Week 5


Merry Christmas Everyone! Bet you didn't think you'd get your fix today. Guess it's a good thing I finished this one back in November. For you it's week 5 but for me week 2 hasn't even run yet. It's like time travel shenanigans or something.

Batwoman is a pretty cool character, not just visually but between the pages also. With some of the more design oriented cover that have been used for the B covers of the Batwoman title, this one just seemed to fit perfectly. This piece is by artist Yama Orce who hails from Uruguay. Yama Orce has done a whole series of images of Marvel & DC females that have a similar design composition. Which you can see at the gallery links provided.

This Wolverine piece is by an artist named David Murdock. It really just jumped out at me while scrolling through endless images of Wolverine. Which was a feat in and of itself.

I'm sure many of you are wondering why it's taken 5 weeks to showcase a Harley Quinn image. The answer is simple, there is just too damn much Harley Quinn fan art out on the internet to sift through. Between all the image websites and social media there are literally thousands of images. To be honest, I could slap trade dressing on any number of images and just slide it by…

But that would defeat the purpose of this column. I want to find truly great images that would really make awesome covers. That's not to say there's not more great images besides the one I'm featuring today. Sometimes an image may be great, however it's just too cluttered with watermarks and web address or the images proportions just don't work. Or as stunning as the art is, maybe a little too much creative license was taken for it to be recognizable as the character… I guess that wasn't so simple after all.

Regardless, the first Harley Quinn cover in this column, well that honor goes to Ross Tran. I didn't know it at the time I selected this piece but Ross makes youtube videos also. It just so happens that he has a zany timelapse video of the creation of this image, which you can see by clicking on the image. If you haven't had your coffee yet, you might want to skip to the 1:26 mark to see him actually digitally painting this Harley Quinn image.

Last but not least is this bonus addition image, another by artist Thomas Mason of the Batman Who Laughs. Apparently this was pitched to DC for a variant cover… but from what I was reading it was turned down for some odd reason. Sorry I don't have a link to higher rez, oddly It seems all the hi rez versions have disappeared.

Well that's it for today, see you next Monday… or if you prefer, Next Year!

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