Win Comic Market Street Exclusives by Natali Sanders!!!

Next week (unless it's delayed again) is the release date for Harley Quinn 25th Anniversary Special and it comes with a few store exclusives. We are trying to get a list of all the different covers and if you read the comments on that link you will see that there was a clear winner, the Natali Sanders Comic Market Street cover:

And that's one of the reasons why we're so happy with this contest, as, thanks to Comic Market Street, we will be giving away three sets of these covers. Sets? Yes, because there's also a B&W version of this cover:That's pretty awesome, you're probably thinking to yourself. I have a question for you, though, what's better than these two covers? The set will include both the covers above plus the Edge of Venomverse #1 Natali Sanders Comic Market Street exclusive. If you've been living in a dungeon without wi-fi access for the last couple of months, here it is and it's also an ass-kicking cover:

One other reason why we like this contest so much is that it gives us the chance to feature an amazing up and coming artist like Natali Sanders. A few covers for Zenescope and Big Dog and just three exclusive covers for the Big Two have made her a very interesting artist to keep an eye on. You can see more of her work on her absolutely recommended Instagram account.

OK, so what do you have to do to win one of these three sets of three covers? Let's keep it basic and pit the HQ25 cover vs the Venomverse cover. Which one is your favorite and why? Don't shoot down the other one, just let us know why your favorite one's the best one!!!

Thanks again must go to Comic Market Street for giving us this opportunity and remember that you can order these covers (even signed and graded) at their site (here for the HQ25 and here for the Venomverse).

Comments section will be closed on Sunday, the three winners will be announced by Wednesday next week. Good luck everyone!!!


  • Id go with the first one, the color. Its a striking image and saod color jumps off the page!


  • I really like the 3 versions of Harley, but the Venomverse cover takes it for me. X-23 looks like she wants to bond with Venom, like she’s enjoying it. The cold colors used enhance the cold look on her face. She wants this. She’s even at peace with it.

  • I like the Harley Quinn cover because of the photo realism of the art is so spot on. The choice to put Hot Mess on her shirt is brilliant. The way Harley looks and the shirt reminds me of my wife and I know it would be a great peace to win to be reminded of my wife.

  • I like the Harley instead of the Edge of Venomverse.While it does look cool to X-23 become venomized I like really how all three versions of Harley stick out.It represents the past 25 years of Harley.It is hard to beat that!

  • Prefer the Harley over X-23 (already have the X-23). Im a big fan of Natali Sanders work amazing artwork all the time. I just love the colours and contrast between all 3 versions of Harley and not to mention 3 of her most recognisable costumes. Excellent piece to mark 25 years of Crazy Quinn.

  • edge of venomverse. drawn seductively. you want to make love to her even though she will impale you at the climax…

  • I prefer x-23 one.Drawn in realistic way but without being like photoshot.harley looks more like cosplay cover instead of drawing.

  • I like the Harley Quinn cover better because it shows the different versions of Harley through the years from a woman’s viewpoint. I like that her proportions here are nearly as accurate to a real person in three different forms.

  • Edge of Venomverse takes the one for me without a doubt. X-23 looks so sweet and seductive yet we all know she’s ready to deliver any brute force!

  • I prefer the X-23. While the Harleys are sexy X-23 is both sexy and scary. The pose invites you in but she is ready to strike you down if you get to close. The background pastel colors against her washes out black just enhances it further.

  • Personally, I like X-23 moreso than HQ. That being said, I really like the HQ one as it shows how she has grown and changed as a character over the years; from purely a sidekick to a standalone character. I look forward to seeing how she continues to change in the coming years!

  • I prefer the Harley Quinn 25th Anniversary. What’s better than one Harley on the cover? Three Harleys on the cover! Natalie Sanders is quickly becoming one of my favorite artists.

  • It’s got to be the Harley. Both are beautiful covers, but I will always wanted a cover that looks good AND had some character meaning.

    Seeing the multiple versions of Harley on an issue celebrating her anniversary just trumps a cool mashup of Laura and Venom every day.

  • Gotta go with the Venomverse cover because I’m a big X-23 fan and it’s an amazing work of art!

  • Edge of Venomverse is my choice. I feel it’s very difficult to make the symbiote look like it’s alive, like it’s another character. Sanders food s great job making it look like more than just squiggly lines. Thank you for doing this!

  • I go with the Venomverse cover. It takes a special talent to be able to take the symbiote and still make it sexy to the point where if this were real, I would seriously think of hooking-up with X-23 despite the symbiote and its brain eating tendancies instead of running for my life!!

  • Earlybird

    The X23 for me, that’s one Sexy Symbiote with claws. Awesome

  • Venomverse one.Charming but intimidating at the same time.Plus one of the most realistic arts i have seen for a while.

  • HQ cover.All 3 iconic costumes in one cover.What else can one want?

  • Edge of venomverse take it for me. Love the X23 figure throw on venom add the X23 claws amazing art. Striking pose. The colours that make her stand out from the background. Amazing!

  • Both absolutely stunning covers. I’m going with edge of venomverse though. Easy choice for me, X-23 Mashed up with venom is to drop dead gorgeous. Emphasis on the drop dead.

  • Chrizm

    Definitely the Harley Quinn cover. As a professional photographer that shot models for years, I enjoy the photorealism in this cover and the 3 iterations of HQ’s over the years. The subtle background is nice on this as well.

  • misfit138

    I prefer the HQ25. It’s sexier. Natali does a great job with the leather outfits for both covers, but the leather outfits on the 3 Harley’s is pretty hot. I especially like how Natali captures the leather creasing on the vintage Harley’s right butt cheek. Natali kills it on the 3 different Harley’s! Natali Sanders and leather, what a combo!

  • I prefer the Edge of Venomverse cover. I think Natali does a great job of adding depth and detail to one character as the singular focus of the cover…plus, who doesn’t love seeing a symbiote bonded X-23!

  • I prefer the Harley cover. Only thing better than Harley on a cover is 3 Harley’s on a cover!!

  • I’ll take the Harley over Venomverse. While both covers are great, the attention to detail on the classic Harley costume makes it the winner for me. The rippling of the latex and the shine from the light make it look as though she was drawing an actual model.

  • Lololol, man these are bad.

  • mister paws

    I’ll rock the Edge of Venomverse cover, I love how it looks like X-23 is about to grab you by the throat and the weapon X tanks in the back ground are a great touch !

  • I really like the HQ25 color because it isn’t typical comic book cover art but yet is photo realistic and it’s painterly .. which you don’t see for a Harley Quinn cover because of her attitude and having come out of a animated cartoon series:)

  • Demon Jim

    Easily the Harley Quinn color cover is the best. Harley Quinn has become a big part of not only comic book culture, but a big part of pop culture in general. It’s good to see the “evolution” of Harley because a character will always be tied to it’s roots so it’s good to see her original costume, and that is why the color is the best since you actually see the costumes in their glory. Let’s face it, her outfits are as iconic as she is.

  • Harley! Three eras of costumes! Big guns! Little guns! Sassy expressions! She cornered the market on hair dye! It may say Hot Mess but that couldn’t be further from the truth!

  • BenGrimm

    I would go with the first colored one. I have a soft spot for the comic uzi and the concept of different costumes over the 25 years makes more sense to me than the venomized cover

  • The venomverse variant is the best I think. I’m a huge Harley fan, but it seems everyone is doing the different costumes for her 25th anniversary. Something about that x23 being venomized makes it really stand out. It’s not too much venom, but enough to catch your eye and really take notice

  • I’ll go with Harley because there are three versions of her and three is always better than one. And to be honest since I know how Harley is suppose to look vs a Venomized version of Wolverine, it makes it hard for me to judge the Wolverine cover. I imagine Venomized Wolverine would look a little more “threatening” than the “attractive” version presented there.

  • I prefer the Harley simply because it displays her 3 different looks throughout her history: The classic original comic costume, her modern comic look, and her movie costume.

  • What makes Natali Sanders art standout from other artists for me are the levels of detail she puts into both the foreground and background in all of her works. When you combine this with clean lines, exquisite shading and soft yet vibrant colors we are left with works of art that should be savored to truly appreciate. The Edge of Venomverse No. 1 exhibits this perfectly from the nutrient tanks in the background to the supple uniform tears at X-23’s knees in the foreground. It’s frighteningly beautiful where one should run, but the beauty makes you stay.

    • What I get from her art is, yes, she can draw and color very well, but she nearly copies photo references while making slight changes. She uses faces of well known models and places them on different bodies, hence why in my personal opinion, the heads just don’t match the bodies.

      Take a look at her website and one of the pieces featured (the MJ Photoshoot). Now google Miranda Kerr Wonderbra and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.

      • dpiercy

        I think Natali uses herself as the model for her drawings. All of her faces look similar to her.

        • She also uses the faces of Angela Jolie, Adriana Lima, Candice Swaenepoel, and Miranda Kerr, many of whom are Victoria Secret models.

          • Faces are so difficult in works where there is no original person to reference from either a detailed description in a Book or from obvious Media/TV/Movie works, so I can forgive an artist if they use/reference someone famous, themselves, another real inspiration or even prior artistic works. That written, I do recognize and feel your point that more of an adjustment could be made to fit such faces to the overall work, e.g. MJ Photoshoot. I don’t feel Edge of Venomverse has this issue though, but alas such is the crux of beholding beauty and having opinions my CBSI fellow commenter. I’m digging the thread btw.

  • Loving the Edge of Venomverse best of all – why? Because it looks like H.R. Giger applied his artistic talents to a spliced X23 and Venom for a beautiful and deadly combination – well the female of the species is more deadly than the male!!!

  • I prefer the HQ25! Both are stunning but the realism of the HQ with multiple angles is the clear winner to me.

    Thank you!

  • edge of venomverse. probably the most stunning cover i have ever seen. it could easily pass as a movie poster at your local theater.

  • Wastoid

    Going with the Harley cover. An anniversary special that perfectly covers the character changing appearance over the years. Not an easy choice as both covers are stunning…

  • She’s my favorite new artist I own all three covers she has done for DC and Marvel. I’ll go with edge of Venomverse because it comes in a virgin variant too. Looks really sharp mines on its way to be graded. Her signed books come with a mini art card of the cover and the coa has the cover faded into the back of the COA little extras go along way when your paying big bucks for store exclusives.

  • As beautiful as both covers are, the Harley cover edges out Venomverse (bad pun intended, ya know – Edge of Venomverse was the lead-in to…nevermind). I love how Natali captures Harley’s sexiness with a glimpse of her silliness (Hot Mess t-shirt and pop gun). I also love the little details in the pic – the intricate crown molding, spotlights above the Harleys’ heads and the Queen of Hearts at the top left of the pic (my guess as a tribute to how Harley is the queen of capturing the hearts of us fanboys).

  • I have to go with the HQ color cover. I like the representation of costumes Harleen Quinzel has worn over the past 25 years. The detail in all Natali Sanders’ art is amazing.

  • Gotta choose that bee-yoo-tiful Venomverse cover! Two words: Olivia Wilde, so totally perfect as the model for this sexy X-23!
    The detail in the symbiote tendrils intermingling with her hair and body is stunning. A cover that totally, uh, “SCREAMS” to be printed in black and white!

  • WOW. Both HQ and Edge of Venomverse have very beautiful art on it. But my preference is EofV. The amount of details, proportions and light and textures are amazing.

  • I have to go with Venomverse X-23 because of the contrast between light vs dark or good vs evil. The fact that this cover speaks volumes of a character we know alot about and then again not enough. Natali is able to capture two great commodities in one image Venom and X-23. This cover represents the whole venom/x-23 saga going on right now.

  • Natali peaked my interest when I saw her X-23 on the Venomverse cover, it’s safe to say, she now has my full attention with the 25th anniversary Harley cover. It almost looks like she’s standing in front on a three fold mirror and it’s capturing each side of her crazy. Quinzel is a complex character and I haven’t seen a cover capture it as well as this one. Even though I already pre-ordered this cover, let’s be honest, this is one true fans are going to be after for years to come.

  • The Harley Quinn because it reminds me of a song
    She’s the eye of the storm, born in the city I live
    She used to make do, but now she makes men
    Fall at her feet, weak, their tongues leak, they try to stop talking ’cause now they don’t make any sense

    She was never academic
    She couldn’t draw a thing
    But she had power over men

  • Harley Quinn strictly because it looks like an illusion. You have the 2 playing cards behind Harley. Someone is shuffling the cards, one being Queen of Hearts. Harley through the years is in the middle of the shuffle. I could only be so lucky to get this hand!

  • While both of the pieces of art are extraordinary and of the highest caliber of talent, I choose the Harley Quinn cover.

    The amount of detail Natali put into each version of Harley is amazing. Each of the three renditions captures Harley perfectly in different stages of her character over the years.

    On a side note, not only is Natali one of the most talented artists in her field but she’s also an amazing person who tries to comment on every post to her Facebook page. Overall, she is a shining star in the comic industry.

  • I LOVE all of her work but for this one I have to go for the HQ 25th. How can you go wrong with 3X hotness! DAMN!

  • I like the edge of the Venomverse the best, mainly because I am a marvel fan and I prefer that it has one version of the character.

  • dpiercy

    I like the Harley covers because I am a huge mark for her and Natali. I’m just not a very big fan of Venom stuff.

  • X-23 is one of my current top 3 favorite characters but I’ll have to go with the HQ cover as my favorite. It’s not because she’s one of my top 3 favs either. As she’s definitely not but mainly because it brings back younger days of when I was in love with Pamela Anderson(HQ covers look like her) and for some reason I thought Barb Wire was an okay movie.

  • While both covers are amazing in their own way, I like the edge of venomverse cover better. The amount of detail and line work involved in that cover is breathtaking.

  • dwilliams1975

    Venomverse. They are both amazing covers but my vote would go to X-23. I can’t wait to see more from her. Beautiful art!

  • Lunarshade

    The HQ one with the three outfits is awesome. I think the venomverse one is as good as Mattina’s covers and that is saying a lot. So if I had to choose I say The HQ because of the costumes but they are all winners to me!

  • gattz

    Personally prefer the Venomverse one. I really dig the colour scheme.

  • WOW, That’s got to be one of the toughest decisions I’ve had to make this week. All 3 covers are absolutely stunning, but I think I’m going to have to go with the Edge of Venomverse #1. Up until I saw this cover I thought that Francesco Mattina had perfected the X-23/Venom cover. And while the Mattina covers are still kick ass covers in their own right I have to say that Natali Sanders has officially edged him out of the top spot in my opinion. It’s a beautifully rendered image with just enough color to make it crawl off the page, and deep into my heart. Definitely my new favorite cover of 2017 for sure!

  • All are amazing covers, but the edge goes to Venomverse. There is a seductiveness that draws you in…it makes something scary look inviting.

  • damn!!! the choice is only a choice, but if you go by eye candy. the Margot Robbie Harley Quinn is the hands down winner, but X-23 is so different from other venom covers. it stands alone, and you know your in trouble!!

  • tsouthammavong

    I like the X-23 best. Besides by bias to X-characters. I love how the image is in the middle of her transformation to Venonized X-23

  • I love my girl X, but what’s better than THREE hot Harleys on ONE cover?! I’m the hot mess!

  • Natali Sanders has just jumped on my list of favorite artists. It is a real hard choice to choose which cover is better. Both are fantastic, sexy and show how real comic art can be. Since I have to choose. I’m going with Harley Quinn’s 25 year anniversary. It is her special year. Also, you get 3 fantastic poses of MS. Quinn. Im looking forward to future covers from Natali.

  • The full color is the best. Really makes the cover pop.

  • hargon99

    HQ, the look is the best I ve seen on her in a while

  • Lebednik

    Venom, Though they are both great covers, I dig claws.

  • HQ color cover for me. Always been a fan of Harley and 3 different versions of her can’t be beat!

  • stevemcqueen

    My favorite would have to be the Edge of Venomverse cover because Natali Sanders gave X-23 more expression by showing the bond with the alien symbiote which reminded me of Psylocke in X-Force #20’s venom variant. X-23’s face shows beauty on one side of her face while the other half shows the darkness already consuming her mind and body. This best cover art is a sexy piece from Sanders, and I love how she curls her fingers like Felicia Hardy’s claws despite having adamantium-laced claws already extended, and the way the title is written in a classic-like horror story book until you flip the first few pages of the comic book to discover the suspense. Even Sanders is both excited and scared at the same time of this work according to her IG post! In this cover, X-23 revels in dark fills and the character is outlined against a bright light background but you can see the sentient alien’s gooey black liquid-like form coming from behind. I can see Sanders as part of an emerging group of cover artists for Marvel and DC with a sexiness, dark-color scheme yet beautiful composition signature of her own. Hoping to see more equally beautiful cover art! Congratulations Natali on your 2nd Marvel cover!

  • The third one. I really like Venom and X-23. The way the symbiote is melding with X-23 and slowly taking over. But yet you see her claws are out and her pose looks as if she’s trying to ward the symbiote away.
    It’s a very beautiful cover art.

  • I think it’s the (1st) Harley Quinn cover for the win… that X-23 cover is super cool (one of the best I’ve seen lately), but honestly I’m getting a bit burned out by all the venomized variants out there (not that I’d refuse a copy if offered)!