you for the correction!

      I report on every new #1 and notable issues/variants for the week. So yes, I don’t read everything within the 2 days I write this article. So, for some books I go off of what I heard or from what I quickly research on it. I stand corrected and have updated that as well. Thanks!

  • Ben C

    Matt!!! You rock my brother, this is always appreciated. I read what you write, but I wonder if the T-Waffle who wrote this “Do you read what you write about or just get the info from forums and groups and write it up?” actually read it… Saying Im not trying to be a bitch and then acting like a class B Bitch does not excuse you from your self righteous know it all behavior or the shame that comes along with it.

    Keep on rocking in the real world Matty, glad you and the kids are feeling better!

    • Ben C

      Ahahahaha, you rag.

      Criticize all you want, try not being a C*nt about it is all I was saying.

      And way to get a good ol fashion gay joke in there. You must be so proud of your comic knowledge.

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    BATMAN ON A BIKE! And it’s Copiel. Love it. But does anyone else feel like it’s just Tommy Elliot/Hush redux? Why not just introduce Hush into the DC Rebirth? I’m pretty sure he hasn’t been seen yet. An already established great character.

    Oh, and are we sure Red Tide isn’t just Typhoid Mary switching sides?

  • LondonHusker94

    Glad to have you back Matt! Appreciate the work it takes you to put this column together. Could not find that Popeye variant anywhere, nor strangely, the Watchvark book lol. I agree with the other comments about Tim Sales current covers. Why is Batman doing an Elvis impersonation?

  • Ben Steiniger

    Glad you are back Matt. This column always provides helpful info!

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    Awesome column Matt…appreciat the hard work

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