1 Dark Nights: Metal #3 Francesco Mattina ‘Virgin' Variant /600

WRITER: Scott Snyder
ARTIST: Greg Capullo
Ok, truth be told, I did not purchase this set…but this character has taken great hold quickly and this cover art is just sick–like next level sick.  Raws are hitting the upper $200's right now.  The key component to this books long term outlook hinges on the perceived or real number of copies that are out there…let's check this book in the 1 year later column.

2 Teen Titans (Vol. 6) #12

WRITER: Ben Percy
ARTIST: Mirka Andolfo
Here is that Batman Who Laughs character again…now, I think that Andolfo is supremely talented and deserves more recognition along with Stjepan Sejic who did the cover art, but this book is hot for 1 reason only, BWL.  Many, many copies have sold in the $25-30 range.

3 Danger Girl Preview Gold Foil

WRITER: Andy Hartnell
ARTIST: J. Scott Campbell
Is this Abbey Chase's 1st appearance or the Cliffhanger Preview?  I don't have an opinion on preview books.  What does make this standout more is that she is front and center and alone on the cover.  Movie and TV news has caused this to move from a $10 book to a $200 book in 9.8.  Could we really not see this coming?

4 Giant-Size Fantastic Four #4

WRITER: Len Wein & Chris Claremont
ARTIST: John Buscema
James Franco tagged to play Multiple Man has caused a flurry of activity on this book.  Expect to pay $90-100 right now for a VF copy.  Wait, wasn't Franco already in a Marvel movie?

5 Amazing Spider-Man #101

WRITER: Roy Thomas
ARTIST: Gil Kane
Yet another book influenced by recent movie news, I've thought this 1st appearance of Morbius had been undervalued for a while.  A month and a half ago, you could get an 8.5 for somewhere in the $300-350 range.  That same book will cost you close to $500 today.

6 Giant-Size X-Men #1

WRITER: Chris Claremont
ARTIST: Gil Kane
After a little bit of a lull about 4-5 months ago where 8.0's were in the $800 range and 8.5's were less than $1000, they are now bringing $1000 and $1250 respectively.  Marvel in talks to buy Fox has certainly caused additional intrigue into the X-Men.

7 Batman #121

WRITER: Bill Finger
ARTIST: Sheldon Moldoff
Several graded copies were sold this week with most of them hitting all time high sales numbers.  Still is a gorgeous cover to look at after almost 60 years.

8 Blk Boy Fly #1

WRITER: Hebru Brantley & Steve Seeley
ARTIST: Hebru Brantley & Steve Seeley
Up a spot from Matt's list last time, a couple of raws went for around $90.  A 5x signed copy went for a whopping $550!  If this doesn't get picked up by Image or Dark Horse or Black Mask, I would be shocked.  Seriously though, check out Brantley's street art…incredible.

9 GFT: Myths & Legends #19 Joseph Michael Linsner Variant /100

WRITER: Troy Brownfield
ARTIST: Joyce Maureira
Blah, blah, Zenescope…Once again, if this were an Image book, people would be buying it in droves.  But apparently JML fans are buying it, at almost $90 a pop.

10 Red Sonja #1

WRITER: Roy Thomas & Clara Noto
ARTIST: Frank Thorne
Talk of a new movie has brought interest back to this late 70's 1st issue.  9.8's were selling around $140-150 and are now hitting the $200 mark.  Spiders & snakes & unicorns, oh my!

Superior Spider-Man #20 J. Scott Campbell 1:50 Variant

WRITER: Dan Slott
ARTIST: Giuseppe Camuncoli
So a 9.8 sold this week for $900.  Is this the next $1000 book?  It has been on and off this list multiple times this year.

Suspense Comics #11

WRITER: Jack Crooks
ARTIST: Rudy Palais
Gorgeous colors on this classic cover.  A CGC 7.0 sold this week at auction for $3824.00. The last 7.0 that I could find sold about 19 months ago for $1800.  THAT is a great ROI.

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  • A. J. Diesel

    Excellent info

  • Clint Joslin

    Another great write up Ben. A ton of variety which is great! I am with you, curious to see how this virgin cover does in the long run.

  • Avatar

    Long live the top 10. Mini fist-pump when you got books on it, shake a fist at the sky when you see a book you are currently hunting for. I knew I should have bought that ASM 101 for $150 at a con last year…. fml!

  • Avatar

    It’s hard to argue with most of the books on this list, and the diversity of it is quite impressive.

    Still, when a 9.8 Edge of Spider-verse 2 variant sells for $2k, a raw copy of the ASM 678 Mary Jane sells for $2500, and a 9.6 ASM 667 Dell’otto sells for $8k, I would think that is more notable than the first multiple man or raw copies of blk boy fly 1 selling for $90.

    • Avatar

      I would agree with both of your of reasons for placing certain books in the top ten Hot List. But, three Blk Boy Fly raw books just sold two for $250.00 and one for $499.00 this morning. The only one remaining is listed for $750.00. That’s pretty impressive for a new book that most would not even know about if were not for the top ten. I’m Just saying

      • Avatar

        Okay this is an update. Hebru Brantley’s Blk Boy Fly #1 raw just sold for $750.00.

        • Avatar

          Unfortunately it now just looks like that blk boy fly book is being shilled. Those “sales” are totally fake.

          • Avatar

            Well, since I’m the one whom purchased them from Toy Tokyo and sold them on ebay to three different buyers in 3 different states and paid the ebay fees from all the sales and shipped all three books out last week. I would say that with 100% certainty that the sales are in fact real and the book is scarce. I understand that in some cases people are pumping up sales to move a book. But, I’m the happy seller whom is still amazed that $750.00 is not the ceiling on this book. This also an artist that has been around for more than 10 years and it seems that most of the people buying his work are collectors. Matt, was correct, his stuff is rare and always hot.

          • Avatar

            Sorry but I don’t believe you. It isn’t very hard to tell when “sales” on eBay are fake.

          • Avatar

            Actually I’m one of those sales on Blk Boy Fly. I have been trying to get that book for a while and checking multiple times daily and when I finally saw an unsigned copy I grabbed. I am a collector and Brantley ‘s work is quite pricey so to grab this at even the price I did was cheaper then grabbing any other work he has ever done. I had the money so I treated myself. I knew this book would jump the way it did and I’m okay with what I paid. Comics are my hobby not how I make my money.

          • Avatar

            And thanks Sleep Wars, looking forward to getting my copy next week. Thanks for that email in response to my purchase.

          • Avatar

            Sure you are. Lol

          • Avatar

            Well I go by Negan Grimes on Google+ so when it arrives I’ll post it on there as a pickup. Most know me there as the guy who made people aware of Rick and Morty’s TRUE first comic appearance,The Good Morty,regardless of who has a “fake” copy.

    • Avatar

      Thank you wramiez89 for verifying the sales. It’s clear that BaltizarG is not tuned-in to the ART world. This is like Banksy’s creating a comic book. Banksy collectors would pay very high amounts to grab a copy if it were limited like Herb’s stuff has been. This book is a true crossover ART/Comicbook. I hope everyone in the CBSI world had a Happy Thanksgiving. Can’t till I see the next Hot Variants and Top 10.

  • flipdb25

    The Best!!! Thanks for the fix!!

  • Avatar

    Is Teen Titans (Vol. 6) #12 worth holding onto or is it better to flip now? Seems like a good long term investment (I paid cover price) but hard to say without knowing print run and whether BWL will be in DCU long term.

    • Avatar

      Jim Lee hinted that BWL will be around for a while..I would say hold the copies that you have ..estimated print run 57,359 i said on the podcast I’m watching this character close and it wouldnt hurt investing in some 9.8 for the right price when they hit the anticipating 150-200 for the 1st 9.8 or TT12

  • Avatar

    Glad to see Red Sonja getting some attention. But why doesn’t the market care about Marvel Feature #1 (1975) which is her first solo book and came out 2 years before Red Sonja #1? Is it a case of the “#1” fever?

  • JMasters12

    Wow! I was following TT 12 because of the BMWL. Haven’t checked in on it recently and I didn’t realize it was a steady $20+ book now. Might be time to grade a few copies.

  • Avatar

    Good variety of books this week. Great job Ben. Man… Those damn LB Cole covers. They keep going higher and higher. Those Suspense covers are always high in demand. I’m wondering why people are hopping on Red Sonja #1. I would think Conan #23 and #24 would be more sought after. The people paying those prices for Giant Size FF #4 are crazy. That book will not have any long term investment value and will go back down. The sellers are laughing there asses off and going ching ching.

  • Avatar

    Theres a Dark Knights Metal Mattina thats just gone over the 300 mark on the bay! Super Hot book at the moment and every one of them has printing defects !

  • Avatar

    I haven’t seen an actual copy of the mattina virgin variant on eBay. I keep on seeing stock photos.

  • Earlybird

    Oh brother still waiting for my CGC 9.8 of the Mattina dark Nights #3 to arrive.
    Still keep thinking something will go wrong, great article though love this top 10

  • Avatar

    I would like to call some attention to the New Mutants 25 art Adams variant which has been selling quite high (over $1,000 for a 9.6 SS). I sold my copy so I’m no longer in the game but it’s definitely one to be looking out for imo.

  • Avatar

    I need this every week, how do you decide when to post top ten on Friday and when not to? It’s driving me crazy I check all day every Friday. Thanks. I check this sight everyday any way but I keep checking in Saturday’s just in case.

    • Ben Steiniger

      Thanks for reading, I appreciate it. I have been meaning to get on a cycle where it comes out just before the podcast, and since I was moving last week, it fit. New list this Friday and then every 2 weeks as usual! Thanks again!

      • Avatar

        This is one of my favorite articles! I wish it came out Wed to coincide with new comic book day so when I go to the shop I know what to look for, but great work!

        What happened to some of the other articles? I think their used to be classic covers and a couple other I enjoyed.

        Keep up the great work!

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