The Wednesday One – 1/3


Welcome to the night before Wednesday One!  1/3

Happy New Year Y'all! Hope everyone had a safe and fun holiday. It is a light week which is nice on the wallet, but there are always books to keep in mind. Is there a “One” this week? Let's take a look.


Green Lanterns #38 Cover A Regular Shane Davis Cover

New Villian rumored. Maybe a long-term pick. Villians don't do nearly as well as heroes do, but I'm going to grab 2 sets for the PC.

Batman White Knight #4 Cover B Variant Sean Murphy Cover

First “Neo-Joker” cover. It wasn't a secret so it should have a larger print run, but a must grab for the long haul. This series has been great so far.

 Secret Weapons Vol 2 #0 Cover E Incentive Adam Pollina Variant 1:50 

High ratio Valiant is a must grab if you can find them and they are moderately priced. It seems like if you can grab it for ratio or under it is a win. I couldn't see any for sale or any sold. Ghost?

Batman Vol 3 #38 Cover A Regular Tim Sale Cover 

1st app of “Anti-Batman?” I like the B cover better personally, but the A cover seems to be hotter. I think people think the upper left villain is the kid, but I'm not sure. I did read the spoilers and it was interesting. Another long term pick.

Cool Covers


 Astonishing X-Men Vol 4 #7 Cover C Variant John Tyler Christopher Trading Card

I love this JTC variant. I'm a sucker for a hot Psylock and this one does it for me. No heat and I don't expect anything long term either, but I grabbed 2 for my PC.

Walking Dead #175 Cover B Variant Bill Sienkiewicz Cover

I'm not a WD guy, but I like Bill and think this is a great cover. I heard this is a new arc also. They weren't a secret so I don't expect them to be scarce.

Batman Vol 3 #38 Cover B Variant Olivier Coipel Cover

The better of the 2 cover imo. Plus Batman is on my pull. I grabbed more of the B cover than the A preorder, but I will even them up from my LCS.

Astonishing X-Men Vol 4 #7 Cover D Variant Marco Checchetto Avengers 

I love this Checchetto. If it was a ratio it would be grabbing serious heat. This is way better than the Hulk a few week back ;). My LCS didn't get any so I had to grab 2 from the bay. Is there a weird req for this cover?

 Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 4 #150 Cover A Regular Alex Ross 3D Lenticular

I love this Ross and can't wait until the non-lenticular 2nd print drops. Hopefully, this is a good read also.


Rogue & Gambit #1 Cover B Variant Daniel Acuna Avengers Cover

Something about this cover just does it for me and it is the best of the R&G covers.

 Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Dance Of The Dead #3 Cover D Meguro

I missed this one, but I have the 7 of cups. These covers are cool, but they don't grab any heat. I will probably grab one later.

Planet Of The Apes Ursus #1 Cover D Incentive Bob Larkin Unpublished Magazine Variant 

This has a classic feel. I like the trade dress version better than the virgin which is rare. I think the dress adds to the beautiful cover.

Rise Of The Black Panther #1 Cover B Variant Movie Cover – If you can get this signed by Chadwick this will go for $ in 9.8 SS.

Harley & Ivy Meet Betty & Veronica #4 Cover A Regular Jenny Frison – I'm a Frison fan, but this one is meh to me. I will grab it for the collection.

Rise Of The Black Panther #1 Cover C Variant Tyler Kirkham & Arif Prianto Avengers Cover – I like this Kirkham, but want to see it in person before I decide to grab it.

Skip it

 Star Wars Vol 4 #41 Cover C Variant Rod Reis Galactic Icon

I'm burned out after the 40th covers. This one isn't even good. I am a Star Wars whore though so I will probably grab it anyway.

Watchvark #1

I don't get these. I see them as pointless homage. Does anyone care?

Cosmo #1 Cover A Regular Tracy Yardley

I think this is pump and dump. I don't see it doing anything. If you believe I think cover A is the one to grab. I don't dig kids books as flips in general.

Riverdale Digest #5

I'm still hating on the photo covers spec wise. If you can get all 4 sigs on a 9.8 SS I think it could make some $. But, I just don't think people who love the show care.

Read it

 Animosity Evolution #3

I really like this world they have built and think it is prime for being optioned.

 Batman And The Signal #1 Cover A Regular Cully Hamner Cover

Batman has so many variations, but they have been good which has helped thwart fatigue. Can't wait to read it.

 Injustice 2 #17

The injustice series has been awesome and this is always on my pull.

X-Men Grand Design #2

1st was great and a welcome surprise. I'm excited about issue 2.

Extremity #10 – A great read so far. Grab a trade and jump in.

Star Wars Adventures Forces Of Destiny Princess Leia – These are fun and for a young target audience.

Solar Flare Season 2 #3 – I like this read and season 2 has been good so far.

Star Wars Vol 4 #41 – Star Wars is one of the few good Marvel titles. Plut it is canon.

Giants #2 – The first was good, I'll try #2

Koshchei The Deathless #1 – This looks cool for Hellboy fans.



  • Spawn #281 – Is this a first app? I don't care anymore, iirc they keep moving it around teasing everyone. I don't care for spawn anyway and I don't have high hopes for the movie. If this is your jam, more power to ya. The covers are good at least. Let me know if I should be grabbing this or the next one for a flip!
  • Classic Popeye #65 Cover B Incentive Len Danovich Variant Cover – I'm stealing this from Mel V. I like the Zombie take and missed this. This won't do anything, but I'm gonna grab one if I see it.

Bonus look back – how did last week do a week later?

 How did last week's spec end up doing? We take a look at last week's predictions and see if we did OK one week later!!!

(Last week's spec will be quoted like this. What it really did will look like this.)

Amazing Spider-Man Vol 4 #793 Cover B Incentive Ryan Stegman Variant 1:25 –  Sales averaging $35 with a high of $50. It’ll probably drop to $25 after the undercutting. I think it will end up around $30 in a week or two. Seems to be averaging about $40 with a high of $50. That is a great flip I underestimated how much people like this cover. 


Phoenix Resurrection Return Of (Adult) Jean Grey #1 Cover H Incentive Stanley Artgerm Lau Green Costume Virgin 1:100 – I think it will sit around $100 for a week or two but will start dipping down after. Long term it is a $75 – Seems to be averaging about $75 with a low of $60 and a high of $100. 

 Double Bonus look back!

Incredible Hulk Vol 4 #711 Cover C Incentive Marco Checchetto 1:25 –  Is this a $35 book or a $75 book? I think it should be a $35 book. Last week this had seemed to settle around $50 and this week it is still $50 it seems with lows of $40. 

Marvel Two-In-One Vol 3 #1 Cover H Incentive Alex Ross 1:50 – There are a few sales right under $30 and one at $35 recently. I think this has a floor of $25 and will eventually come back up to $35ish. Last week this had seemed to drop from $25-30 to $20 and is still around that. 

Amazing Spider-Man Vol 4 #792 Cover C Incentive Ryan Stegman 1:25 – Presales hanging around $30-40, but will it stay there? I think it does stay between $25 and $35. Probably a long-term slow riser. The week before last week this was selling around $50+ which is great and last week more of the same, but a few at $40 and one auction at $60. This week a 98 sold for $160 and still mostly selling between $50-70 raw. 

Darkhawk #51 Cover C Incentive Dan Mora Variant –  None, I think I skipped this one.  It hit a high of $40, but was down to $20ish. This week 1 sold for $40 and another $30. Can anyone tell me why this book has heat? 



This week is weaksauce. There is no “One”, no quick flip, just a few holds, good covers and hopefully a few good reads. This week is so blah I had trouble picking a featured image. This is a week I'd consider sleeping in or just staying warm inside. Not a great way to start off 2018, but a slow week is nice sometimes. As always thanks for reading and please let me know what Y'all think. Did I miss a flip?

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  • Coswrd

    I get all the Aardvark DC homage comics ..I’ll leave the pointless can of worms alone.

  • Earlybird

    Great work yet again and very much appreciated.
    Article always helps me stay focused as now at my age I often forget what I went to my LCS for.
    Will definitely grab the Checchetto for PC, the Batman & Signal to read, and a couple o the Batman 38 B covers.

  • Avatar

    I don’t see it getting any heat, but that Black Bolt #9 Cover with Captain America is pretty sick imo.

  • MerrillMarauder

    Those Batman print runs are *hugggeeee*, but the potential of a story arc seeing the light of day as an animated feature or movie plot, has me picking these books up for my PC.

  • Ben Steiniger

    Great job as always Adam. I love how you’ve made this column your own.

  • Avatar

    Also a asm 792 1:25 raw sold on Jan. 1st for 108.50. Actually it was 102.50 with 6.00 shipping to be exact. Ive been following the asm Stegmen’s very closely lol.

    • Lebednik

      I hope to slab mine. Im curious how this will hold up in a few months. I think it will hang on and slow climb

      • Avatar

        I think so too and I think the lack of any really great asm variants lately are helping this book as well. If you think about what asm variants have grabbed major heat in the last year or so. For the title asm I’m specifically focusing on. But I think that last one with even some heat was the 24 Del Otto but that didn’t last long and prices settled pretty quickly. But these two recent one are beginning to make me wonder if the return to legacy numbering has brought back some completionists who may lost interest in the other volumes but now that we are back in the 700s they are coming back to the title. I’m not sure if this is the case but it’s certainly a possibility.

  • Avatar

    You are absolutely killing this right now. I already looked forward to this each Wednesday but you’ve turned it up a notch. Great work!

  • Christopher Hellyer
    Christopher Hellyer

    Dig it. Top work again. The buzz on spawn is a first appearance and apparently the character is getting a ongoing series? I ordered it just didn’t go in heavy on it. Thanks again dude.

  • UltraMaximus

    Walking Dead Bill Sienkiewicz variants did NOT have a heads up, were NOT in Previews, and were slid in 1 week before FOC. The remaining Sienkiewicz Variants might be common, but unless you have a savvy store that keeps on top of things, they might have missed it. I actually messaged my LCS and told them to order it.

  • Avatar

    Unpublished Bob Larkin PotA cover!!! Ayfkm??

  • A. J. Diesel

    Not up to speed on Modern DC. Is this “The Signal” character new?

  • Avatar

    Great column! I love Chechetto but Cap’s mouth is giving me gas. I’m also a huge Sienkiewicz fan, but I’m on the fence with that one. It will probably end up being one of my favs. Great to see Valiant continue to creep in from time to time. Batman on a bike always wins, especially when it’s Copiel. So underrated.

  • Avatar

    Great article as always. My favorite cover of the week is Phoenix Resurrection #2 Lee InHyuk variant. Beautiful cover.

  • NickeGz

    My Batman 38 is misprinted, the Colors are offset. Copiel cover. Anybody else or is it just some fluke ?

  • Avatar

    That Ursus cover is hot – books are not lasting long on eBay.

    Also, the Star Wars 40th variant chase broke me. I collected the run, and I will never do something like that again. Stores simply could not figure out what numbers to order to qualify, and not all SW books had a 40th anniversary variant. Marvel really made this a terrible experience for everyone.

    • Avatar

      There was no minimum to order on the 40th anniversary, I’m fairly certain. We had plenty of folks who collected the run, none of them had any problems.

      • Avatar

        Interesting. Both comic chains I frequent (New England Comics and Newbury Comics) showed me Diamond ordering info that required a shop to order a certain percentage of a prior book’s order to qualify to order the variant. This happened a couple times over 2017.

        As a consumer, I can only go off tell me, which may or may not be accurate.

        Their main complaint was that their orders are so large that increasing by a certain percentage was too expensive for them and would leave them with a large number of unsold books. I imagine shops that have much smaller orders could adjust without too much concern.

        • Avatar

          You are correct, there were requirements for the 40th anniversary covers. Tended to be percentage orders of previous issues or of other series, which caused some problems with the early Aphra ones, for example. Most of Marvel’s variants are that way these days – 100% or higher of previous issues, or of other series. The ones that kill me at the ones that are 250% of a completely unrelated other title. Gave up on ordering most of them, not to mention they usually aren’t something most of our customers look for when they come in each week.

      • Lebednik

        There were a lot of order reqs for the 40th covers. That is why some are scarce.

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