Week 4

One of the wonderful things about the internet is it allows us the ability to find so much awesome talent we might not have been exposed to otherwise. It's a shame some folks want to ruin it… But that's a topic for another time. Let's talk about cool artwork!

Jordan Kerbow is the artist behind this Red Sonja image. I was scrolling through a bunch of Sonja pieces and this one just jumped out at me. I was looking specifically for a Red Sonja piece to use at someone point for the column. Let's face it, if I only featured Marvel and DC females this is going to get stale pretty quick. So I've set up some guidelines for myself to keep things fresh. Regardless, when I saw this image there was no question this was the One!
This Power Girl piece by female artist Prywinko is a striking image… granted it's a little on the saucy side but I think because it's by a female artist that actually does make it ok. Oddly enough it seems that Prywinko is another female artist that primarily does NSFW imagery. Regardless, the lighting and the facial expression really sold me on this one… It's the subtleties sometimes that make or break a piece. No joke, it's currently the wallpaper on my workstation desktop… What?! It's really difficult to find nice high rez comic book artwork to fit my ultra wide display monitor!

Gerardo Sandoval is an artist that I discovered when I was just starting to get back into comics more seriously after my last hiatus. Guardians 3000 was the first book that I was actively buying the ratio variant covers for. Sandoval was doing the interior work which I loved so much I wanted his covers too… Sorry, I know it's will blow people's minds but those Alex Ross covers did nothing for me.

I know some people were not really feeling Gerardo's work on Venom and that's a real shame. I think he was great on Venom and I kept hoping he might get to do a story where Black Cat and Venom actually fought. Sandoval is really good at drawing bad guys, so here's a Star Wars villains piece he did which I believe is unpublished.

I've only just begun to scratch the surface of the incredible artwork that's floating around online. So make sure you tune in every Monday!

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