The Unpressable Defects 72

In this issue … Tuesday night podcast, so the guys look back at Metal #2, Rick and Morty and much more!!!

Language warning! Contains strong language …


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  • Avatar

    thank you in advance! I’m about to listen and it will probably save lives…or at least keep me from walking out on my employer

  • Earlybird

    Another weekly fix of Unpressables.. Gonna ask Trey to read my comics to me for added effect,
    Great show as always, Love it

  • Avatar

    Great episode guys and a very happy birthday to Trey!

  • Keith S.

    I’m really getting into these podcasts. couple of things. I really think Spidergwen is picking up because of her role in Ultimate Spider-man cartoon on Disney XD (I mentioned it in Variant heat check on 8/29). Also, I know I’m sortof a valiant guy, but the Bloodshot book being written by Jeff Lemire and drawn by Mico Suyuan, Lewis Larosa, and others is a kick ass book and one of my favorite monthly reads. The extra book Jimmy mentioned is a killer black and white version of #1, which really showcases Larosa’s talents. Keep up the good work guys!

  • Avatar

    Oh man, Trey sounded like a kid at Christmas describing the metal 2 read. I’m almost about to check them out myself.. he sold me!

  • dpiercy

    Bruce Wayne had a mustache in the 1st issue of Dark Knight Returns!!!

    Trey describing Metal2 w/the laughing Batman and Robins was awesome! I saw some art panels of them and it makes me totally want to read it.

    Lastly, I think there will always be more stories for the established characters, e.g. Supes and Hulk. It’s just going to take imagination. Remember how awesome Grant Morrison’s take on All Star Superman was??? Put him and Frank Quitely on Hulk for a year, or give them a miniseries and I’m certain they would do something fantastic.

    Thanks, UD. ???

  • Avatar

    Great episode. Love the metal talk, it’s been a great read. I feel like a kid again as I read it! … reminds me why I love comics! Thanks for the podcast fellas! Appreciate your work!

  • Khoi Cakes

    Thanks for the comments!

  • MZircher

    Thanks for keeping the streak alive boys! It would be rough week without UD episode.

  • zraximus rouge

    Happy belated Trey! (So behind on shit)

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