The Day After Wednesday for 9/27/2017

Want to know which books from yesterday’s new deliveries are already heating up and which ones are cooling? Here’s a “Day After” list that we hope will help! This isn’t a reflection on the quality, collectability or long term potential of recently released books. This is based on today’s market price for books that came out on Wednesday, 9/27/17. They could still be at your shop.



REDNECK #6 FELICI PINK/RED SIGNATURE VARIANT (IMAGE) – I both love and hate these lazy variants. It’s an insignificant variant change to truly warrant such a high price. Yet, these are the books that sneak past retailers and reward early shoppers.  Its a great feeling finding them mixed in with the other books for cover price. It’s a treasure hunt, and I totally get that. While this isn’t selling as high as Walking Dead (which also featured a new character), it’s $35-$40 price tag is pretty solid. I would highly recommend NOT buying these for over $25 as that’s where they will settle.

SPIDER-GWEN #24 (MARVEL) – Gwenom is here!  I swear, this is been talked about for so long, that I thought this happened months ago.  I'll admit, she has a cool design.  But man, I try not to be too critical about a cover, but I'm just not a fan of this one.  And Robbi Rodriguez's style is awesome too.  This just isn't my preference.  With that said, it's currently selling for about $8 to $13 shipped.  It seems to be trending upwards.  The J. Scott Campbell covers are the way to go for this.  I personally just want the Gwenom and Spider-Gwen covers.



BLACK MAGIC #8 FRISON VARIANT (IMAGE) – Ms. Frison is awesome. It is known. This variant is definitely not abundant. Only a few copies have been listed and sold, which  have ranged from cover price to $12 shipped. As I write this, a copy was just listed for $27.99. I’m sure it well sell by the time you read this article.

BEAUTIFUL DEATH, THE (STATIX) #1 (OF 5) GRAHAM VARIANT (TITAN) – Don’t underestimate Brandon Graham's covers. He’s an indie artist who has multiple books that command high prices just for his art. His fans are loyal and will gladly pay those high prices. His cover for this book has been selling from cover price to $12 shipped. I would recommend grabbing one if you see it.

DUCKTALES #1 1:25 SKETCH VARIANT (IDW) – Man, try finding this. It’s a tough one.   Granted, it’s not the most dynamic variant, but it’s selling for $25 to 34 shipped. The IDW Disney variants tend to rest in that price point. So, I don’t expect it to jump.

GENERATIONS HAWKEYE & HAWKEYE #1 MATTINA 2ND PTG (MARVEL) This is going for about $7. That’s actually the highest day after I’ve seen for any of the Mattina Generation 2nd prints.





BLACK PANTHER #18 FRISON VARIANT (MARVEL) – Another great Frison! However, it’s only selling for cover. It doesn’t feature a key Marvel character like it’s connected cover sisters. People will still need it though.









MARVEL LEGACY #1 (MARVEL) – It’s always really shocking to me to see how little Alex Ross variants sell for. The 1:50 color is selling for about $27 and the 1:100 for about $40. Maybe it’s just the title itself or that his covers tend to be on high print runs?  Case in point, even the 1:500 Deodato variant is only selling for $170. Heck, there’s a Quesada 1:500 B&W variant that’s only selling for $100 (though that’s trending upwards at $160). I can’t remember the last time any high ratio variant like those sold for THAT low the same week. Those could be a smart buy right now. The 1:1000 Deodato B&W variant is at $550. The party variants all range around the $15-20 amount.




VENOMVERSE #4 (OF 5) (MARVEL) – The 1:50 Bagley variant has a venomized Rocket Raccoon. Just mentioning. That variant is selling for $32.


  • A. J. Diesel

    I enjoy Spider-Gwen quite a bit and I think the idea of the cover is great! But that face is a horror that will haunt me for some time!!!

  • Avatar

    Awesome stuff thanks

  • Avatar

    Idk I was looking at that spider Gwen cover and no she is not pretty in it…. but she looks vulnerable and something about the use of color and black space is unique and idk I still like the cover just wish mine was in better condition but oh my LCS only had 3 regular covers and one vulture variant so beggars can’t be choosers I guess. Glad I found one at all. Should have bought the venomized vulture cover as well I think.

  • Avatar

    I’d also like to add that my favorite thing I bought was still that Alex Ross legacy 1:50. It’s so awesome I don’t care how it does on the aftermarket. It is just so awesome I would have paid 50+ if I had to but was happy it was only 25, I think the high print run will hold these back a little but I think overall these Color Ross variants seem to be moving awefully fast. I believe like a seller sold about 10 at 23.99 in under 2 hours or something so there is a lot of demand I just think people are interested and love the cover and are probably happy they were able to get so cheap. I payed 25 at my LCS for a 9.8 candidate which was close to market value however I was able to snag the Venomverse 1:50 for just 8$ which means I got both for about 33. Which was a great deal for both. But if I happen to get the last venomverse 1:50 it will mean I’ll have all but the Sandoval …. so if the last one is there and affordable I’ll have to buy the #3 to complete my set, although I still believe issue 2 is the stand out along with the teaser variant for edge of venomverse. Although I think issue 2 will be much more rare because of how heavily ordered Edge of Venomverse 1 was.

  • Avatar

    Maybe peeps are starting to get smart and not pay the outrageous prices on these variants, especially from Marvel. So that maybe another explanation on why they are currently selling so low.

  • Avatar

    Simple supply and demand.

    Legacy Is heavily ordered therefore the variants are available in abundance.

    Then more are listed, undercutters come into play and the prices drop.

  • Avatar

    Another pink signature surprise. I guess this means, we need to keep an eye out for pink signature from Image comics. I thought that was just a one off with WD.

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