The Wednesday One – 12/13


Welcome to the night before Wednesday One! 12/13

The day before Star Wars! I can't wait to see episode 8 and I'm curious if it will cross 2 billion at the box office. Some good books out this week though overall a slower week, let's take a look.


Amazing Spider-Man Vol 4 #792 Cover C Incentive Ryan Stegman 1:25

The 2nd week in a row we have a “One” pick and like last week it revolves around the new character Maniac. Last week was the 1st appearance in the Venom Inc #1 and this week is the character's first cover appearance. This was no secret and this cover is heating up. Presales hanging around $30-40, but will it stay there? I think it does stay between $25 and $35. Probably a long-term slow riser. What do Y'all think? If you can't grab this one grab the Alex Ross regular cover. It is a better cover anyway.

Cool Covers


Aspen Universe Decimation #3 Cover C Incentive Fan Yang

I love this up and coming artist and collect all her covers. I love how she does the light coming from behind. This is a ratio variant, but they can always be found at Aspen and never grab heat. Maybe they will in a few years. Next Artgerm?

 Supergirl Vol 7 #16 Cover B Variant Stanley Artgerm Lau Cover

Artgerm is killing it with these Supergirl covers. They are over-ordered now, but still a must-have PC book.

 Wonder Woman Vol 5 #36 Cover B Variant Jenny Frison Cover 

Another Frison WW for the PC. This book is on my pull list and has been a good read.

 Under Scourge Of The Sewer #1 Cover C Variant James Stokoe Black & White Virgin Cover

An interesting premise, but what caught me was the detail in this cover which is amazing. The color is good, but the b&w version looks awesome.

Skip it

 Judas #1 Cover B Variant Jeremy Bastian Cover

This cover is sweet, but a story about Judas has no interest for me. I'll see what others say though I'm not hopeful. What do Y'all think?

 Hard Case Crime Millennium Girl Who Kicked The Hornets Nest #1 Cover A Regular Claudia Ianniciello Cover

Future dollar bin book. This was a novel, a movie, and now a comic. Was anyone asking for this?

Read it

 Mister Miracle Vol 4 #5 Cover A Regular Nick Derington Cover

Jump on this if you aren't already. King at his best. Can't wait to read it.

Maestros #3 

So far a great read with exceptional art. Check it out if you haven't.

 Giants #1

Interesting concept. I'll give it a shot. Dark Horse comics don't spec for the most part.

Monstro Mechanica #1 Cover A Regular Chris Evenhuis Cover 

Cool alt-history story. Sounds like a cool read worth a look.

 Royal City #8 Cover B Variant Nate Powell 1990s Album Homage Cover 

This is a great read. Not one you can jump into the middle of though. Grab the trade and catch up. The 90's covers are okay.

 Flash Vol 5 #36 Cover B Variant Howard Porter Cover

This is on my pull list and has been a consistent title.

Voltron Legendary Defender Vol 2 #5 Cover A Regular Rubine Cover – I do love some Voltron. Can't wait for the movie!

Ghost Money #5 – I like this mini. It is a reprint of a French release.

Grass Kings #10 – I need to catch up on this title, but I like what I've read so far.

Slots #3 – So far so good. I look forward to this issue.

Port Of Earth #2 – I liked the first issue and the concept is cool.

All-New Wolverine #28 – The B cover should be cooler with flaming claws, but it leaves much to be desired. This is rumored to have the first code name for Gabby.

Coyotes #2 – The first issue was great and went to a 2nd print which is also out this week.

Gravetrancers #1 – Crazy premise. Psychedelics made from dead bodies becomes a neon-colored nightmare. I want to see what the art looks like. I have a feeling this isn't for me, but we will see.

Galaktikon #3 – Powell and Small make for an awesome read.

Weapon X Vol 3 #12 – This is on my pull. I like it so far and this issue starts a new arc. There is a 1:25 Sorrentino variant that doesn't do anything for me.

Animosity #11 – Another great book on my pull list. How has this not been picked up yet?

Star Wars Vol 4 #40 – I'm a canon junkie and the comics have been great. I can't wait to see The Last Jedi!!

Action Comics Vol 2 #993 and Detective Comics Vol 2 #970 – These are always on my pull list.


  • 3 new $1 True Believers Phoenix-based comics, grab a few.
  • Valiant has a high ratio variant. If you get these cheap grab them, might make a few dollars. Bloodshot Salvation #4 Cover F Cully Hamner
  • Marvel 2018 Calendar- Free pickup from your LCS.

Bonus look back – how did last week do a week later?

 How did last week's spec end up doing? We take a look at last week's predictions and see if we did OK one week later!!!

(Last week's spec will be quoted like this. What it really did will look like this.)

Amazing Spider-Man Venom Venom Inc Alpha #1 Cover C Incentive Gabrielle Dell Otto- –  This might be hard to get and is fetching $100+. I think there will be a Wednesday drop from undercutting and the eventual hater wave. I think it drops right below $100, I don’t see it getting below $75 though unless the 1st app rumors are true. If they are this book could shoot up quickly and be a $150 book by the end of the week. This book is all over. Seems to be averaging $100, some sales as high as $125 and as low as $80. With 1st appearances, I would have expected this to be closer to $150. 

Batman White Knight #3 Cover B Variant Sean Murphy Cover – This may gain some heat in the next few weeks. I don’t think it will be a Wednesday flip. – I missed the spec boat. I figured the market would flood quickly, but it seems this heated up to a $10-15 book. Once the mail orders come in it may go down a little, but this will probably be a good long-term hold. Also, stupid Midtown screwed a lot of people over (including me and yes I'm rather salty about it) by shorting their orders on Thursday down to 4 copies after it was way too late to go to the LCS,  which may have helped with some hype. 


Bonus lookback

I grabbed a few of the hot titles from last week's mega look back to see if they moved any.

 Thanos Vol 2 #13 Rafael Albuquerque Variant Cover 1:25 –  $7 or less. I think this will be a $10-15 book max. It does have some sales $10-20 so far which is good. $25-30 last week is now $45-50! This puppy is getting hot, but where will it go? We have to see what happens with the “Cosmic Ghost Rider” as this will probably decide the fate of this spec.  

Mighty Thor Vol 2 #701 Alex Ross Variant –  I think this is a $20-30 book this week, but get it for under $15. It was moving around $30, but a few sales under that. Still $30 overall.

Mighty Thor Vol 2 #700 Hughes –  I think this will have a slight hater wave but stay at least a $150 book over the next week. Pay if you love it and if you don’t then sell it, but don’t pay over $100 if you are going to flip it. Way better if under $75. This was averaging around $125 with lows around $100. Now it seems to have stopped moving. The last sale I see is a week ago. One sale was $140 another $70. This is kinda all over the place. It will be interesting to see as more 9.8 slabs start dropping on eBay as they are all over price wise. Most ~$300-350 in 9.8. 

Eternity #1 Felipe Massafera Wraparound 1:40 –  $15 or under to be safe, maybe go $20. – 2x sales so far for $50ea none listed. The Valiant fan base isn’t large but they seem to have money when there is a favorable book. $35-50 est sale price. Last week this had hit crazy highs, $335 raw, and a 9.8 just went for $275 auction. This week I see 1 sold raw for $335 with 35 bids. Is this sucker on its way up to $1000? What do Y'all think? 


This week is just okay with really only One flip. Some great reads and a few cool covers make it better. What do Y'all think about this week? As always let me know if I missed anything whether it be a spec, cool cover, or read. Happy Wednesday and yay Star Wars!


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  • Christopher Hellyer
    Christopher Hellyer

    The amount of info you drop is superior. You are blessed my friend

  • Christopher Hellyer
    Christopher Hellyer

    I’m just going to put this out there. The artgerm supergirl have been amazing yes but the initial covers were all similar. This week is just one of those covers that I think will always be desired. It’s so simple but so glorious at the same time. In my opinion this cover completely captures the persona of Kara

  • UltraMaximus

    Wednesday One articles on Tuesday?!?!?!? You continue to spoil!

    • Lebednik

      I try to get it out the night before so it gives people something to read and get a mindset for the morning. I know a lot of folks try to make it to the lcs during lunch and hopefully this plants a few seeds. Also, I am getting a hang of the WordPress and Inigo is nothing short of awesome. He has helped me a ton. A lot of it rides on how much work I have to do Tuesday night though and if I was able to work on it much the week leading up. I hope to continue the spoils!

  • Avatar

    Agree Christopher…. she’s glowing in that cover. Love it

  • Avatar

    The origin of Cosmic Ghost rider will be told in Thanos #16. Should be interesting to see where they go with this character.

  • dpiercy

    You really like Maestros? Looks like Image “meh” to me, but is still early enough to buy in. Talking to read, not spec.

  • Avatar

    I originally got this week mixed up with next week so I am a bit let down cuz I’m actually more excited about what’s coming out next week but there is some ok stuff this week. Weapon x looks cool hope I can get a lenticular for that today because I love that cover the 1:25 is ok too I’ll grab it if it’s at my LCS because it will be 7-8$ at most I think. Same with the squirrel girl down to the lenticular. ….
    Now idk I think I just am so of all things asm that I just don’t want to buy that series anymore unless unless something drastic happens: like a change in the creative team or even just the writer lol.
    But I’m actually serious i am so over asm however I may still buy it because it will probably be 8$ but it will only because a part of me thinks you’re dead in about it being a slow riser and will be a great book to sell some day when I actually get around to selling something lol.

    • Avatar

      Well when all was said and done I ended up getting the weapon x 12 and asm 792 1:25s in nm+ for 15 each. Not the 8 each I was expecting but overall not bad I think. Wasn’t able to get any lenticulars this week but bought a Thanos 13 that’s on the way as I type that issue was such a good read btw, very impressed with the writing.
      Back to this week I saw defects I’ve never seen before on one of the Supergirl Artgerms (like a pinch that broke color) the other had a weird crease on the interior of the cover and awful color rub. I did find an amazing zenescope cover by josh burns for van helsing vs the werewolf 6 I posted a pic on the g+ page in a response to this articles post.
      I think that’s it other than finding a nm+ copy of mystic u which forgot to pick up when it was released. Finding a 9.8 candidate was hard as hell tho because of the all black back cover. Noticed this is already becoming a bit hard to find will probably get this graded as I think this will do well long term.

  • misfit138

    Great Job! I dig the look backs!

  • Avatar

    Great write-up! Thanks.

  • Avatar

    I think Eternity #1 is way bloated. It introduced a lot of new characters, but not a definitive one. More of a “universe”. If Savage #1 settled to the $150 range, I can’t see this settling higher. A pretty cover can only last so long.

  • Avatar

    asm 792 black cat is has the symbolite.. $$$ #asm16 MARCH cover? remember? $$$
    when people see that she is VENOMIZED, it may sore to $60+

  • Avatar

    I gotta say, I was skeptic at first, but I love how you’re making this recurring article into something even better than it was. I love the look back on previous statements to compare with how things are going now!

  • Avatar

    I think Judas #1 is still worth a pickup. Knowing that BOOM! has a deal in place with 20th century FOX for 1st look rights for any comic to film/tv/online adaption $3.99 is worth it. And with the recent purchase of FOX by Disney it makes even more sense for Disney to pump out as much content and broaden it’s scope to get back and eclipse there investment.

    I did flip ASM 792 for $25.00. Probably not as high as it could have gone, lot but I’ll take the ROI of 194 any day. Thanks for the recommendation Lebednik. I also grabbed the regular Ross cover so I don’t have gap in my ASM collection.

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