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I made a terrible mistake last week. I came across and bought all of last week’s Marvel’s lenticular covers because they looked like a lot of fun. I even went through some of the comics and they’re not bad at all, they’re just not what I want to read right now. In any case, against my better judgment, I will mention some of the lenticulars this week, but only because if I don’t I wouldn’t even mention Marvel …

Metal #3 will surely give us another slice of that delicious pie we all seem to be enjoying. No complaints just yet, the top DC characters facing impossible odds as we like them. This feels like a less cerebral Morrison JLA arc, doesn’t it? And I do mean that as a compliment! Tom King and Mitch Gerards’ Mister Miracle is one of my favorite books right now. It’s epic, yet grounded on a very personal and human look at these characters. Looking forward to seeing where all of this is headed.
We’ve been here before, DC has a few alternate timeline series going on based on statues or video games. I have no reason to believe Gotham City Garage is going to be any better or worse than any of the rest, but the covers look great so far (Frison and Grampa on the next couple of issues) and the premise sounds interesting: female characters reinvented as rebel bikers who fight to bring down Luthor’s utopian dictatorship with Batmen as the police. Might be worth a gamble, as these tend to be underordered.
This is the section where we just look at the Supergirl #14 and Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #15 variants and just nod in approval.

Amazing Spider-Man #789 Lenticular Variant by Alex Ross is a beautiful tribute to Romita, which will probably look great as a lenticular cover. It will have a huge print run too, so if any of the lenticulars is going to go up in price, it will probably be the one with the lower print runs, right? But is anybody who hasn’t pre-ordered them going to get a set of these? (Except me, of course)

If they weren’t 1:50s I would be all over the Vintage T-shirt variants, so keep an eye on those as they convey the Legacy way better than a cover gimmick.

With only two issues to go, All Time Comics has proven to be a fascinating experiment. Bringing together indie creators from the now and letting them work with Big Two creators from the past to make superheroey comics has resulted in some kind of pre-code style 80s comics. Does that make sense? It does when you read them … Atomahawk reprints one of Donny Cates’ stories for Heavy Metal and I, for one, am really curious about it. Want to get my hands on his Thanos and Doctor Strange too, but I really like learning where creators come from.
Fighting American is back and this time he’s in the very capable hands of Gordon Rennie and Duke Mighten. Actually, my interest in this is more about the creators involved than the character itself and especially Duke Mighten. Can’t wait to see him working on a standard superhero … Foil covers, lenticular covers, the Tick and now Zen is back. I think I’ve read exactly one Zen comic which I possibly bought for the Jae Lee Chromium cover, but he was one of those 90’s staples of the comic industry, so I am guessing it might have some fans?

Book You Shouldn’t Miss

And, normally, I would tell you to go for Flash by Mark Waid vol. 3. This is when Wieringo joined as the artist and the story went to the next level, so if you didn’t read it the first time around, this is one of my favorite runs in anything ever …

… but it’s coming out the same week as the Justice League International by Keith Giffen & JM DeMatteis Omnibus vol. 1, and even though it has fewer books than originally announced, I can only recommend it as one of the main reasons I am still reading comics. That, and I want it to sell well so they can get the whole run done, of course.

Swipe of the week

Hard to find one that wasn’t part of a line of swipe events (and I really wanted to publish the Rob Liefeld tribute to the Walking Dead #1, probably his most subtle cover ever), but Jim Lee swiping himself is the one for me this week.

That’s it for this week. What would you buy? There can be only one!


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