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Welcome to the new Wednesday One. My name is Adam and I am really happy to be taking over this column. I’m learning a lot so bear with me for a few weeks. I might change a few layout things here and there. Basically, I'm moving the “Adam's night before Christmas” write up I do at G+ and merging it with Wednesday One. I hope to make this a great conversation with y’all. Thanks!


Mighty Thor Vol 2 #701 Cover B Incentive Alex Ross Variant Cover

Really great Ross cover and one of my favorites this year. This has sold from $25-$65, but there are some for sale $30-40. I think this is a $20-30 book this week, but get it for under $15.

Incredible Hulk Vol 4 #710 Cover B Incentive Jack Kirby 100th Anniversary Variant

Grab for cover. Some of these have gone for $10, This will be a cover-$10 book.

Punisher Vol 10 #218 Cover E Incentive Greg Smallwood Variant

This one is cool imo. Pay $7 or under if you like it. It will be $10-12 max.

Weapon X Vol 3 #11 Cover B Incentive Mike Deodato Jr Design Variant

These seem hot, but design variants don't have a good history. They are going for ~$20, pay $7 or under. I think these will go $10-15 this week when the undercutters dump theirs.

Ninja-K #1 Cover E Incentive David Mack Ninjak Icon Variant

This Mack is sweet. I really like this cover and the high ratio variant Valiant sometimes get heat. I wish my lcs was getting this, but there is no way they would qualify. Grab for $10 or less though. This one may be over ordered from shops, but how many could it be? It is Valiant afterall.

Cool Covers

 American Gods Shadows #9 Cover B Variant David Mack Cover Trinity Vol 2 #15 Cover B Variant Ben Oliver Justice League Cover
 Amazing Spider-Man Vol 4 #789 Cover G 2nd Ptg Variant Alex Ross

Maybe a low order 2nd ptg Ross

 Darth Vader Vol 2 #8

Francesco Mattina

 Star Wars Doctor Aphra #14 Cover B Variant Mark Brooks

Hard to grab in NM+ with all the dark colors.

 Ninja-K #1 Cover D Incentive Kenneth Rocafort Interlocking Variant

I like interlocking covers and am curious what the full pic is. Don't pay over cover.

Batman #35 (Cover B Tony S. Daniel Issue 800 Variant)

 Punisher Vol 10 #218 Cover C Variant TV

Cool cover and don't pay over cover. It wont do anything unless you can get Jon to sign it.

Skip it

 Rasputin Voice Of The Dragon #1 Cover A Regular Mike Huddleston Cover

Cover is kinda cool, but DH and it is a limited series which means you can pull these out of a dollar bin in 3 months.

Not Brand Echh #14 Cover C Incentive Dave Johnson Variant

This is a bad homage. Just bad.

 Future Quest Presents #4 Cover B Variant Bill Sienkiewicz Cover

Bill, but not good imo.

 Fence #1

Just no.

 Puppet Master Curtain Call #1

No Action Labs as they never get any heat.

 Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-Man #297 Cover D Incentive James Harren Variant

This one is getting no love. If you like it or collect spidey don't pay over $6.

Read it

Batman Who Laughs #1 Foil-Stamped Cover


Justice League Vol 3 #33

Metal Tie-in

Dark Fang #1

Image #1 so I'll give it a shot.

Evolution #1

Read 1-3 and really liked them. This might have a chance.

Family Trade #2

I liked the 1st so I'm gonna grab it.

Maestros #2

The art in this book is so good.

Realm #3

Next StE? So far so good.

Brilliant Trash #1

Looks cool and I will try most Aftershock.

Alien Bounty Hunter #2

Big gap in release dates.

Voltron Legendary Defender Vol 2 #4

Voltron FTW. The Netflix show is good and these issues have been non-stop.

Thanks for reading as always. Let me know what y'all think. Did I miss some spec or read books? Is there a cover you think is cool to check out? Please let me know. I really appreciate the feedback and discussion every week. Have a good Wednesday!!

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  • Avatar

    Nice article Adam, always liked your Google+ posts. And thank you Iñigo, I have enjoyed your Wednesday Ones.

  • Avatar

    I kinda like the not brand echh variant in a its so bad it’s good kind of way. Recently bought the original not brand echh #1 so hopefully that will see a little bump with the return of the title…. either way it was a deal at 9.99 in very fine.
    The Bill S isn’t his best but it really reminds me of his work on the old new mutant covers and for that reason I like it but not enough to buy it.
    But yeah great job and love the format.
    Looks like an awesome week overall even just for Batman who laughs and punisher alone.
    I also love the punisher lenticular but might just be my love for iron man 282 combined with the fact that I’m a punisher fan. But from the beginning this was always the stand out of the lenticulars so I’ve had it pre-ordered for a long time. I’m pretty over the lenticulars at this point since I ended up buying like 20 of them lol. So this and the renew your vows which I also pre-ordered over a month ago may be my last 2 I buy. Hoping I’ll be able to get either the punisher 1:25 or the Thor Ross but my LCS has been hit or miss on variants lately so we’ll see.
    Good luck everyone!!

  • Avatar

    Welcome Adam. It was a pleasure Inigo.

  • John Anthony

    Great job Adam!!

  • Avatar

    Great Job Adam! personally i’m not rushing out to grab anything but that Thor cover and i’ve got everything on your “read” list pre-ordered. Realm has a good shot at being a god long term hold.

  • Avatar

    Well done old chap! Lots of good stuff, Batman who laughs is a must get!

  • Avatar

    Thank you for your article. I liked the structure and format. Keep the good work.
    Iñigo, don’t go too far.

  • Avatar

    Well I got some covers today paid 7 for the punisher 1:25 as you suggested but paid way more than 15 for the Thor Ross variant but it was damn near flawless and I’m buying it for the PC not to flip. It’s just a beautiful cover, had to have it.

    • Lebednik

      Im with you. I don’t mind paying a little more for a PC book if I can check it over and make sure it is perfect. So much better than trying to guess of bad pics on ebay.

      • Avatar

        I also figure the good price I got on the punisher 1:25 and the fact that I scored the bloodshot salvation 3 1:20 for cover this week help to offset the higher cost of the Thor book. The thing I love about it is how detailed even the background is. Ross has been doing a lot of covers lately but thus far hasn’t been mailing many of them in especially not the ones he’s been doing for legacy. They’ve all been pretty awesome with this one being the best one yet imo.

  • Avatar

    Congrats Adam ….Job well done… i look forward to next week

  • Avatar

    Great job and nice layout Adam. Thanks a bunch Inigo.

  • Avatar

    After visiting the lcs all copies of batman who laughs were damaged. I picked up bombshells United 6, it has a nice group cover and sometimes those gain over the long term. I won’t buy damaged new release Comics even to read. Principles!

    • Avatar

      I got a pretty nice one but it was hard to find perfect or near perfect ones. Mine was perfect except for a single pinpoint size white dot in the black area. I looked for ones with perfect black but all those had some other worse damage and all other perfect ones had more white spots in the the black area than mine so I think I got the best one available and sometimes that’s good enough for me.

  • Avatar

    Can’t find Evolution anywhere, but based on the glut of Ashcans on ebay and the fact that I got burned on Dark Ark means I’m going to say screw it

  • UltraMaximus

    The “Solid” one! Looking forward to your posts Adam!

  • Avatar

    I gotta be the contradiction I suppose, but I’m not a fan of the beyond minimalist reasoning for some of the responses. Like Fence, I was not for this comic initially but it actually reads great, has beautiful interior art, and my shop sold really well on the Wada variant for Wada’s strong following. Discounting that one down to a “just no” without any reason? That’s just a bad evaluation, not that there seems to have been much evaluation other than purchasing price given throughout this weeks article.

    • Lebednik

      Thank you for saying this. I do try to keep it somewhat short and sweet for time purposes. This is written as my quick thoughts and sometimes why. Maybe I was unfair to Fence, I would totally miss this and it might be great. When I look at a new book I know nothing about I look at a few things. Mostly cover art, title, and the short overview. Without having picked up the copy I know that the story is about 16yr old kid who fences. He has talent, but lacks training and discipline. The art is probably light and fun like a teen cartoon, which I don’t mind. And, though I like the idea of sword play, the idea of probably rich teens (fencing isn’t perceived an inexpensive sport) trying to come up isn’t written for me. I’m not the demo that this is trying to hit. It maybe great and I’d never know and that’s okay.
      But, you are right with it being too short and bad evaluation. I was trying to be funny, but I should have said something quick as to why as well. Usually my article is more detailed , but I was running out of time so some was left off the original. I am getting the hang of the word press and html which is helping a lot. The article is written from the angle of speculation and investing as is the theme of the site. Also, I do gear more toward short term price changes, but I do mention readers, PC, and long term books also. The next one is a lot more detailed. Essentially I am picking books and seeing how they do which I hope opens up the conversation. I am going to miss books so really appreciate when people let me know what I might be missing. Thanks!

      • Avatar

        I must say I appreciate the response. And like I said, Fence wouldn’t have sold me on the details you mentioned, it was the review PDF Boom provided that allowed me to realize the high potential of the book.
        But I look forward to the next Wednesday One based on what you’ve said. While I understand the trouble of rushing out a weekly article (especially when it’s not your sole job), and the pricing evaluation was rather spot on, I do look forward to a bit more detail, as I have previously pointed many customers to this article in the past and often found it a helpful selling tool for my shop. Hoping it continues to be. Thanks for listening!

  • Avatar

    Nice. Maybe the most diverse W1 I’ve seen this year. Something about those Realm covers catches my eye every time, and it’s about time Mack got a high ratio at Valiant.

  • Avatar

    Awesome post Adam my only question would be where do you find the books at the price your suggesting? High ratio variants at these prices would be great. Not asking you to give up your honey holes but if there is a way to get them in my area would appreciate it.

    • Lebednik

      It all depends on the shops in your area. I’m in a larger city so there are a few shops around town. Some charge crazy prices and end up sitting on product only to sell it at clearance later. Others vary week to week. Sometimes they price books super aggressive other times way over market. Some stores hate or don’t care about variants. These will often just not order them even though they qualify, not too many of these stores around. If you get in good with a store like that they might order them just for you and sell them to you at cover, rare but I have heard of it. Larger stores have an easier time qualifying. Some stores it is just who asks first and just sending them an email a few weeks out can secure a hot book.

      Most variants end up not worth anything and owners are there to sell books. There are also a lot of book I miss. Sometimes it is how fast you can checkout online. I have always been a proponent of developing a relationship with a cool store. I see guys that get 1st access to new lots and some that get to rummage thru the back pulling out gold for cheap. Some people aren’t lucky and their only lcs isn’t cool or run well. You often have to pay to play. Having a pull list can gain you favor or at least a thought. I know guys that end up with variants because the owner knows that the love Thor or some character. Any cool Thor books that come in they get first crack.

      Being a Wednesday warrior is sometimes the only way. Be first thru the door and walk quickly to the new book wall. I have been too slow to grab and missed which is okay. Knowing what might be hot off the top of your head is a big advantage. i see friends walk into a store a few days after Wed and find gold for cover because they knew what to grab.

      Everyone’s situation is different and can change at anytime. Sometimes you score and sometimes you don’t.

      Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any more questions. Thanks.

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