1 Captain Marvel (Vol. 9) #1 Adam Hughes 1:25 Variant

WRITER: Tara Butters
ARTIST: Kris Anka
Raws have all of a sudden hit the $200 mark and there are virtually none for sale on eBay.  I still think the Granov from 2012 is just as rare and is a better cover, but Hughes carries the weight at the moment.

2E Eternal Warrior #4

WRITER: Kevin Vanhook
ARTIST: Yvel Guichet
Dinesh sent out a tweet that he is picking up 9.8's of this because of the actor playing the Bloodshot.  If in fact it is Dinesh that is causing the rise from $100, to $125, to $150 and now $200 then so be it.  I must say the man backs his product with his own money…

3 X-Men #1

WRITER: Stan Lee
ARTIST: Jack Kirby
To say that Disney's acquisition of Fox was huge, is a disservice to the word huge.  A 6.5 just bested the all-time high by 20% a week ago, which itself was an all time high only 11 days before that.

4 Amazing Spider-Man #101

WRITER: Roy Thomas
ARTIST: Gil Kane
This book has set all time highs in 9.4 ($2000+) and 9.2 ($1300+) recently.  Amazing what a movie development can do to a stable, 45 year old character.

5 Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 5) #792

WRITER: Dan Slott
ARTIST: Ryan Stegman
Yes, the incentive variant is selling for around $50 and this regular cover is ‘only' in the $10-15 range, but (no offense to Ryan Stegman), having Alex Ross as the cover artist helps.

6 Incredible Hulk (Vol. 5) #711 Marco Checchetto 1:25 Variant

WRITER: Greg Pak
ARTIST: Greg Land
I like Checchetto's art, but it definitely all seems to look the same in my opinion (not that you asked for it).  Anyway, this is currently selling in the $50 range.

7 Batman: The Red Death #1

WRITER: Joshua Williamson
ARTIST: Carmine Di Giandomenico
1st prints of books that make it to a 4th printing generally are safe bets.  This is no different.  Dark Nights Metal is a massive success for DC and this tie-in is selling around $30 at the moment.

8 Hellboy: Krampusnacht #1 Adam Hughes B/W ‘Virgin' Variant

WRITER: Mike Mignola
ARTIST: Adam Hughes
Sounds like an intriguing storyline and we will need to probably wait for the print run on this (which may be higher than expected), but right now its selling 2-3X cover.

9 Quantum & Woody (Vol. 3) #4 1:250 Most Variant of All Time

WRITER: Daniel Kibblesmith
I'm going to give it up to Valiant again as they seem to know how to market their product.  This has more gimmicks than I care to list, but most importantly, it's selling for around $300 at the moment.

10 Planet Comics (Vol. 3) #1

WRITER: Bruce Jones
ARTIST: Adrian Moro
Dave Stevens covers have seen an uptick across the board.  Not an easy book to find in high grade, VF raws could have been found around $10 a couple months ago, but will now run you $20.  High grade copies will run you higher than that.

Teen Titans (Vol. 6) #12

WRITER: Ben Percy
ARTIST: Mirka Andolfo
This book continues to sell well in the $30ish range.  This may end up being the book of 2017 if Batman Who Laughs stays around (cosplay is already gaining steam…just sayin').

Junior #12

WRITER: Unknown
ARTIST: Al Feldstein
A 6.5 sold for $2200+.  5 years ago a 7.0 sold for $600.  Classic GG cover that is just not seen for sale often.

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  • Topher

    I think the Red Death is the first appearance of the Dark Multiverse!

    Nice List.

  • Avatar

    venom inc alpha dellotto should be on this list. $170+ sales raw, $300+- 9.8’s..

    • Avatar

      Agreed. Captain Marvel 1 being at the top of this list based on one single sale that just barely topped $200 is nonsense. No serious offense to the author intended , but come on. Especially with all the multiple sales of the Dell’otto Venom Inc book you mentioned.

  • Avatar

    but it’s good to lost golden silver books, mix it up for ? collectors.

  • Avatar

    Yea Red death needed to make one of these lists it’s been Red hot for weeks no pun intended. And Topher’s comment above may be spot on in it being the first appearance of the dark multiverse.

  • Avatar

    Also I’m not sure how I feel about the regular cover for 792 being mentioned over the Stegmen. I suppose it’s almost more regular asm covers don’t heat up that much but that Stegmen is very nice too and I thought it would over shadow the 793 Stegmen keeping that ones price in the 30 range however the asm 793 Stegmen has also crossed the 50$ mark today with a 50$ sale, two 55$ sales and a close enough 49$ sale. I don’t know if it’s just a vacuum caused by a lake of good asm variants over the better part of the last year or what but these latest Spidey variants have been especially hot. ….
    great list btw … I’m not really saying these books deserve a place on the list just adding a little extra info since there is actually a lot of books doing interesting things at the moment.

    • UltraMaximus

      The reason why 792 Stegman is Hotter than the regular cover is because of MANIAC. His appearance in Venom Inc. Alpha on the last page might be argued as a cameo, but no doubt the Yu store Variant and the Stegman Variant have the 1st FULL MANIAC COVER APPEARANCE. 793 is Maniac posing as Spider-Man with 2 Desert E’s. Future Classic IMO.

  • UltraMaximus

    Another great list Ben!

  • Cruzzer2

    Great write up. As a huge Carol Danvers fan, I am glad to have picked up 3 copies of the Adam Hughes variant when they came out, and at a bargain of $35 each copy.

    I would venture to say that the toughest modern Captain Marvel variant to come across is CAPTAIN MARVEL #14 (1:30 Amanda Connor Variant) Adding this variant has eluded me since it has come out because of the scarcity of the sales and the price placed upon the them.

  • Avatar

    I am torn on whether to sell my Metal one-shots and Teen Titans 12 or hang onto them for long term speculation. I know it’s possible that these go down in value but is it likely that they go much higher? Not in desperate need of money but would hate to sell to early.

    • Topher

      I would hold. Synder has created new worlds and characters people actually care about. That’s not easy. The key books are the cornerstone of stories to come for a long time. The popularity of the Batman who Laughs happened organically, you can’t ask for more when creating new characters. Imo his keys are definintley long term holds.

      • Avatar

        Thanks! I was skeptical of the series after reading The Forge and Casting but the books after that have been fantastic.

      • Avatar

        I’m really confused about TT12. Haven’t read it, but we blatantly see BWL make his debut in Metal. How does it go down in TT12?

        • Avatar

          I think there was a good CBSI article that dived into the issue. Simple explanation is that Metal 3 and TT12 came out on the same day. TT12 has a much smaller print run and is the first cover appearance of Batman Who Laughs. So it seems to be valued more by collectors.

          Personally, I just bought it because I added all the Metal titles to my pull list. So I didnt realize it was anything special until I heard about it here.

          • Avatar

            Thanks man, read the article. It’s one thing if it’s like a Darkseid situation or Cable, but Metal 3 is hands down his first appearance. I get the print run aspect, it’s just too bad that his first appearance isn’t valued. I wonder what will happen long run.

  • Avatar

    Got the Planet Comics #1 for 10 $ and it looked like NM send it to CGC came back as a 7.5 haven’t seen rusty staples and creases. but I still love it.

  • Avatar

    The biggest reason that Alex Ross Spidey cover is doing well is because it’s the first time he has painted Venom on the cover.. generally no Alex Ross regular cover is worth any money and he’s done ASM b4. but it’s a must have for the Venom cover completionist by top artists

  • Avatar

    Valiant CEO referenced the top 10 at a Valiant book being in top 10. lol

  • Avatar

    Superior Spider-Man 20 (Campbell ) topped $1000 in a 9.8 last week and two raw copies sold for $455 and then $500. Not only should that have been in the list, it should probably have been #1, followed closely behind by the EoSV 2 Land variant which had a raw copy sell for $820+ on 12/28.

    Fantastic Four 1, 5, and 48 have been exceptionally hot as well and should have at least been honourable mentions.

  • misfit138

    Watchmen #1 in 9.8 is on the rise. Get it while you can under $500. Super hard to find in 9.8 and maybe the most inportant book of the past 30 years.

  • Avatar

    Hot damn that Dave Stevens can draw women!! JSC Who?

    Checked some other work of his and It’s brilliant. Old school sci-fi with line-up like women! And don’t get me started on his jungle comics covers!

    Thanks bud for introducing me to a new artist!


  • Avatar

    Line-up = pinup… damn autocorrect!

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