WRITER: Matt Kindt
ARTIST: Felipe Massafera (cover)
I mentioned this book last week in my DAY AFTER WEDNESDAY article. It was hitting $100 a week ago today. Then 3 days ago it hit $246.50. Only 3 copies are left on eBay as I type this. Why? As some of our Valiant fans pointed out, it contains the first appearance of multiple new characters. As we know, Valiant fans shell out big money. It makes complete sense they’re doing the same for this. I don’t see this coming down anytime soon.


WRITER: Nicole Perlman
ARTIST: Francesco Mattina (cover)
Mattina’s Gamora variant was hot before it even came out back in March. It rose quickly and then dropped. It has since climbed its way back to $60, $70, $80, $90 and $100…. well past what it ever did upon release. A VF+ raw copy just sold for $118. The few $200 9.8’s are starting to look really good.


WRITER: Kevin Smith
ARTIST: Bill Sienkiewicz (Cover)

I’m not the biggest Sienkiewicz fan, but I actually really like this one of the Joker. It’s recent sale of $119 is a new height. Like many others on this list, it’s been silently moving up.


WRITER: Scott Snyder
ARTIST: Alex Ross (Cover)

Alex Ross Variants don’t always go up, but this perfect companion cover to the Batman: Harley one-shot was a no-brainer buy upon release. If you haven’t been watching it, the color version has been slowly climbing to its current $35 for NM-. Granted, we’re not talking retirement money here, but high-grade copies are primed to sell for big premiums. These black bags were not kind to spines. The line sketch and b&w aren’t seeing the same sales.


WRITER: Eric Larsen
ARTIST: Eric Larsen

Haven’t heard of Graphic Fantasy? Well, if you love obscure indie books that are directly tied to one of the longest running Image characters… then you would know that this is the first appearance of Savage Dragon (known back then as The Dragon). An Eric Larsen signed, sketched and numbered set of #1, 2 & 3 sold for an incredible $4,056.78. Try and pump and dump that. You can’t.


WRITER: Marv Wolfman
ARTIST: Gil Kane & Tom Palmer

Copies of the first appearance of Blade have been selling well and consistently. Granted, this hasn’t been a particularly cheap book in years, but it’s interesting to see several VF+ raw copies to sell for over $400, with the most recent from a few days ago hitting $481. Why the rise? The only news I could find is Blade’s recent return in the re-launch of SPIRITS OF VENGEANCE. Is that it? It could simply be a book that people just want.


WRITER: Nancy A. Collins
ARTIST: Jenny Frison (Cover)

Vampirella has had some heat lately. Her first appearance has skyrocketed and even random variants are seeing nice spikes. The highlights are the virgin Frison variants. The first seven (#7 is still cheap) issues all had virgin variants with several limited to 25 copies and others to 50. Several sets (by the same seller) sold  around $290. Those were great deals.  #3 sold by itself in the past 3 weeks for $175 and #1 sold for $170. With print runs so low and covers that are absolutely gorgeous, there’s a reason why they’re selling so well. These are on the verge of disappearing.


WRITER: Stan Lee & Joss Whedon
ARTIST: Oliver Coipel

Now, I know this 2006 book was a $1 bin resident until recently. Random Stan Lee centric books (like Marvel Age #41) are seeing some interest and therefor spikes in price. Raw copies for this are now selling for $35 to $40. What’s even crazier is the CGC 9.8 SS Stan Lee Signed copy that sold for $799.99 on the 27th. How….. why? Now, if you like that cover, a better version is the 2010 Amazing Spider-Man #638 Fan Expo Variant. It uses the same image without all the Stan Lee dressing around it. It’s also A LOT harder to find.


WRITER: Hebru Brantley & Steve Seeley
ARTIST: Hebru Brantley & Steve Seeley

This self-published issue was sold during NYCC, but is not necessarily an exclusive of that convention. A couple raw copies have sold this week for $75 and signed copies  sold for $160. I would pay close attention to this book. The character, Flyboy, already has a growing cult following.   Fine artist Hebru Brantley is a legit rising star in the art world. Flyboy is the star of many of Hebru’s sculptures, murals and artwork.  This is the first appearance of Flyboy in comics and the first professional comic work for Hebru. I can see this getting big, especially if the art world discovers it.


WRITER: Dan Slott & Christos Gage
ARTIST: Stefano Caselli (Cover)

A new variant contender just broke the $100 mark and sold for that exact amount yesterday. This is drying up fast and I don’t think it’ll be coming down anytime soon. You can buy plenty of the Euro and Mexico versions though.


WRITER: Nate Simpson
ARTIST: Nate Simpson

This was recently optioned and therefore both raw and graded copies took off.  It settled really quick back to $20 for a 1st print and 9.8’s have sold as low as $55. That’s a weird and sharp drop. It’s a great book, great concept, amazing art… but it never got past issue #2. Maybe people erred on the side of caution and have  decided to see how it goes with a “poor follow-through” company like Legendary. Regardless, it was still hot and people are watching and waiting. A 3rd issue would be lovely to see. I would like to also highlight the NONPLAYER #1 THIRD EYE 3rd PRINT (limited to 1000 copies). That saw some sales of $50 and has almost disappeared from eBay.


WRITER: Tini Howard
ARTIST: John Allison

I know, I know…. you’re sick of hearing about R&M books. That’s exactly why I’m leaving it here at the bottom.  Go ahead and ignore or dismiss it. So, just stop. Take a breath. Look, it’s not even in the top 10. Seriously! It’s all the way down here in the honorable mention section, which barely counts because it’s not in the top 10. So, just pretend that the list stopped at Nonplayer. So, we’re okay right? A COPY SOLD FOR $612.99 ON HALLOWEEN! Gotcha! Sucker. That totally counts and really this is really my secret #2. That’s it. Go about your business. Ignore the fact that I put in a Valiant and Rick & Morty book into the list. Come to think about… this probably means this is my first and last Top 10. Crap.

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  • Avatar

    Hey Matt, Did you compile a updated list of top 100 variants sold within the last 3 months and I missed it? Thanks

  • misfit138

    The Mighty Thor #700 Hughes Variant should get back on the list for next week after the release of Thor Ragnarok. Hela is so cool and so is that Hughes cover! I know dealers got multiple copies somehow and there are more copies than there probably should be but who cares it’s an incredible Hughes cover and Hela’s expression is incredible. Nice work Adam Hughes! I grabbed a copy as soon as I saw the movie hit Thursday night and you should too while they are around $150.

    • Matt DeVoe

      Totally agree on the cover. But, it technically has been dropping…. so, not quite in the top 10. I’m sure when it bounces back it’ll be back on. Copies have sold for $100 and less already. I’m grabbing one at $100 for sure.

      • misfit138

        The copies selling for under $100 are all banged up and VF rather than NM/M. I paid $145 for a hopefully 9.6+ that I can press to 9.8 if not a 9.8. Everything NM has been $150+ and climbing. It’s climbing since this morning. I’ll try to get Stan to sign it and AH and there’s a $700 book.

  • Avatar

    I like the honorable mention #2, lol! I’m actually waiting for my copy to come back from CGC signed by Tini Howard.

  • Avatar

    Picked up the only copy of the Eternity 1:40 variant on eBay a couple of weeks ago for 50 beans. One week later, sales were in the triple digits. Glad I made that move. Cha…wait for it…Ching! Lol

  • Avatar

    So at 94, people are starting to spec on Lee’s likely impending demise. Classy.

    • Matt DeVoe

      There is a bad taste to it all. But it’s been speculated on for a while now. It all started about 5 years ago. It’s just always been focused towards SS graded copies. It’s strange how it’s bleeding over to these fringe books. While at the same time, i’m sure there are legit fans out there trying to find NM copies to get and keep a SS slab. I have some signed Stan stuff and I know that a death isn’t going to make me want to sell it. It’ll be the opposite.

  • Avatar

    Well.. 2 out of 10 this week. I like that Batman: Cacophony #3 Sienkiewicz Variant. Been trying to get one for awhile.

  • Avatar

    Interesting list. I had my eye on that Cacophany #3 last year and never acted on it. Also, it’s pretty annoying that when a non DC/Marvel/Image/tits-on-the-cover book is mentioned on this site that an excuse or caveat follows. Hot books are hot books, right?

    • Matt DeVoe

      I get what you’re saying. I consider it more of an education in a way. In all honesty, most are focused on the core big publisher variants. I think you have to have some form of a caveat with the obscure stuff. People don’t know what they don’t know. You know?

      • Avatar

        I get it, man. And that wasn’t a personal attack on you. I just see Marvel and DC putting out the same stuff over and over in a different wrapper, and folks just eating it up. I think it’s the younger audience that they are targeting, which creates this perpetual garbage loop. I think this new Legacy “era” that Marvel is attempting with the old numbers and old costumes, is just that. As a 41 year old life long reader I can see that it’s actually nothing new or fresh, or even nostalgic. In fact, it seems like the same stuff from the past two years just dressed up in retro character designs. I’m sure my opinion can be dismissed as old and bitter, but these smaller indi publishers seem to be the only ones actually pushing the medium forward, but no one wants to take a chance on the unfamiliar, unless they can flip it, most of the time. Blah, blah, blah, right? Kudos to you for trying to supply a bit of a lesson though. All that said, eventually these non-Marvel/DC universe movies will hit with big name actors and directors, and we won’t have anything to talk about anymore 😉

        • Avatar

          Sorry for the rant. I guess I could have just said, you’re right, “people don’t know what they don’t know.” That’s the problem. How do we change that? You push a publisher you like, you’re a “drum banger” or preacher, or “oh, he’s that Valiant fan.” You don’t say anything, word of mouth goes unused.

  • Matt DeVoe

    Oh, honorable mention #3 is Tag & Bink 1 & 2. I had it in my research list and must have deleted it when I was pairing the list down. That’s doing great and definitely deserves a mention.

  • Avatar

    Well for once im well chuffed.. got a bats cacophony 3 variant awhile ago ( needs to go off for grading) but i’ve checked picked up the#1 1:25 9.8 cgc for $40.. that can only go up!..
    and having the bats 47 and non player 1 and 3rd eye variant topped it off.. get in…
    As always well done fab work

  • Ben Steiniger

    Excellent job Matt! I appreciate picking me up this week!

  • Skot Whitman

    If i’m not mistaken, that VF GAMORA #2 1:25 for $118 got bid up by someone with zero feedback. Not trying to say it doesn’t belong on this list, just something I happened to notice during the auction for that book.

  • Avatar

    Great work, very cool to see books I did not even know about!??

  • Avatar

    Got a question for you Matt. I love those Vampirella Frison virgin covers and had a similar cover for a Red Sonja. Frison also did a run of covers for Red Sonja and I found a virgin cover for the number 5 issue a while back at my local shop. I have tried looking up info about this book but there is no talk about there being virgin covers for these books that I can see. Do you know anything about this? Could this book also have a print run of 50? Any info you give would be appreciated or anyone else for that matter.

  • Earlybird

    Great work.. really appreciate these articles and enjoy going through the, this is one I look forward to alongside the Variant heat.. just managed to get a 9.4 SS of the Mattina which was a grail for me. Keep up the great work and thank you for giving your time so me and many like me can have something to look out for ???

  • Avatar

    Almost every Rick and Morty book selling for more than a few hundred dollars is being shilled, including and especially that Roiland and this “nerd block” variants.

    That is common knowledge at this point.

  • Avatar

    Great list Matt!

  • Avatar

    Seems the variants have taken over lol. I cant buy them anymore unless theres a 1st appearance in them holding their value up…seems its just common sense to me lately… This is the first list in probly a couple years at least that I didnt have at least 1 book….scary….not so scary…Great list though, and great comments shout out to Tag and Bink 1 and 2!

  • misfit138

    Teen Titans #12 seems like a hot book right now. Lots of activity on this first appearance of The Batman Who Laughs. Great cover. The A cover is the much better of the 2 covers as it shows TBWL on the cover.

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