Venom Special

The hype on Venom is at an all time high thanks to an upcoming film with a solid lead actor attached. We have all seen what happens when even an obscure character name ( Ann Weying ) gets announced! Here is a quick checklist of all the Venom’s you might want to stock up on! While Pork Grind is unlikely to see time on the big screen it’s safer just to buy them all.

Web of Spider-Man 18 Brock’s hand only, 24 Venom arm only, Amazing Spider-Man 298,299,300

First appearances of Venom ( Eddie Brock )

Marvel Knights Spider-Man 7

First appearance of Venom 2 ( Angelo Fortunado )

Marvel Knights Spider-Man 10

First appearance of Venom 3 ( Max Gargan )

The Amazing Spider-Man 654

First Flash Thompson as Venom

Note: There are other printings for this book, none as rare as the 2nd print.

Spider-Man / Red Sonja 3

First appearance of Kula Venom

Ultimate Spider-Man 33

First Ultimate Venom

Venom 9

First Wolvervenom?

Venom Sinner takes all 2

First Ann Weying as the Bride of Venom

Spider-Girl 5

First E-982 Venom ( Peter Parker )

Spider-Girl 81

Second E-982 Venom ( Norman Osborn )

Marvel Zombies 5

First Zombie Venom ( Eddie Brock )

Earth X 8

First Cover Earth X Venom ( May Parker ). First App Earth X #1.

Backlash / Spider-Man 2

First Pike Venom

Spider-Man 2099 35a,b

First appearance of Venom 2099

Spider-Man 2099 44

First Sub-Mariner 2099 Venom

What if? 44

First appearance of Punisher Venom

What if? 4

First Hulk-Venom & Thor-Venom

Spider-Man and Power Pack 3

First Power Pack Venom

Web of Spider-Man 90

First Galactus-Venom

Marvel Adventures Spider-Man 24

First Torch-Venom

Spider-Man / Fantastic Four 2

First Fantastic-Venom, She-Hulk Venom, Franklin-Venom & Invisible Venom!

Cable & Deadpool 50

First Deadpool-Venom

Spider-Island: I Love New York City 1

First Venom-Pigeon

Spider-Man Siege 1

First Ms. Marvel as Venom

What The? 20

First Pork Grind

What if? The Other

First Poison

Venom 1 ( 2017 )

First Lee Price as Venom

Spider-Man Family Featuring Spider-Clan 1

First Mangaverse Venom

Mini Marvels 1

First Mini-Venom

Extraordinary X-Men 8

First Omega World Venom

Note: There are multiple printings and variants for this book!



MegaMorphs Venom

First appearance: Mini Comic

This amazing and rare line of toys from 2005-2006 contained a Venom figure complete with one f the rarest mini comics!


Ultimate Comics Spider-Man

First Conrad Marcus as Venom

Marvel Universe vs the Punisher 2

First Last Man on Earth Venom

Hail Hydra 2

First Hydra Venom

Guardians of the Galaxy 21,21b

First appearance of Rocket-Venom & Groot-Venom

Guardians of the Galaxy 22,23

First appearance of Drax-Venom & Klyntar

Spider-Man Adventures 10

First Animated Venom


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    Dang that’s a lot of venom

  • flipdb25

    Amazing article Topher!! I’m all venomed out!

  • Avatar

    Big money spec on both Pigeon Venom (Bird of Prey!) and Last Man on Earth Venom…seriously, who doesn’t like Will Forte?

  • Avatar

    Wow very informative!! Gonna hunt some of these down!!

    There is reprint of ASM 654. It’s Venom Flashpoint. It reprints ASM 654, 654.1 and Venom #1 and had a print run of only 5000.

    Pretty hard to get as well and has a great Tony Moore Venom cover.

    It’s also an all white cover so harder to find in High Grade.

  • Avatar

    Great list. One more for ya, Kingpin-enom? Spiderman 100th Anniversary issue. Also, has a ‘B’ cover thats bad ass.

  • misfit138

    Thank you for the article. You did a lot of great research, however I hate all of these books for they are what is wrong with the industry. Just spec crap on a lot of quarter bin books that I hope stay quarter bin books. I can’t stand Venom, just like I hated Harley Quinn and Deadpool the past 2 years. People just don’t know how to do anything in moderation, they have to shove so much down our throats we choke. I have choked, and puked up all of my Venom. I hope this Venom hype ends very soon. I don’t hate much, I hate Venom. To cement how I feel, I met Mark Bagley over the weekend and he signed some books for me and he is maybe the biggest A-Hole I have ever met in comics.

  • Topher

    I think a lot of the recent hate comes from the Venomverse books. This article is meant to show that Venom has a long history of appearing is some odd and strange ways well before Venomverse. Also for every person who hates Venom there are probably 50 that cannot get enough.

    My advice is always to buy what you love first and if you are buying to make money be very, very cautious. The best research is done by the buyer.

    Good luck and thanks for taking the time to comment.

  • misfit138

    Venomverse, Edge of Venomverse, Venomized variants and now Venomized villian variants. Venom is a choking the Marvel universe. I do buy what I like/love, but I also will buy on spec, and I dig Mattina, so I have purchased a few Venomized covers. But it still physically makes me want to puke.

  • Clint Joslin 73

    Topher – I always learn something from you with each post you take the time and research to share with us. You don’t get enough credit for your dedication. Thank you for continuing to bring it! GREAT INFO!

  • A. J. Diesel

    Interesting article for sure Topher, but fairly certain that Ultimate Spider-Man 33 is the first Ultimate Venom. I do have to say though, this was quite a bit of hard to dig up research. Impressed my friend.

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    That’s actually not Venom in Cable and Deadpool 50, but some otherrandom symbiote. I thought that was cleared up last year. “Venom/Deadpool” first appeared in What if Venom Possessed Deadpool #1.

    I don’t think any of these alternate Venoms have any real chance appearing in a movie. What about the other symbiotes though? Seems those would be much more ripe for spec than all of these Venoms. Like Scorn, Toxin, Scream, Agony, Mania, Raze, Phage, Hybrid, Riot, etc.? Some of those are already movers and most are still affordable. I think we will see some of them in a movie long before the likes of Hydra Venom.

    • Topher

      I made the focus of this article just the Venom symbiote!

    • Topher

      I have to disagree on Venom-Deadpool. In issue 49 of Cable & Deadpool, dinosaurs from the Savage Land are transported to Manhattan where they land on an armored vehicle being driven by The Thing with a partial Avengers escort. Danvers asks the Thing if he is OK and if the Venom Symbiote is secure. He responds with, ” Yes and No, in that order.” No meaning, Venom is NOT secure.

      Now in issue 50 Deadpool is dealing with the ramifications of his actions and the dinosaurs are all Venomized. Wade does call them Venom look a likes when talking to Spidey but he is not privy to the information from issue 49 so he would have no idea if the venomized dinosaurs were part of Venom or another Symbiote. Because Ben clearly states that they are transporting Venom from Avengers HQ to the Fantastic Four I see no reason not to call it his first and his first in continuity appearance as well.

      Unless these facts can be disputed I would chalk up the so called What if first as just another example of the cover effect. A badass cover ( like say Venom Sinner Takes All 3 ) confused collectors and speculators alike.

      Now I could be wrong but I just reread comics in question.

    • Avatar

      “What if Venom Possessed Deadpool #1”

      Is a reprint book collecting back-ups from other What If? one shots. The first appearance is What If? Iron Man: Demon in Armor

      • Topher

        Cool book but Cable Deadpool 50 predates Demon Armor by about 2 years.

        • Avatar

          It’s not the venom symbiote so it’s not Venompool in cable Deadpool. What if is first Venompool and not the reprinted collection of the 4 parts version with the Scottie Young cover. A lot of the info in this write up is wrong Ultimate Venom is issue #33 and on cover. May Parker Ultimate X #1. 1st Klyntars is a completely different series then what’s listed. And while I own all the anti Venom covers the 2nd print came out well after the first print so it’s not even a first AntiVenom cover as the following issue #570 came out before it with Antivenom on the cover

          • Topher

            But it IS the Venom symbiote. The Thing says so in issue 49. Did you read issue 49 or just 50?

            Look Alana, some of the information is wrong ( Ultimate Venom first IS in issue 33 ). I’m pretty sure I stated that. There’s a few errors which is fine by me as they were corrected by fans in the comments. I applaud such corrections. But….

            First planet Klyntar is correct according to multiple sources including Marvel.

            Did I list Anitvenom?

            You are right about May Parker though, she does have a cameo in issue 1 and is in issue 3,6 as well.

          • Topher

            I corrected the Ultimate Spidey book to 33 for those who dont read comments. Do you mean Earth-X 1?

  • Gwenpool4President

    Very cool article, covered a lot of ground.

    Some of these are not in continuity. They can still be keys and be decent money, there are some collectors that value one distinction over the other.

  • Avatar

    Insanity. And not to nitpick, but isn’t it ‘Mac’ Gargan, not ‘Max’?

  • Avatar

    “Pigeon Venom”

    So comprehensive! Lol!

  • Avatar

    On a more serious note (kind of), isn’t the Mini-Marvel book a reprint of strips that ran in every Marvel comic for awhile?

    • Topher

      If you can find one that published a mini Venom appearance that predates the issue I mention please post it here for all to enjoy!

    • Topher

      So I did some quick research; Bullpen Bits 23 is the first mini-symbiote, 31 is the first Symbiote as Venom I guess and 61 is the first Eddie Brock/Venom. I do not know what comics they were printed in though. Nice call on the Bullpen Bits too!

  • Avatar

    Had to buy first pigeon venom! I sense huge spec potential!

  • Avatar

    Topher, thanks for the really in-depth article. It is interesting to see how many difference versions exist. I think Venom completists will have a field day with this, thankfully I’m not one of those people. Great Work as always!

  • Avatar

    Great list Topher!

    I would possibly add Comics Scene 2 as first Venom preview.
    Is New Avengers 35 the first Wolverine/Venom and possibly some others? Nearly the whole New Avengers group get exposed to Doom’s symbiote bomb in that arc.

    • Avatar

      Totally agree on Comic Scene #2.

      Awesome McFarlane Spidey cover and awesome shots of Venom and Eddie Brock by McFarlane within the magazive article.

      This predates ASM 298 and of course #300!!!

      I would believe Comics Scene #2 to be the 1st Venom IMO.

      But ASM #300 is a True First in continuity if you will.

      Nice catch D

    • Topher

      I agree on Comic Scene 2! Nice addition!

  • misfit138

    Why and when did Venom start sticking his tongue out and slobbering all over everything? McFarlane just had a big smile with sharp teeth. Then Eric Larson took over and gave him a big wagging tongue. I don’t know if it was Larson for sure who came up with it and when it appeared, but if you know please share. McFarlane’s depiction is I feel the best, no drool.

    • Avatar

      You have Eric Larson to thank for that rendition of Venom Misfit!

      When McFarlane ended his ASM run, Eric larson took over art duties and stayed pretty true to McFarlane’s overall look of Spidey. Big eyes on the mask and tight webbing on the suit for example.

      He did change the color scheme of Spidey’s costume a bit (darker blue hue) but he is the one that drew the first long tongue, green slime slobering Venom.

      It was first depicted on the covers of ASM 346 and 347 if emory serves me right.


  • Avatar

    He hated the character, but roughly 1/3 of his run was Venom based lol.

    ASM 330 331 332 333 344 345 346 347 348 LOL

  • Avatar

    Don’t forget ASM 252 if you’re featuring Venom. It’s hlthe symbiote’s first appearance!

    Also to add there was a moment when the female Scorpion wore part of the Venom symbiote in issue 4 of the Dark Reign Savage She Hulk title. It didn’t last long though as her powers essentially burnt it off.

    • Topher

      I would add that Dark Reign book for sure! I didn’t include appearances of the symbiote before it became Venom so 252, 141,and all the others were left out. Thanks for commenting!

  • Avatar

    There’s a Spidey and the Mini Marvels #1 comic that came out in 2003. An ashcan and a regular #1. Cover by Giarrusso.

    I believe the 1st App of Mini Venom is in that comic.

    I believe Mini Marvels #1 is a reprint.

    That’s what I thought anyways.

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