1 Spawn #280 Francesco Mattina ‘Virgin' Variant /666

WRITER: Darragh Savage
ARTIST: Jason Shawn Alexander
Both the Virgin and Trade Dress versions were limited to 666, but the Virgin seems to be winning at this point, slightly.  Both are selling for $100+, quite an increase over the $25 each buy-in.

2 Venom, Inc. Alpha #1 Gabriele Dell ‘Otto 1:50 Variant

WRITER: Dan Slott
ARTIST: Ryan Stegman
Yes, Marvel, we know.  Venom variants still sell well.  How many times can you milk that cat though (yes, cat)?  Selling for $100 out of the gate, but we have been down that road before….

3 Eternal Warrior (Vol. 2) #5 David Mack 1:50 Variant

WRITER: Greg Pak
ARTIST: Robert Gill
Hey, I love David Mack as much as the next guy, but $510 for this nice, but very hard to find, variant got me to take a second look.  Don't know a whole lot about the story, but it apparently introduces 4001 AD in this issue.  Word of advice, if you see a Valiant 1:50 or more variant for cheap, you might as well buy it and hold.

4 Edge of Spider-Verse #2 Greg Land 1:25 Variant

WRITER: Jason Latour
ARTIST: Robbi Rodriguez
Over the past few weeks, 3 different copies have sold for an average of over $2k.  Pretty amazing considering 3 months ago this book was less than $1k.

5 He-Man and The Masters of the Universe #1 Dave Wilkins 1:25 Variant

WRITER: James Robinson
ARTIST: Philip Tan
This variant has been sought after for a while, but it still rarely shows up for sale.  It is now approaching $400 raw.  Same logic as hard to find Valiant variants, if you see He-Man variants that are hard to find, buy them, there is a nice market of buyers out there.

6 Thanos (Vol. 2) #13 Rafael Albuquerque 1:25 Variant

WRITER: Donny Cates
ARTIST: Geoff Shaw
I like how this didn't immediately bring high prices.  Several initially sold for $15 and then they dried up.  A few more then sold in the $40-50 range which is where it is right now.  Having Cosmic Ghost Rider helps as well.

7 New Teen Titans #2

WRITER: Marv Wolfman
ARTIST: George Perez
New 12 month highs have been reached in 9.8 ($750), 9.6 ($365) and 9.2 ($235) over the past few weeks.  Deathstroke getting his own movie is clearly the reason for the current bump, but this book has been on the upward trail for quite some time.

8 Spongebob Comics #1

WRITER: Various
ARTIST: Various
Over 225 episodes, 50 million viewers and this is the only comic series–with a print run of less than 12,000.  If there ever was a kids book to buy and hold, this is it.  A few months ago you could have found a copy for around $20-30.  It is now selling $40-50 and there have been a couple 9.8's sell for $190-300.

9 Amazing Spider-Man #129

WRITER: Gerry Conway
ARTIST: Ross Andru
The Netflix series was well received by the public (although critics weren't nearly as enamored, 61% RT score) and has caused upward movement on the lower grades.  The higher grades (9.0 and above) have remained fairly steady over the past few months though.

10 Batman: White Knight #3 Sean Murphy Variant

WRITER: Sean Murphy
ARTIST: Sean Murphy
1st appearance of Neo Joker and 2 Harley's have caused a lot of buzz around this book.  DC seems to be doing everything right at the moment with anything surrounding Batman (except the movies…).  Selling $10-15 at the moment.

Happy! #1 Morrisoncon Variant

WRITER: Grant Morrison
ARTIST: Darick Robertson
This TV series has been better received critically than Punisher, but it is on SyFy so it may be quickly forgotten, but we will see.  This book was only about $25 a couple months ago but has seen multiple $50+ sales recently.

Dark Mysteries #19

WRITER: Various
ARTIST: John D'Agostino
Such a stunning, classic cover here.  A 7.0 sold at auction this week for $3107.  An 8.0 sold about a year ago for roughly the same price so this is definitely a decent jump in value.

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  • Avatar

    Great list Ben, still can’t believe I missed out on that Spawn. Wonder Woman #184 deserves a nod as well, selling right around the $100 mark for BIN and auctions.

  • Avatar

    Yes! The list! I hope people can appreciate the work that goes into this list…. instead of try to debate and cut it down.
    Great list! That Skeletor Variant is my all time favorite book. Sending mine to get graded soon, but will go in my coffin with me. I snagged that Spawn mattina set, should have grabbed more. Also have a few Thanos 13’s in the mail from Mid-town. Will Mid-town properly pack it so I don’t get the dreaded ‘colour-rub’? I know Monday when it arrives (in Canada no less).

    • Avatar

      Midtown will not seal the bag it’s in but may/may not provide enough bubble wrap to provide enough pressure to keep them from sliding around. The books I receive from them are usually in good condition but rarely 9.8 candidates which is why I’m not comfortable shelling out big bucks for the variants they sell.

  • Avatar

    PROVE IT! /me takes shirt off

  • Avatar

    I’ve been really thinking for a while now if I should sell my raw upper mid-grade ASM #129 or hold it a little longer.
    Love that Dark Mysteries #19. Best book of the series.

  • Avatar

    Wow I can’t believe the Punisher Netflix show got bad reviews as to me it definitely was the best of the 5 solo hero shows.

  • Avatar

    Great list, Ben! Would love to see this go weekly!

  • Avatar

    The eternal warrior 2 valiant book was shilled. There were only two bidders that went past $200 and at least one of them was an obvious shill.

    • Avatar

      Sorry for being out of it…..but what’s a shill?

      • Avatar

        a shill is when a seller has there buddy bidding up his books and hopefully dump it on the other guy for more money. it’s a bad practice. and if your ever caught, us comic people will make sure everyone knows..

    • Avatar

      I don’t see how you can be so certain. Looks like 7 different bidders, 2 that really wanted it. I’ve watched every copy of that book when it’s come up over the last few years and it always goes for over $200. Plus it’s a ghost; one of the hardest Valiant books to find.

      • Ben Steiniger

        You can’t know for sure. Baltizar claims every week that a book sale was shilled with zero evidence, or in some cases, false evidence.

        Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I value all of them, but crying ‘shill’ at every sale that YOU think is too high is just irresponsible.

        Fact is, the current market can sometimes be unexplainable. Some people have money to spend and will overpay for what they want. You can accept that or not, doesn’t really matter to the majority of people.

      • Avatar

        Yes it was shilled. Look at the “winning” bidder bidding history. It’s blatantly obvious. 7 total bidders on the book and only two went over $200. Either the under bidder is also a shill or he got shilled up by by the fake bidder. These top 10 lists are great , but if we are going to say a book is “hot” based on a single outlier ebay sale, and then cry foul when someone takes two seconds to scrutinize and question said obviously fake sale, then what’s the point of having a comments section ? Fact of the matter is, that auction has all of the classic hallmarks of being shilled and it needs to be pointed out so those who would otherwise be unaware and duped into believing a false FMV can make a fully and better informed potential buying and investing decision.

        • Avatar

          I understand your paranoia, but I don’t think you fully understand Valiant variants and the people that collect them. The last time I remember seeing this book hit eBay raw was well over a year ago, if not two. That one sold for over $200. Now, factor in the increased interest and consistency over the last year or so and you get a $500 book. It probably helped that the owner/CEO tweeted about the auction before it was over, garnering even more interest. He’s a big collector himself.

          • Avatar

            Your enthusiasm for Valiant is palpable. But you can’t objectively look at the bidding activity on that book and say it was not shilled. You say it has sold for $200 in the past, and that’s about exactly what it would have sold for now without the shill bidding. So it’s a $200 book. That’s still not bad, especially for Valiant.

  • Avatar

    First app of pun is crazy out of control…

  • Ben C

    Awesome list brother!! Love the Dark Mysteries run, have a chunk of it that was picked up over the last 5 years.

  • Avatar

    Great list, Ben! As an aside, that Happy 1 Morrisoncon variant is limited to 1,000 (not including comps… who knows what those push the total number to).

  • Avatar

    Would be great to see a list without nearly every book being some overhyped variant that only sits atop the list for a week.

  • sdalton32

    Another great list – I think you’re spot on with the Spongebob Comics #1 – still room for growth, and that $300 9.8 sale got my attention.

  • Avatar

    Reason for the sponge bob craze is because up until this year. The sponge bob comics were never put into trade paper or graphic novel format meaning the only way to read the story was by owning the floppy issues.

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