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     I hope everyone has a nice Christmas and got all comics they wanted.  I spent my holiday giving the Last Jedi a second chance and let me tell you it just doesn't hold up.  As time goes on I believe this film will go down as one of the least appreciated.  Despite more box office dominance I keep hearing about how so many viewers disliked it.  All I know is Suicide Squad proved that massive sales do not make for a great film.  Unfortunately the director/writer took a bunch of talented actors and actresses and crammed them into a film devoid of meaningful plot.  The film is filled with some impressive moments but the lack of a well crafted narrative is clearly on display.  Let's all just pray the JJ Abrams has a few tricks up his sleeve a la Alias to rescue this franchise.

Good news for fans of collecting Star Wars comics that have connections to the films, there's a few in this article!

On to this weeks picks…

Astonishing Spider-Man 45

Casting for Venom’s wife Anne Weying was announced this week.  Appearances of the character are limited.  We all know how hot Sinner Takes All 3 got when the first rumors appeared but that book isn’t exactly rare.  This UK cover appearance is.

Boys’ life August 1981 & Dragon 52 August 1981

First Comic appearances of Dungeons and Dragons

A new D&D film is coming. It was announced last week,  along with a few other treats,  concerning the Hasbro cinematic universe.  We don't know if D&D is part of that universe but we do know the film is called Forgotten Realms.  That should put this first appearance ( newsstand only ) on the map,

In August of 1981 both Boys' Life and Dragon published the first comic.  Boys' Life did it in black and white and Dragon in Color, making each issue unique.


  The Green Slime was the first comic published in a comic book and was featured on the backs of a few Marvel Comics in 1981.  It was also released in August, 1981 but the comic is completely different from the one used in Boy's Life and Dragon.  These issues have the comic and each issue features the same one.

( Warlock 48, What if? 28, Avengers 210, Marvel Two in One 78, Dazzler 6, Defenders 98 )


NOTE:  Some of the later D&D comics were also printed on the back of certain DC books.

Darth Vader; Dark Lord of the Sith  2,2b,2c

First appearance of the Barash Vow

If you have seen the new Star Wars film then you know that Luke has taken this vow. Due to past failures Luke no longer practices the Jedi arts. The film almost instantly divided fans and even Mark Hamill has come out to kind of bash his own role.


The Amazing Spider-Man 298

First appearance of the Life Foundation

Conformation that the Life Foundation would be a part of the Venom film came a short while ago.  The foundation is expected to manipulate the symbiote for their own nefarious purposes and will surly be run by some massive douche who will likely die a gruesome death on screen.

The villainous organization fist appeared all the way back in Todd McFarlane's first for Marvel!


Heir to the Empire 4

First appearance of a slicer

So I was not a huge fan of The Last Jedi but there were some great moments including Benico as the shifty, calculating slicer DJ. The idea for this type of character isn't new and DJ wasn’t the first Slicer. That honor goes to the forgettable Heir to the Empire character, Zakarisz Ghent further proving that Disney is letting it’s creators mine the Legends.


NOTE:  These Dark Horse comics had newsstand variants and they are difficult to find.  If you are going to collect the more rare version of a SW key looking for the DH newsstands is a the way to go.

Stars Wars Knights of the Old Republic 0

First appearance of the Jedi Crusaders/Revanchists

Looking for more clues to the non canon Star Wars material?  Well if you looked close you could see a specific pendant in Luke’s quarters on Ahch-To, an ancient pendant called a Jedi Crusader Pendant.  Who are the Crusaders?  They were a renegade faction of the Jedi order founded by fan favorite Darth Revan.

NOTE:  The first Zayne Carrick was in issue 1 which came out after this issue making it the first appearance of the KOTOR.  But issue 0 is the first appearance of a Jedi Crusader who tries recruit Zayne in issue 0, a scene not seen in issue 1.  Zayne's actual first is in the Ultimate Visual Guide but that is not a comic.


Darth Vader:  Dark Lord of the Sith  5

First appearance: The Four Sages of Dwartii, Braata, Faya, Sistros, and Yanjon

First appearing as Statues in Attack of the Clones, these 4 philosophers were favorites of Emperor Palpatine.  So why were they engraved on Snoke’s ring in the Last Jedi?  It’s just another connection to the Emperor by Snoke, someone we still know very little about.  We did learn from the newly released guidebook that Snoke trained another, Palpatine perhaps? Hmmmmmm….maybe Snoke is simply his real name and the creators like giving their bad guys terrible names like Sheev.

Star Wars Dark Empire 5, newsstand, gold, platinum, UK oversized reprint

First appearance of Forcetime.

One of the best parts of the Star Wars film was Luke's epic return to confront his apprentice.  It was a deceptive move that made me shed a tear along with another holographic scene. ( The best scenes in this film were projections )

Luke uses a technique where he projects his image across the universe.  It was a successful maneuver but took the ultimate toll. And yet it wasn't the first time we have seen this power or the first time Luke used it.  We have to go all the way back to Dark Empire for the first appearance.  This power is a big deal and it was showcased along with some other new force techniques used by Snoke, Leia, Rey and Kylo.


The Platinum is limited to 4000.

NOTE: There are newsstands for issue 5 and for the classic reprint.




  • Lebednik

    Mark has a pinned tweet where he says in an interview that at first, he had trouble accepting RJ saw for luke. After seeing the movie he said he was wrong. He thought being pushed out of your comfort zone was a good thing because if he was just another benevolent Jedi training padawans, we’ve seen it.

    TLJ didn’t divide fans. It has an A cinema score (the only real metric for judging movie goers reactions) and is widely loved. There is a small vocal minority that didn’t.

    Good article though.

    • Topher

      Thanks for the reply. I don’t know man, I’m seeing and reading about a ton of division on this film. I’m skeptical of high ratings very early too. They tend to drop after the hype dies down and with Hamill bashing his own role it doesn’t look good.
      My personal opinion…there are a ton of great scenes; the Pratorian Guard fight, Nearly everything on the Jedi planet, Del Toro but the lack of story, the acting by what’s her name in the casino and crazy plot holes should doom this film long term.

      What’s crazy to me is that the best stuff is in the canonized books. If they had filmed Parts of Hux’s origin which is interwoven with Phasma’s we just might care about some of these people. I understand the originals didn’t but they had legendary actors and a great script. If not for some great solid acting here I think you would hear even more outrage. I hope it’s just all part of a grand plan but I have a feeling that’s about as likely as a Snyder Cut of Justice League getting released.

      • Avatar

        I find that the movie has divided fans, but not just old fans vs new fans. As someone that saw the original SW in 1977, I feel this is the movie the franchise needed. It is a new direction and lots of unexpected storylines. I am still interested in learning more about some characters, but I feel they are not a necessary part of the story.

        Lots of meta moments in the film where I felt the characters were speaking to the audience. The firmly held up quite well on my second viewing.

  • Avatar

    i dispised tlj…I found it long, boring and tedious …I don’t expect people to feel like i do and im not trying to convince people to feel a certain way.
    I have read almost all the Star Wars comics, every novel, etc… if the rest of the movies are this bad, they will lose me as a fan.
    Just my opinion… right , wrong, or indifferent.

    • Avatar

      You’ve spent the time it takes to read almost all the Star Wars comics, novels, etc. but you’re going to stop being a fan if they make another movie you dislike? Give me a break…

  • Avatar

    Btw, All this would have been avoided if they had just made the throw trilogy in the mid 1990s… man I would have been over the moon if they had done that!!

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