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Zombie Tramp #1 Howard Virgin Variant

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Can you imagine your kids dressing up as zombie tramp for Halloween? That would get them expelled in a hurry! This virgin cover is the rare non-risque cover that goes for big bucks.

Wytches #4 EH! Error Variant

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Very rare recalled book still fetches good money, even though Snyder has pretty much abandoned this series. I’m not sure I want to pony up for Image Plus again to read the new arc after getting burned by the Here’s Negan story.

Afterlife with Archie #1 NYCC Zombie Variant

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Remember when this was one of the best comic books out there? Yeah, kinda hard since they haven’t released an issue in forever. I believe that you had to be dressed up as a zombified Archie character at NYCC in order to get one.

Wolverine #55 Land Variant

HEAT CHECK STATUS: pepperpepper

Such an awesome cover swipe of Crime Suspense Stories #22!

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  • You highlighted some nice books.

    There were two versions of the Archinbookmat NYCC. One was for purchase, one was given away to folks that came to the booth in Archie cosplay. The logo on the store windows are different, and the cosplay variant has a lower print run.

    I was able to buy one at their NYCC booth on the first day but was not dressed up to get the second. I learned on the last day of the Con they sold the giveaway version to get rid of it as there was low turnout of Archie ocsplay at their booth to get the free book. Alas, they were sold out when I made it back there.

    Such a great series to read. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a wonderful read as well, but I still want more AwA.

  • misfit138

    Glad I picked up the Zombie Tramp #1 Howard Virgin Variant for cover when it came out. It was the only ZT cover I liked for issue #1. I don’t need to see risque stuff on my books. Stoked!!! I wish Bernie Wrightson would have done some variants over the past few years to highlight. Darn!

  • The Wolverine cover is a classic in my opinion. It is just such a great cover

  • Nicholas Hart

    I want that wytches 4 eh variant but the price is to damn high. That’s the only one I’m missing from my collection I’m sad the series died. I had potential.

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