Tag and Bink, Rebels, Tormocks, Bendis, BWL and much more!!!

Welcome back. If you are reading this then there really must be nothing else for you to do on the web. My advice this week is to go read some comics instead of pouring through bins. There’s a lot of great books to get into right now even if the speculative market is shrinking.

On to the picks…

Star Wars Tales 12, 12b

I am not sure if you noticed but Tag and Bink comics are selling pretty well and that trade is super rare. With the duo set to appear in Solo, it makes sense that designating such fan favorites as canon would cause the books to see an interest. Tag and Bink only appeared in a small number of comics all of which had their names in the title. With such a minuscule amount of comic appearances, ALL of their books should continue to do well. They also made one other appearance…

Star Wars Insider 149, 149 PX Variant

First appearance of Rebels

It’s been all Star Wars spec for me recently! I like this one and it’s rare Exclusive Variant. My personal favorite from Rebels is Hera Syndulla. This mag marks their first published appearance as characters.



Star Wars Insider 152

First Rebels cover appearance, September 2014




Star Wars Rebels Magazine ( January 2015 )

First Hera Syndulla cover and comic art cover



Kanan the Last Padawan 1 ( Bam Variant )

First comic book appearance of Hera Syndulla

The Kanan books never really took off but there are some key comics including the Skottie Young variant, the 1:25 and my favorite…

Guy Gardner 0 ( Zero Hour Logo )

First appearance of the Tormocks

I get it, CW spec is dead. As time goes on I become more and more jaded about one of my favorite things to collect, you see I love collecting first appearances of characters who either get an animated or live action adaptation. This is fine if you are only collecting but when we start thinking about investing I think the age of the quick flip really is over. This is fine by me but I understand why you all come to CBSI. Try to think of me as the Palmer’s Picks of modern first appearance spec. If you do that you might not be mad at me when that book I told you to buy for a dollar only sells for five bucks!

So who are the Tormocks? I wish I knew! But they first appeared in this ugly bastard and it has a surprising number of versions.

Flashpoint: Citizen Cold 1

First cover of Citizen Cold

One CW event I am looking forward to is the Earth-X crossover. Fan favorite Captain Cold’s Flashpoint counterpart looks to make his debut. He did appear in Flashpoint 1 but that book has been heavily speculated on and has a ton of variants. Try this one, it’s cheap and it’s Citizen Cold’s first cover.

Star Wars 42 ( Dark Horse )

First appearance of Cortisis alloy

I am adding this one only because I forgot to in my recent Star Wars special. This alloy is the only other material I can think of that might make up Snoke’s Ring.

Red Sonja: She Devil with a Sword 3

First Dell’Otto on Red Sonja

This book is not so easy to find and with a Red Sonja reboot coming I suspect it and some of the more rare Dell’Otto variants will dry up fast. This is the artist’s first on Red Sonja and it’s quite a cover.

Quivers 1

First pro work by Brian Michael Bendis

When word that Bendis was leaving Marvel for DC his I instantly pulled out a stack of Batman Chronicles 21 looking for a newsstand. For about five minutes the book was all anyone was talking about but now the market is flooded and no one seems to care. That’s a mistake especially if he writes Batman at any point. If you are looking for an undervalued rarity try this one instead.

NOTE: I believe this predates Parts of a Hole but Bendis fans should snag that one too.

Amazing Spider-Man Family Business

First Teresa Durand

If you aren’t reading the new Spectacular Spidey book you are missing out. Speculation of Spider-Man’s sister never really took off but it just might now that she is a major part of the current series. I can’t wait to see where this book goes.

She makes her first comic appearance in the Secret Empire FCBD issue.

Kick Ass 3 issue 8

First appearance of Kick Ass 2?

I am only going variant B on this book because Romita just sucks. Millar recently announced a new Kick Ass and surprise…it’s a girl. Wait, what? The end of Kick Ass part 3 reveals a different choice so what’s going on here? I suspect this character will play a role.

Metal Gear Solid Ashcan

First appearance

We are getting a film! Finally!

And a preview which predates issue 1

Batman I, Joker

First Joker/Batman mashup?

With the popularity of the Batman Who Laughs showing no signs of slowing, I decided to look for the first mash-up of the two. There is likely something that predates this but with a utility belt like that this one is my favorite.

And finally I am enjoying the DC Metal event as much as everyone else but the plethora of variants to chase makes me ill. I think I will stick with the signed ashcan, TT 12 and these NYCC exclusives…


  • Mugroantics

    As a side note, even though the Amazing Spider-Man Family Business is a HC book, it’s also a Dell Otto cover. Supurb write up as always!

  • Avatar

    Star Wars Insider 10/14 is first rebels cover. Hera’s first comic appearance is in Star Wars Rebels magazine(UK) from January 2015.

  • Avatar

    Great work as always. Forgot that part. 🙂

  • SkillzWeldon

    Awesome work as always Topher!!! Have a few copies of TT12 Cover A and cover B which ever one catches steam and goes up in price…

  • Avatar

    Loving all the great INFO!!
    Dumb Question… what is the 1st app of Batman who laughs?
    Is it Dark Nights Metal #2 & Teen Titans #12
    Cuz I looked it up on Comic Vine website and it has Dark Days: The Castings #1 as the 1st app.
    Just want to make sure.
    Thanks Guys

  • Avatar

    I had originally bought the ASM Family Business simply for the cover. It is an awesome Dell’otto cover and I mean come one, Kingpin in a Hawaii shirt, how many times do you see that??

    The story was slightly a let down however what with Teresa not bein… I won’t spoil it!

    All Red Sonja She-Devil with a sword covers should get hot. There are some rally awesome covers in that run from surperstar artists!!

    #7 and #8 have awesome Adam Hughes covers. look for the virgin or Negatives
    #13 has a great Frank Cho cover, look for the Silver Foil variant or Negative variant
    #16 has an awesome EBAS cover, look for both reguar and Negative they are HTF
    #25 has an amazing Art Adams cover with a few variants, look for the Graham Crackers variant

    The series also has some Lucio Parillo coversb as well I believe.

    All these should see some love with the movie coming and as well they should becasue they are really cool!

  • Avatar


    1st Cameo Batman who Laughs is Metal #2
    1st Full Batman who laughs is Teen Titans #12

    And the market has spoken when it comes to these 2 issues


  • Avatar

    Great article. I love star wars but I’m trying to not go down that rabbit hole with comics
    Thanks for NOT helping me stay away …lol jk. Good stuff!

  • Avatar

    Great info on the Metal Gear Solid ashcan. For years I have been a big Metal Gear fan, I didn’t even think to look if this exists! Picked up a NM copy on the bay for cheap as soon as I read this.

  • Avatar

    I’ll stick with Kanan #1 as the first appearance of Rebels in Comics, as noted on the cgc label. There are also SDCC Rebels LEGO comics too. Add those to the mix of randomness!
    Fun stuff!

  • Avatar

    Kick Ass 2…
    Brand new character and shown to be an African American woman who is a military veteran. So I’m guessing the little white boy may not play into the spec?

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