1 Spider-Gwen (Vol. 2) #16 Dave Johnson 1:50 Variant

WRITER: Jason Latour
ARTIST: Robbi Rodriguez
Wow, a confirmed $1800+ sale of a NM copy has pushed this ‘ghost' into the stratosphere.  For the variant haters, sorry, but the Hot 10 is full of them this week, and based on limited availability, we sometimes have to go by single sales to determine value.  Thanks to Tim ‘Neo' Walker for the info.

2 Edge of Spider-Verse #2 Greg Land 1:25 Variant

WRITER: Jason Latour
ARTIST: Robbi Rodriguez
ANOTHER Spider-Gwen book??  Well, this has now raced past the $1100 mark with multiple sales and SS Stan Lee's going for $1500+.  Rumblings of Spider-Gwen in the Venom movie appear to be fueling the fire.

3 Marvel Legacy #1 Art Adams NYCC Partial Sketch Variant

WRITER: Jason Aaron
ARTIST: Various
Not sure if it's Adams, Phoenix or people thinking the partial sketch lightning is going to strike again (Black Panther #1), but this one is moving for $70ish at the moment.

4 Bernie Wrightson NYCC Artifact Edition /100

WRITER: Various
ARTIST: Bernie Wrightson
Awesome tribute book from DC and IDW for a classic artist.  Limited to 100 copies means you will need to shell out over $200 for this Hardcover.

5 DuckTales (Vol. 4) #1 Jeff Smith 1:25 B/W Variant

WRITER: Joe Caramagna
ARTIST: Lucas Usai
The color version was an SDCC exclusive and is selling around $30, but this harder to find B/W copy is now a $75 book.  Loved the old DuckTales, love the new DuckTales.  Expect Disney to keep cranking out nostalgic cartoons and don't miss the boat in the future.

6 Sink #1 NYCC Variants /500

WRITER: John Lees
ARTIST: Alex Cormack
Not real sure about the long term appeal of this book, but there are 2 NYCC variants that are selling for around $30 each at the moment.  Possibly just great timing with the movie ‘It'.

7 Weed Magic #1

WRITER: Brian Phillipson
ARTIST: Alex Cormack
Well, this is where we are in 2017, and an Action Comics #1 homage to boot, lol.  Looks pretty amusing and is currently selling for $10-15.

8 Kill The Minotaur #1 Megabox Variant

WRITER: Chris Pasetto
ARTIST: Lukas Ketner
The announcement of this title being optioned has pushed this from a $10 book a couple weeks ago, to a $40+ book at the moment.  As Jimmie mentioned on the podcast, the Ashcan is the first appearance though.

9 Dark Nights: Metal #2 Gabriele Dell'Otto ‘Virgin' Variant /950

WRITER: Scott Snyder
ARTIST: Greg Capullo
Well, thanks for nothing Bulletproof.  Watering down a great cover with your blue/flaming sword cash grab.  That being said, this book is still moving at around $100, up from $60 a couple weeks ago.

10 Harley and Ivy Meet Betty and Veronica #1 Adam Hughes Variant

WRITER: Paul Dini
ARTIST: Laura Braga
I'm not sure what it is about this cover, but I like it.  Read the story, and it's pretty enjoyable to read as well.  Currently selling about 2-3X cover price.

Black Magick #8 Jenny Frison Variant

WRITER: Greg Rucka
ARTIST: Nicola Scott
I included this here for a couple reasons.  Great Frison cover that is selling for around $10.  Also, keep an eye out for artists that are up and coming, it can pay off in other titles later down the road.

Flash Comics #86

WRITER: Robert Kanigher
ARTIST: Lee Elias
My Golden Age entry for the week is the 1st Appearance of The Black Canary.  A CGC 1.8 sold for $3750 and a CGC 4.0 sold for $9500.  Guide value in those 2 grades, respectively, are $480 and $1200.  And it's got a dinosaur on the cover, score!

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  • Avatar

    Understanding that you are only reporting that one odd sale that you see on eBay for that Spider-gwen 16 book, you surely must concede that, as one lone, isolated sale of a book that will have about 750 copies printed/distributed based on its Comichron numbers (kinda rare, but much higher than the numbers of other, established variants that really do sell for that kind of money raw), it doesn’t pass the smell test.

  • Avatar

    Oh man that was close. If it weren’t for the Harley and Ive meet betty and Veronica I woud have been shut-out!!

    Never happened so far, and the perfect record still intact. 😉

    • Avatar

      Speaking of which, Detective Comics 880 should probably have been on here instead of at least 4 of these other books. Easily one of the hottest moderns of the last couple of weeks. And it’s not a variant. 😉

  • Sdalton

    Thanks for another Hot Top 10 – always look forward to it!

  • Avatar

    Can’t say that I’m into variants much, but the market is what the market is. Thanks for your efforts on another great list Ben!

  • Avatar

    Wow 1,800 damn I knew I should have grabbed one when it was a 69.99 BIN. But come on people there are plenty of other rare variants to go crazy over, like moon knight 10 portacio or other variants I own lol.

    But in all seriousness nice list.

    But another thing I both is that Batman the Red death is selling much higher than murder machine or dawn breaker not really sure why but suspect demand was underestimated as this was the first of the metal dark knight origin books.

  • Avatar

    I honestly don’t think there are anywhere near 750 spider-Gwen 16 1:50s. Comichron numbers don’t always give you accurate numbers on variants. And this is one of those cases where a lot of factors add up to variant that is much more rare than comichron numbers may suggest. I was watching this variant it it’s been a ghost since day one. On release day I believe one copy was listed. And very few have showed up since. I really don’t think many retailers ordered 50 copies around that time so I’d say this is pretty rare. I’m not saying I’d pay 1,800. But I’d say it’s probably similar in rarity to the other variants that bring big bucks.

    • Avatar

      I can assure you that there has been no “under the radar” variant since 2015 at the latest.

      Remember, the variants that really do go for big money, were almost all entirely un-announced or had some ridiculous incentive. I’m talking Batman 608RRP, ASM 667 Dell’otto, UXM 510 sketch, Wolverine 1 Campbell/Deadpool, etc. I distinctly remember that Spider-gwen being well marketed, mostly because of the cuteness of the Miles Morales tie in. The book was never under anybody’s radar and is out there. I’m questioning that one eBay sale because there is nothing else to support it. Not too long ago a new mutants 1 partial sketch from 2009 was featured on this list after a raw copy allegedly sold for over $700. A few months later a graded 9.8 copy struggled to get even $500. That’s just one example. This one sale is likely illegitimate, just like that sale of that new mutant 1 was.

      • Trey

        STFU, you’re the most annoying person to ever show up on these pages. Time to ban you again….Jaydogrules. Go back to cgc forum and continue your 608 rrp pump and dump elsewhere

    • Avatar

      I followed it from day one also and there were definitely a handful of copies up the week it came out and most the listings were for about $25. After that there were a few times one was listed and sat up on eBay for days around $30 to $50 before bought. I remember there were a ton of good variants released the same week so I passed on this one because even though it had the low print rarity aspect to it there was really no other significance or key factor to it. If these sales are legit (another one sold same day at $400 BO) then I guess I was wrong. Rarity almost trumps great art and key factors when it comes to driving prices. Dave Johnson is a great artist though I will say. But in my opinion I have trouble believing the $1800 sale is legitimate. Normally a rare book will rise slightly. I could see someone posting it for $100. But $1800?? And then it gets bought first time listed? I’d love to know who the person is that would value this book the same as a Walking Dead #1 for example. A die hard Spider-Gwen fan? It screams market manipulation. The $400 buy was obviously some naive buyer who saw the $1800 sale, panicked and thought they were getting a great deal all of a sudden. I can see the Marvel Tsum Tsum #4 Dave Johnson variant going for like $400 because that truly only had 1 early sale before more were finally found. But Spider-Gwen #16 definitely had a handful of posted sales. Hmmm, maybe it’s was a die hard Dave Johnson fan??

      Also, someone posted about this book back on 9/22 on G+ and stated a 9.8 sold for $145 back in March. So this just seems like some individuals trying to make something more rare than it is and turn it into a monster pay day.

      As for the Marvel Legacy #1 Art Adams partial, as a proud owner of the Black Panther #1 partial I think this book will have legs. It is a Diamond Retailer only given out to store/account owners that attended the Thursday morning summit meeting. Last Wednesday one of my LCS owners told me he was only going to get the book and complain to Marvel about their percentage ordering system.

      • Avatar

        I pretty much agree with your analysis regarding the spider-gwen 16. But as a caveat, that other $400 sale you mention doesn’t appear to have gone through either, as the seller has re-listed it. Either that or he is selling yet another identical copy. No I don’t believe for a second that somebody actually paid $1895 for that copy. That is so obviously fake it’s laughable.

  • Coswrd

    A single ten, limited variants..poof, top ten. You really should name it the Variant 10 top or have a real top ten that reflects the demand for a book, not its rarity.

  • Avatar

    Ben great job as always and if this was easy anyone could do it. Appreciate the time and effort and always look forward to this article.

  • Avatar

    That’s what’s expected from Bulletproof. Anytime they sell out a variant (which is rare) they magically find more copies or reprint the same cover with some flaming swords. They don’t care about collectibility only more money in their pockets. As for the SpiderGwen variant I wouldn’t pay $20 for it, EofS #2 variant is a solid book wouldn’t fetch more than a couple hundred bucks from me but I can see why people like it. Flash #86 is first Black Canary, but not the current in comics Canary for the last 48 years or the Black Canary on Arrow. Justice League #75 should be the book to track down for Arrow fans. Don’t get why we have Hardcovers on the top 10 list. But to each their own. Thanks for this weeks list.

  • Avatar

    Well if there were 25$ BINs for the spider Gwen book around the time of release then I would own a copy. lol everyone talks about how there are so many copies of a book there actually but those same people wouldn’t be able to find me a copy for let’s say around 200$ to save thier life.

    Whose to say if this value will stick or the sale was real or not but there was a time I could have got copies of ms marvel vol2 2 1:50 for about 100-150$ those days are gone and I’m kicking myself for not buying in when prices were that low… but how was I to know it was going to go stratospheric like it did. But I’m not gonna hate on a variant because I wasn’t lucky enough to own it when it blows up. To say that all the hot variants of today were always impossible to find and couldn’t be bought in at a better price around release is just not true. Just about All variants have a window of accessiblity and reasonable pricing just that the window is smaller and price may be slightly higher.

  • Avatar

    Possibly fake we don’t really know yet… could be real, could be fake be it’s a book that had the largest jump in price and I think just because it made such huge movement means it desearves our attention and thus to be on the list.

    I wasn’t just referring to your comments other people were even more hater wave ish than yours.

    But tons of books get ignored…
    Showcase 79 has seen huge interest recently…. but it largely gets ignored like Tec 880. I mean there are so many books it’s literally impossible to keep track of everything that’s happening.

  • Avatar

    Spider-Gwen Variant…
    I know the seller and the person purchased then had the usual ‘oh I have bills to pay’ problem, after they paid and asked to have it cancelled.
    Seller is a better person then me in this case lol and a wonderful seller!

  • Avatar

    I’m not saying your wrong about that… but I am saying that the book has similar rarity to other books that have gotten hot in the past.
    The sale is interesting and it’s also interesting that since this sale only 3 books have appeared on the bay.
    But I wouldn’t buy it at that price but I’m not the guy who buys book at aftermarket price unless that price is very cheap lol. So I’m not the guy who pays full price anyway but instead I tries to find a deal or gets in early but for this book I’m not sure what the value will settle at yet. Maybe your right and it’s a fake sale or it could just be an outlier. You know just a fluke … really rich guy wanted the book or something but it could stll effect value and take what would have ended up being a 200$ ish book. And push it into the 400-500 range. Or perhaps it really is a 1000+. …. but only time will tell …. could end up being a 40$ book this time next year but probably not. Wish I had one though, wish I had a spotlight 5, Tec 140, marvel graphic novel 4, etc I can go on forever lol.

    • Avatar

      Again, one fake buy it now does not make a book “hot”. And the actual rarity of these variants is something that has to be proven over a rather long period of time- I’m talking YEARS of selling for high amounts, and still showing itself to actually be rare. Books like the UXM 510 partial sketch, ASM 667 Dell’otto, etc. This book literally just came out a mater of months ago. It was HEAVILY marketed to retailers in advance. The main cover had orders of 35,000 copies- not a huge amount, but not a small amount either, especially for a 1:50 that was advertised extensively. People knew about this book and it was and still is around. Not surprisingly, multiple copies of it have now suddenly appeared on eBay at the fake sales price and below. And according to JJ in his comment above, the “sale” of this copy did not go through so I guess we will be seeing this copy back up for sale soon enough. This, quite frankly, is why a lot of people sneer at variants, one silly, obviously fake looking “sale” of a brand new book on eBay isn’t news.

  • Avatar

    So now that it’s been confirmed that the buyer did not pay Can we do a new Top 10 with EOS 2 Land is the true number 1. Otherwise we are helping to perpetrate a fraud pumping a book that while rare has no reason to be in the top 10.

  • AZBarbarian

    Remember when these lists were the highlight of this web site?

  • Avatar

    jzdyrski, I’m stating that I know for a fact that the Tuesday before Spider-Gwen 16 was released I saw copies up for $25 and $30. And a handful of copies popped up and could have been had for $50 or less for several months following that. I don’t know why you missed it but you did. Were there ever more than 3-5 copies up at one time? Probably not. But I am certain I saw one up for $50 around mid summer. Am I hating on it? No. I am a big variant buyer. Love them. But that doesn’t mean I am going to justify such a sharp increase in value on this book.

    There’s 3 copies up now for over 1K claiming it to be scarce. Black Panther 1 partial hardly ever pops up. Maybe a couple times a year. Now that is scarce.

  • Avatar

    Can we also fully understand that Ben has been doing and is doing a wonderful job with the list and we all love seeing it.
    Here has been talk of different lists, one for variants, one for moderns, etc.
    I think it’s a great idea if people want to assist Ben in some way.
    Sometimes we need to also realize Ben can only do so much research on his own.
    Maybe he could possibly post his email for people to point out sales or tips to assist in final determination.
    Ben, as always, thank you for the list and sorry you always tend to be on it
    (Cmon folks the last line was funny)

  • Avatar

    But which sale was not paid for? The 1800+ or the 500+ one? Cuz there have been two recent high sales and is it truly.
    And I’m sure a few did go for 25 ish b4 release but on the day of release when I was certain it wasn’t at my LCS I looked and found only one BIN for 50+ or something like that maybe there were auctions too but idk cuz I don’t do auctions so largely ignore them when looking for a book. But same story with any variant asm 667 could be bought before release for about 75$.

    I’m not really even arguing about this book specifically just the overall attitude that so many people have that the only variants that are worth big bucks were always impossible to get even around the time of release and they are only so rare because of some rare set of blue moon circumstances and will never happen again.
    Well all the Venom 1:50 from a few years ago dont fall into that group and all are doing amazing on the aftermarket.

    Cutting this short cuz I’m starting work but I don’t think the 1800 value will hold either but can see it being a 200-300 book easy when all is said and done but we’ll see. These things always work themselves out.

    • Avatar

      It’s been established that neither the $1895 sale, nor the $500 one were valid, so I would presume that the actual value of the Spider-Gwen 16 book is still the $40-$50 that it has always sold for. And I think you are mistaken about the ASM 667 variant selling for $75 pre-release. That book was never offered for pre-release sales at any price because it wasn’t advertised to retailers until after the ordering cut-offs for that month. So hardly any dealers even knew about the book or saw it, let alone qualified for the 1:100 incentive or ordered it. That’s why that one is actually rare and sells for what it does, on the very rare occasion one comes up for sale.

  • Avatar

    Only thing I’d like to add quickly is that I happen to believe that plenty of today’s htf ish variants are just waiting to explode into tomorrow’s monsters. This may just be one of them. Whether or not this value holds I expect more variants continue to see huge gains in the future and all will be met with healthy skepticism. Which is the way it should be.

  • Avatar

    I believe asm 667 was not in the preview magazine but obviously some where ordered and some people knew about it or there wouldn’t be about 200 copies give or take out there. The biggest factor in the price of the book is just the fact that there are more die hard asm completionists than there are copies of that book.

    • Avatar

      Yes my friend. The 667 was not previewed at all. Diamond didn’t advertise it until after the final order cut off for the month. Dealers would have had to not only noticed the book, but then bothered to order that one book (assuming they qualified for the incentive). Obviously a few dealers did or there would be no copies in circulation. But only a few. So when you say “blue moon circumstances” that have made some variants crazy expensive, yes the 667 would fit into that category, along with a handful of others.

  • Ben Steiniger

    Im trying to figure out everyone that keeps calling the $1900 sale fake, it wasn’t. I’m kind of tired of seeing, ‘trust me, it’s fake’. No one is going to trust you. You do not have first hand knowledge of the sale and you have a fake screen name.

    I on the other hand, do have first hand knowledge of the sale (it was not mine in full disclosure—I’ve never seen that book in person). I also use a real name for all the world to see. So, to be blunt, my credibility in this matter trumps yours.

    Thanks to everyone that reads this and all the articles on the website and thank you for the kind words. I encourage opposing views, but trolling is just stupid.

    Also, this article is not a predictor of future sales, only what has happened. It is intended to be fun and provide free research into the ever changing market. I am not always perfect and am trying to give my unbiased opinion on what is going on. Again, thank you for reading and commenting (good or bad)!

    • Avatar

      I understand your point, but you have to acknowledge that looking at one sale on any book doesn’t say this book is hot. It just says someone paid X amount. Listen to your audience on this. We want this top ten to reflect the market not one sale. Otherwise whats the point? Without any credibility why would someone read it?

  • Avatar

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and no one person is more credible on the internet than another. One person has confirmed that they know the seller as well and that the sale was fake. All surrounding sales of that book as well as the subsequent re-lists and non-sales of other copies at drastically reduced prices (though still far higher than anything the book has ever really sold for) tend to support the “sale” being entirely irrational, implausible, and illegitimate. One would imagine that people would use their common sense when looking at things like this, rather than rushing over a cliff on an entirely unproven book based on one single eBay sale that fails the smell test right out of the gate. Mr. Steiniger, from what I have seen the conversation here has been mostly civil and cordial and no one has questioned your integrity or intent in putting this very helpful list together. However I would imagine that the point of these lists is to initiate conversation, friendly debate, and a proper vetting of those sales that look completely absurd. I think I speak for all of the participants in this conversation however when I say that it is nothing personal against you.

    • Avatar

      How is one person claiming that he knows the seller and the buyer to I believe was stated, all of a sudden confirmation. I’m sorry to “jj” if you are completely on the up and up but how is one persons word completely trusted and taken as confirmation. Idk I have to see more proof than one persons opinion especially when it’s posted in a comment on the internet with absolutely no supporting evidence attached.

      • Avatar

        I think all of our combined skeptisim is proof enough. Obviously if you are paying anywhere near $1800 for this book, you are either an irrational investor or a maniac. The long term demand for this variant is going to be low. It’s not that cute.

      • Avatar

        I spoke to the $500 or close to that amount sale. Been selling Comics for 30 years and well known in the comic community. The seller sold the book on the up and up and the buyer paid and backed out claiming bills and wanted a refund.
        Jon Jespersen aka JJ

  • Avatar

    I already mentioned all of the other supporting evidence for the sale being typical eBay market manipulation in my post above.

  • Avatar

    By pointing out the $1800 sale, be it real or fake, it is still relevant information. I think the community should be pointing out and discussing these types of sales. Amicably and maturely. Stop thinking this top 10 is the end all be all. It is what it is. Any real investor knows the best value is in the context of the comments. If new collectors get burned, well that’s a lesson they have to learn. You ever try and teach someone about this game? Good luck. You only real way you learn is with your wallet.

    • Avatar

      There is nothing wrong with discussing it and I think it should have been an “Honorable Mention” or Maybe a new box titled “One to Watch”. Making it number 1 on one sale just cheapens the Top Ten to the point why have it. Just look at the discussion. None of the previous Top Ten have evoked this type of hard line discussion on one book. The reason is it shouldn’t have been there without more data/sales.

  • Avatar

    Wow, what is with all the drama? Thanx guys for taking the time to put together this top 10 every couple weeks. Wether you agree with it or not it’s a great point of conversation and I learn something new every time . To the negative peeps that don’t have anything good to say….. tap the brakes… yeesh!

  • Avatar

    Awesome job Ben. And I also can confirm that the $1800 sale was 100% real. I saw the sale screen shot from a trusted friend.

  • Avatar

    Frankly, 100 people can randomly come on here and “vouch” for that $1800 “sale”, nobody with an iota of common sense or knowledge of the hobby is going to believe it.

  • Avatar

    I’m also in the two top 10 list camp. Variant list and standard issue list.

    It’s just turning into a carbon copy of the trading card industry with their insert and chase cards.

  • Avatar

    Thank you JJ for clarifying I didn’t mean to really single you out as it was more the people who used your statement (about the $500 sale)and claimed that to be confirmation that the 1800$ sale was fake. I mean it’s just grasping at straws trying to win this argument with absolutely no concern with what the actual truth is. It’s insane I tell you insane.

    • Avatar

      I don’t think anybody needed JJ to confirm or deny anything, since either way the $1800 sake was obviously completely fake, and anybody who insists on believing otherwise, despite all common sense and evidence to the contrary, is the one grasping at straws.

  • Avatar

    All the info points to a real sale, that all I need to know… I really have no agenda here just trying to get to the truth. I don’t think this equates to a 1800 value for the book no, of course not. One high sale doesn’t establish value just like one low sale doesn’t. Believe it or not 1800 isn’t that much money…. to some people it is but not to others. I think big/outlier sales like this have as much to do with the buyer as what is being sold. I think we sometimes erroneously assume as speculators that all buyers think like us and only make purchases that make a degree of financial sense.

    Whether or not you want to accept it another person who has no agenda here is Ben S. so show him proof have him agree that it’s fake and I’ll believe you.

    But you can believe whatever makes you feel good if you wish.
    I’m sure you also believe there a warehouse somewhere with extra copies of every rare variant too.

  • Avatar

    Actually not one single thing points to it being a “real sale”. Not any prior sale of the book. Not any sale since. Not the existing demand for the book (which is low). Not the regular availability of the book (which is high). Not the recency of the release of the book (which was less than a year ago). Not compared to much older variant, which are very few, that actually have sold for that amount (be they by major A list artists, featuring A list characters and/or in long running flag ship titles, none of which applies to this book in the least). The reality is that the market at large has completely rejected the validity of this fake sale. And as copies of it continue to flood eBay (it was never a “ghost”, people just weren’t listing copied because the book wasn’t selling for anything), the fakeness of this “sale” will become more and more painfully obvious.

  • Avatar

    I wouldn’t say eBay is flooding with them right now. Real or Fake, haven’t seen any concrete evidence to support it being fake. Sure could be, $1895.95 is pretty ridiculous to me. Im just stoked one was still sitting on the shelf of my LCS for the last 9 months, found it on Wednesday. $49.99 plus my %10 discount. Listing it for sure. A VF copy sold on ebay for $275 and another auction has one bid at $350. The hype has been created around the comic nonetheless. Do i see another going for close to 2k? No way Jose! But i do see NM copies going for a pretty penny! Im just curious who it will be painfully obvious for? How about the guy who paid $495 for the first CGC copy of Walking Dead #171 pink signature to hit eBay. Its settled in the low $300’s, couple of sales at around $230 ish as well. Painfully obvious for the buyers, not the sellers. Their the one’s who benefit from the stupidity of people willing to shell out more money than they should.

  • Avatar

    That “VF” copy looks just the same as the other copies that are on ebay. Very few buyers or sellers on ebay are decent enough at grading raw books for that to significantly matter in the final pricing of a raw book anyway, and definitely not to any degree in pricing differences that you might get with a graded book. So now we have an idea of what the book is “worth” (for now) post-fake sale hype, and it’s a small fraction of “$1895”. The market has categorically rejected that “sale” as patently unbelievable and illigetimate, however the attention drawn to the book by the fake sale has still accomplished the goal of the fake sale- to (temporarily) artificially increase its perceived value. Of course we will rinse and repeat soon enough when the next target is identified and the masses move on. And I would certainly say that four copies (and counting) of that book hitting the market simultaneously is indeed a flood- mainly because the entire premise of the book’s now temporarily artificially inflated “value” is that it is “rare”, and now, with multiple copies readily available, we see that it is not (not that there was ever any real reason to believe it was rare in the first place, very few modern variants released in the last three years or so are truly “rare”, as none are allowed to fly under the radar anymore like some of the actually rare variants from years past did).

  • Avatar

    So anyways…

    Couple of books I don’t see a lot of mention on the G+ site (maybe I’ve missed) but are garnering the most value compared to price (which was free) at NYCC:

    Avengers Custom NGEN recalled issue
    Only given out Thursday (possibly Friday morning) until Marvel and the world figured out they were making a promo comic for the worlds largest war profiteers (Tony Stark is even alongside them in this issue lol)
    Recalled, boxed up, shrinkwrapped and brought back to Marvel to be destroyed. I know the Marvel guys well and sent another guy who knows them well over to see if we could get any after the story broke wide open. As aforementioned, all were taken out of the building once the lawyers and higher ups caught wind of it.

    Incapable Trump limited to 200
    50 were given away each day and lines started 3 hours early to get one. None were available to purchase. Majority are signed, so look for unsigned if possible.
    Also a Hulk #1 homage cover

    Couple of tidbits some of you may not have heard or at the very least can be on the lookout for on the bay!

  • Avatar

    Marvel Age 41 should to be on the next Hot 10 comics list… Around $100 raw.. 2-3 NM raws selling above $200 at auction all in the past week

    • Avatar

      MA 41 and Avenger NGEN are both very hot with multiple sales. Why they weren’t included is very confusing. I again think we need to Top 10s one for variants and one for normal issues.

  • Avatar

    One list is enough. It’s probably time consuming as it is putting together just one and it’s not as though variants are some completely different animal in the market. Although I think it was a massive oversight not having Tec 880 on this particular list, as it sold for better and for more than nine out of the 10 books on here (the lone exception being the EoSV #2 book).

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