DC Universe Logo UPC Variants

Over the last few years collector’s attitudes towards reprints have changed. Buyers are no longer turned off by these printings, instead they are looking to the print run as a determining factor when it comes to buying. These printings are often manufactured in lesser quantity so when demand rises certain reprinted titles can see significant increases in value. Changes in color or art help denote the difference in printing and are now often seen as unique variants.

In the past many of these comic types were despised by collectors and relegated to the quarter-bin wasteland. As a result there are many reprints which have become significantly hard to find in high grade.

One particularly interesting subset of such reprints are the DC universe UPC printings. These reprints are only discernible by the logo printed in the UPC box. They are rare, often the last printed edition and were limited to distinct retailers in comic packs or multipacks like this:

Or this…

This rare Batman collector’s pack contains 3 DCUs and one regular edition ( LOTDK 50 )

The logo also helps to drive their popularity because it’s freakin’ awesome!

Be careful when buying though, not all packs have them

And try to remember that they came in a multitude of different packs, not all 20 packs have DCU UPC editions. Because the packs were manufactured by month it’s likely that DC included reprints with the UPC logo to fill the packs and even went back to press to print DCUs to fill gaps. 20 packs from Toys R Us were packed by month so the packs have the same books.

Earliest known 20 pack: 12/92

Last known 20 pack: 12/96 ( included DCU Universe comic or comics )

Notable packs:

  • March 1993 contains a direct Wonder Woman 72.
  • September 1993 ( BA 12 )
  • The 12/93 pack contains a MOS 18 2nd print NOT a UPC variant.

Also, not all packs ( if you are lucky enough to find them ) have them same books inside even if it looks like they do! The images below are pics of two packs each with the same comic on the front but different comics on the backside:

Here’s some video on what these packs look like when you open one, courtesy of DCU guru Steve Horn!

Creating a comprehensive list of these comics has proven to be difficult. Over the years their popularity has been limited to diehard comics fans. Go do a search on Ebay for DC Universe UPC and you won’t see many books but you can easily find some of them unlabeled because even sellers do not know what they have! In this article we will try to provide a resource for both long standing fans and the new collector.


These books can sometimes be mislabeled as DC Universe UPC Walmart variants/printings/packs. While they were available in Walmart packs around the country, they were also available at Costco, Sam’s Club, Kmart and other retailers. What follows is a list which was assembled through various resources including forums from around the internet, Ben S ( who also assembled a detailed checklist ), Trey and Steve Horn. As far as rarity goes it appears that comics with this logo printed prior to 1994 appear to be much more common but still much more rare than their first printings.

Value-wise, each issue must be evaluated on the same criteria as any other comic: demand, condition, rarity and content.

Remember, the logo must be INSIDE the UPC box.

Action Comics 684 3rd print, 686 2nd print SUPER RARE, 695 through 704 700, 700 GOLD RARE, 705 RARE , 706 RARE, 708, 709, 710, 712 through 715, 718, 722 through 726
NOTE: It is believed that Action 686 was exclusive to a 2 pack which is why is it probably the rarest one on the entire list! The 2/93 20 pack should contain an Action 686 but it is most likely a 2nd print not a UPC variant.

Adventures of Superman 498 4th print, 499 3rd print RARE , 508 through 520, 521 RARE, 522, 523 unconfirmed, 524 through 529, 530 RARE, 531, 532, 535 through 540, Annual 8
Animaniacs 1, 2, 4 through 7, 9, 10, 15, 16 ( there are three known cover variants for this book, a direct, newsstand and one with a Bugs Bunny WB logo where the UPC should be. There may be a fourth if a DCU logo exists but it stands as unconfirmed ), 18, Christmas Special RARE ( also the first appearance of show characters )
Aquaman 1, 3, 5 through 9, 21 through 24
Aquaman: Time & Tide 1, 2, 3
Azrael 15, 16, 19, 20, 22 SUPER RARE
Batman 503 through 512, 514, 515a & b, 516 RARE, 517 through 523 (515 a & b), 524 RARE, 526, 527, 529, 531 through 535 (531 a & b), Annual 13, 20
Batman Adventures 17, 18 RARE, 33, 35, 36 RARE
Batman Chronicles 4 Ennis Hitman
Batman & Robin Adventures 1 RARE Harley Quinn on cover, 3, 4, 7, 8 Harley Quinn
Batman Legends Dark Knight 62, 63 ( collector's pack indicia ), 63b
Batman Shadow of the Bat 25, 29, 30, 35, 38 ,48, 49, 52 through 57
Catwoman 5, 6, 7, 9, 11, 12, 13, 15, 17, 18, 19, 31, 32, 36, Annual 2
Damage 0
DC vs Marvel 1, 4 RARE
Detective Comics 670 through 691 (674 has two versions, 675 a & b, 682 a & b), 685 RARE, 690 stickered Rare, 691 RARE, 694 through 704, Annual 8, 9
Flash 86 through 91, 92 First Impulse, 93, 94 possibly RARE, 95 through 102 (100 regular cover SUPER RARE & b), 104, 109, 110, 111, 112, 113, 114, 115, 116 SUPER RARE, 117
Final Night 1, 2, 3, 4
Green Arrow 110, 111
Green Lantern 36 RARE, 47 through 56, (51 RARE , 51 2nd print SUPER RARE), 58, 59, 61, 63 through 68, 70 RARE, 75, 76, 77, 79, 80, 81 a & b
Guy Gardner 15, 16, 17, 26 Rare
Impulse 3, 10 Unconfirmed, 14, 15, 16
Justice League International 60 through 63, 67
Justice League of America 69 4th print RARE, 84 through 93, 95, 97, 98, 99, 107, 108, 112
Justice League Task Force 7, 17, 19, 20, 22, 23, 32
Legionnaires 10, 12, 16, 19, 21, 22, 25, 26, 29, 33
Looney Tunes 2 through 6, 8, 12, 13, 14, 15 RARE
Nightwing (not the mini) 1, 2 RARE
Parallax Emerald Night 1
Pinky & The Brain 1
Power of Shazam 1 through 4, 12, 16, 17, 19
Robin 3 through 9, 11, 12 SUPER RARE, 13 through 22 (14 a & b), 25, 27, 28, 30 SUPER RARE, 31 through 35, Annual 4, 5
Showcase 94 1 through 10
Sovereign Seven 1
Steel 1 through 9, 10, 11-15, 17, 23 unconfirmed, 24, 28, 29, 31
Superboy 1 through 8, 9 First King Shark, 11 through 16, 20, 23, 24, 29 Possibly RARE, 30, 32, Annual 3 SUPER RARE ( possibly released in 1997 collector’s set )
Superboy and the Ravers 1, 2
Supergirl (1994) 1 through 4
Supergirl (1996) 2, 3, 4
Superman 74 4th print, 77 3rd print SUPER RARE, 85 through 95, 96 RARE, 97 SUPER RARE, 98 through103, 104 stickered and non stickered, 105, 106, 108, 109, 113 SUPER RARE, 114 through 118, Annual 6, 8
Note: Superman 116 does not have the Teen Titans banner or interior preview as it’s Direct Edition counterpart.
Superman Doomsday Hunter-Prey 1, 2, 3
Note: Because these were printed in prestige format you must look on the back for the logo or newsstand variants.
Superman Man of Steel 18 5th print SUPER RARE ( first full Doomsday ), 19 3rd print SUPER RARE, 20 2nd print, 29, 30 has two versions, 31 through 38, 40, 41, 42 stickered Rare, 42b, 43 through 49 unconfirmed, 52, 53, 57 through 60, Annual 3 ( two versions, 2nd print in indicia and one without.
Superman The Man Of Tomorrow 1, 5
Superman Toyman 1
Superman Wedding 1 a & b
Note: The non embossed cover was only available in the wedding comic pack, the embossed cover was available in the 20 pack.

This Superman collector’s set contains the Wedding Album Embossed DCU logo variant NOT the regular DCU variant. To our knowledge the regular DCU cover was at least available in the QVC wedding set.

Where in the World is Carmen San Diego? 1 RARE, 4 Uncomfirmed
Wonder Woman 82, 84 through 89, 90 RARE, 91, 92, 93, 95, 96 RARE, 97, 98, 99 Unconfirmed, 100 through 101,106

A final word…..

So I want all the readers to understand, this work is our best effort to inform collector’s about these books. At this point the list and information is always changing. It is certainly possible that some of these books on the list do not exist. Getting confirmation on every single issue is a daunting task despite our best efforts. If you have any information to contribute please do so and we will do our best to reflect it through constant updates. We used a wide variety of sources to compile our list and correct errors from those sources including Ebay, online forums etc.

ADDITIONAL KEY CONTRIBUTORS: Trey Kenyon, Ben Stein, Steve Horn, David One


  • jason jones

    Great article. I saw a green lantern one the other day and it was fun to find one.

  • Ben Steiniger

    Excellent Topher! I know how hard this was to put together.

    One suggestion I have is if you have these and list them to sell, include ‘DC Universe Logo Variant’ in the title description. With the rebirth titles, many of them are listed with ‘DC Universe’ and your book may get lost in the shuffle.

    Also, for anyone who wants the checklist that includes pictures (I think it is the only one with pics in existence), you can find it under the ‘Top 10 & More’ –> ‘Checklists’ tabs on the CBSI Marketplace.

    • Topher

      Great point Ben! I just want to add that Ben, Steve and Trey did a ton of work on this and that marketplace checklist is an example of the kind of effort people put in at CBSI for things they are passionate about.

  • sdalton32

    Awesome! – been looking forward to this! Thanks for compiling and providing all this info – I’m going digging!

  • Avatar

    Great work! Very useful info to go digging with. One question, how did you determine which book is rare, super rare, etc…?

    • Topher

      As far as I know here’s no printing data for these. We do know that the ones exclusive to certain packs ( like Action Comics 686 ) are much more rare than others that may have been available in more than one packaging format. DCUs from later dates are also more likley to be harder to come by than ones with earlier release dates. The long term experience of collectors gathered from multiple sources helped in aquiring such information. Guys like Steve made this article what it is through a healthy obsession for the books. I truly see this market as an ever changing work in progress, there very well may be issues we don’t even know exist yet!

    • Avatar

      You can determine rarity of these variants by knowing where they came from. That is not easy because that information is not available for reference. I believe the most difficult books to find are those that did not come in the 20 packs. Any variant exclusive to a 2 pack seems to be the most difficult to find, such as MoS 18 5th, Action Comics 686 and Green Lantern 51 2nd. Those 3 books definately make a pattern and it tells me the 2 packs did not have as large of a print run as the 20 packs.

      • Topher

        Great info David and thanks for your contribution as well!

      • Steve Horn

        David, I am going to work on a rarity ranking for all 500+ books, but it will certainly include some subjectivity and take some time. I have been doing some analysis via various methods. One method is doing a PivotTable by month and year. That PivotTable shows that books from the following dates may be harder to find:

        March 1994 (no one has ever found the 20 pack, but the math shows that it must have existed. Try finding Batman Adv 18, Robin 4 or Showcase ’94 #3 – please let me know when you do because I want them!)
        December 1994 (Action 705, AOS 518, etc.)
        March 1995 (ex: MOS 42 – I just found one after years of searching)
        January and February 1996 (GL 70 and JLA 107 – still haven’t what I’m looking for)

        BTW, GL 51 2nd print came in a 20-pack. GL 51 1st print came in a two-pack.

        I think you have hit the nail on the head in regards to the two-packs. Sealed 2-packs after 1994 are very hard to find, so it’s difficult to sort out the provenance of many of the 1995 and 1996 books, much less what comic they were paired with.

  • Avatar

    I own roughly 30 DCU variant issues, sadly though, none of the rare or super rare ones.

    Oh well the hunt continues!

  • Avatar

    Great information, this is the valuable stuff we need to know about. The stuff that gives you an edge ….I’m sure I’ve skimmed right past these often. Between looking for these and the Whiman logos, you’ve probably added an additiional hour and a half to my bargain box digging (LOL!).

    Speaking of those bag sets, how rare are the bags with the trading card backer boards? Been trying to complete the card set since the mid 80s, still need about a half dozen cards!

    • Avatar

      Some of those earlier sets you can’t give away as there are so many of them. Like the earlier Batman 3-Packs with #397, 398, 399 and #401, 402, 403, there are tons and tons of those. As the issue numbers progress, the 3-Packs are still quite common, but seem to increase in rarity as the issue numbers climb. Also, a lot of these Packs were opened so the comics are out there in the wild as single issues but require a check of the indica to determine the printing.

      It should be noted that there are many variations within these 3-Packs when it comes to Printing and Backer Card Color. Certain versions of these 3-Packs are much rarer than others.

      Which Trading Card Backer Boards do you need or do you have? I have a bunch of extras laying around and maybe I can help you complete your Card Set.

  • Dale Valiant horton

    This article is gold! I was lost when it came to these variants, now i have confidences to buy if i come across any. Great stuff thanks.

  • UltraMaximus

    BOOM! There it is!!!
    The science is there, and I have a few of these!

  • Avatar

    Great article. Is Batman Adventures 25 one? I see it in one of your pictures, but not the table. May or may not be an interesting one because of the HQ pinup.

    • Topher

      There’s a replica edition, direct and a newsstand. I don’t think there is a dcu.

      • Topher

        It has come to my attention that there is a bullet variant for this as well!

        • Avatar

          The DC Bullet Logo Variants are direct precursors to the DC Universe Logo Variants and for all intents and purposes are basically the same thing.

          DC started releasing the 20 Pack Collector’s Set “Bricks” for comics with the Cover Date of December 1992. They continued being released monthly for eleven months and contained Direct Editions except for a few issues of the Death of Superman, Funeral for a Friend and Knightfall story arcs where 2nd, 3rd and 4th Printings were included.

          With the release of the November 1993 “Brick”, DC decided to change over from the Standard Direct Editions by printing the comics with DC Bullet Logo in the UPC Box.

          This was short-lived, however, and with the December 1993 “Brick”, DC Comics switched over to the DC Universe Logo, though some of the comics within still contained the DC Bullet UPC Logo. Those issues were probably printed before the Logo change was implemented, and halfway through December’s run, resulting in a hybrid Set. By January of 1994, the DC Universe Logo pretty much became standard in the “Bricks”, with a few exceptions that are mentioned below.

          Now it should be noted there are some outliers within these “Bricks”, mostly based on title. For the Star Trek & Star Trek The Next Generation issues, while there exist no issues with the DC Universe Logo UPC, and only two with the DC Bullet Logo UPC (ST #55 & STTNG #55 from the December 1993 “Brick”), DC instead used a Starfleet Insignia for the UPC Box. As well, with the Batman Adventures issues, some of those do contain a DC Universe Logo UPC, but there also exist some issues where DC opted for a Batman Symbol inside the UPC Box.

          Things pretty much followed this pattern until we get to September 1994 “Brick” which showcased the Zero Hour Crossover Event. Here, DC Comics opted for a Zero Hour Target Logo to be placed in the UPC Box of the Five issue Zero Hour Title (#5-0). This continued on into the October 1994 “Brick” where all of the #0 issues had the Zero Hour Target Logo UPC. But come November 1994, DC Comics reverted back to the DC Universe UPC Logo.

          From there I believe the “Bricks” ceased being released after December 1995 and DC Comics settled on various Collectors Sets with anywhere from five to sixteen issues like the Best Of series, certain Story Arcs (ie Knightfall, Contagion, Death Of Superman, etc.) and the 2 Comics Sets.

          Now the outliers I alluded to before would be the following:
          – The December 1993 “Brick” contains the Direct Edition of Metal Men #3.
          – The April 1994 “Brick” contains Looney Tunes #1 with a DC Bullet Logo UPC
          – So far, three specific issues from the “Bricks” and “Sets” have a very rare variation to the standard DC Universe UPC Logo. Detective Comics #690, Superman #104 and Superman: The Man of Steel #42 have a version where a Printed Sticker of the DC Universe Logo is affixed over the UPC Barcode of the standard Direct Edition. These are VERY rare as they probably came from the first batch of their respective Sets and were eventually replaced by printed on logos.
          – In June 1995, DC released a standalone 10 Pack Brick, with all of the issues inside containing a DC Universe UPC Logo.
          – From what I’ve seen, most of these DC Universe Logo Editions are identical, page count, ads and all, to their Direct Edition counterparts. There are a few of the Contagion issues that have 2nd Printing stated in the indica, but most of the other DC Universe Logo Editions have no such notation.

          This is not totally verified but from a few samplings I have seen or heard about directly from the owners, it could be true that not all of these “Bricks” and Collector’s Sets are standard when it comes to the exact makeup of issues contained within. That is to say one person’s Set might have the 2nd Printing of Adventures of Superman #498, whereas that same Set belonging to another individual might contain the 3rd Printing. There’s no way to tell unless more evidence is uncovered as more people speak up and unseal their sets or recall when they did.

          My theory on the UPC Logo change is that DC needed some way to differentiate these Editions so that they were not resold or the discounted Sets purchased in bulk by a comic shop, opened up and placed on their shelves in lieu of the standard Direct Editions. As well, changing the logo prevented a cashier from scanning a barcode off of a single issue in a Set and accidentally selling that Set for the price of just one issue. This could be supported by the existence of the Stickered DC Universe Logo variations mentioned above. It may also be true that some of the Direct Editions of some of DC’s mid-1990s output qualified for returns due to massive overprinting and incentivised promotions, or that for one reason or another, DC didn’t want to make these official 2nd (or later) Printings and instead, made them unique Editions.

          So to sum up, all of the DC Comics Multipack Editions with the DC Universe Logo, the DC Bullet Logo, the Batman Symbol, the Starfleet Insignia and the Zero Hour Target Logo, while graphically different, are really the same animal stemming from these Multipack Sets that were not sold in comic shops, but instead in toy stores, department stores, and the like.

          • Ben Steiniger

            Excellent info! There is so much mystery surrounding these that it is truly a constant work in progress….and this is after 20+ years!

          • Avatar

            These “bricks” contained a set of every DC book published that month, minus the more adult titles not appropriate for Toys R’ Us. It was always my belief that the DC Universe variants were reprints because they mostly appear on the keys and most popular books that I assume would have sold out. None of the least popular books have them. I think they had to reprint to fill these sets.

    • Topher

      Try Batman Robin Adv 1, it’s sneaky but HQ is on the cover!

  • couchy

    Thanks for putting this together.

  • Scott Robertson

    Great work topher!

  • misfit138

    You spent some time on this article. Nice job. Very informative. Thank you.

  • Trey

    Topher is the GOAT. Ben S and Steve Horn as well! Thank you gentleman

  • Matt DeVoe

    This is awesome! Incredible work guys. Time to re-dig through LCS backstock!
    My big questions is, what books are worth the most? I know that books like Nightwing #1 DC logo usually sells for $100 when it hits eBay. With that book not being considered rare, I’m wondering what the most valuable is… especially for some of those rare books.

    I realize that the difficulty in pricing these variants are that they’re usually not called out as “DCU variants” and often fly under the radar are standard copies.

    Thanks Topher/ Trey/ Ben!

    • Steve Horn

      Matt, I am going to work on some kind of rarity index. In the meantime, it’s almost easier to say which ones are common. DCUs like Robin 8, GL 50, Batman 509 , Detective 674 & 676, some early Catwoman issues, Legionnaires 29, Superman 118, Flash 95-100 (holofoil cover) come to mind.

  • Keith S.

    great article guy!

    • Topher

      So I think people in the g+ group have mentioned this long running thread at CGC on a few occasions. It is a great source for learning which books are newly discovered as their list is regularly updated. If you collect these you should continue to check it out along with the Marketplace checklist Ben S created. If you have any other sources please add them for the people here to enjoy.

      • Steve Horn

        We couldn’t have put this together without the contribution of the CGC regulars on that thread. I have learned a lot from guys on there like Capt Kirk, revat, mysterio and others. I don’t know if those guys read this, but I hope they do. Big thank you!

  • Avatar

    Wow! Incredible work putting all that together. thank you for sharing!

  • Avatar

    I confirm that batman 531 and 532 have the dcu logo

  • Avatar

    Articles like this on this site is why its the best comic site on the web. Thanks to everyone involved.

  • Avatar

    Ive been searching for these variants for well over a year now, its definitely gonna be harder now. That action comics 686 is really a doozie to try and find, ive only found two copies the past years ive been searching. Good luck everyone.

  • Avatar

    I’m posting this comment on the CBSI Google+ page as well. Hopefully your answers help more than just me…
    I happen to have some of the rare and/or expensive ones, but also some of the more common ones. What I don’t have is an idea on price. I know some of my more common issues sell in the $5-10 range because I can see those sold listings. But what do you guys think about the ones that have no current for sale or sold listings?
    I will prob sell my lot of 15+ books cheaper if anyone is interested. And throw in a Batman & Robin Adventures 8 with detached cover. I already have a nice one and how do you pass it up with the DC Universe logo?
    I need help with search on the following:
    Batman 516
    Nightwing 1
    Detective 682, 694
    Robin 13, 14
    Shadow of the Bat 35
    Wonder Woman 87,89
    Superboy 3
    Animaniacs 4
    Superman Wedding (non-embossed)

  • Avatar

    If the Robin #14 you have is the non-embossed version then I will buy it but I’m guessing you have the embossed version of this and several others as it seems you have the contents of the Troika 5 Issue Collector’s Set.

    I can offer my experience but it all depends on if you have two (or more) people who want a particular issue. If so, then the price has the potential to skyrocket as we’ve seen with some DCUs in the recent past. But it’s also random as I’ve seen plenty of rarer DCUs sell for cheap or not even at all despite being listed properly. Some days I think everyone is looking for these and other days I feel like no one cares. Also, some of the issues have been harder to find for me but easier to find for others (I think location has something to do with it) and vice versa so all I can offer is my opinion based on my experience.

    Condition is also a big factor as the DCUs that came shrinkwrapped in the “Bricks” and the 2 Comics Sets tend to suffer from spine stress. Those that were in the boxed Collector’s Sets had cardboard backers protecting them. Even still, since these Sets were sold in Department and Toy Stores and not Comic Shops, buyers were usually kids and maintaining their condition was not a priority.

    So below, when I say common I mean in terms of DCU UPCs which are all rare when comparing to your standard Direct Editions so assuming they’re all in VF/NM condition

    Batman 516 – $5.00. Fairly common.

    Nightwing 1 – $30.00 minimum. This is not an easy book to find, especially in high grade. Being that it’s Nightwing #1 and with the movie speculation, it’s a key.

    Detective 682 – which version do you have? NON-embossed version is harder to find.

    Detective 694 – $7.00. Somewhere between rare and common but not too hard to find.

    Robin 13 – $5.00. Fairly common.

    Robin 14 – which version do you have? NON-embossed version is harder to find.

    Shadow of the Bat 35 – $5.00. Fairly common.

    Wonder Woman 87 – $7.00. Fairly common but also a Bolland Cover so a slight premium

    Wonder Woman 89 – $7.00. Fairly common but also a Bolland Cover so a slight premium

    Superboy 3 – $5.00. Fairly common.

    Animaniacs 4 – $7.00. Somewhat common but not a huge title and Animaniacs fans pay up.

    Superman Wedding (non-embossed) – $3.00. Very common.

    If anyone cares to add or amend, by all means, feel free.

    • Avatar

      I don’t have the non-embossed ones.
      And I didn’t mention that I have some of the rare ones because there are some sold ones to judge by. I have Green Lantern 51 2nd print, Action Comics 700 Gold, Batman/Robin Adventures 8 Harley. But I also have Wonder Woman 86. That one recently sold for about $40. So maybe I don’t see why 87/89 would be so much lower. I think I have 90 as well, which also was sold higher.
      Nightwing sells for around $40 for the regular edition. Matt Devoe commented that he has seen the DCU versions go for $100 but I see none in recent history on ebay. Being rare and a key I would still think that is a correct number.
      I’m told Batman 516 is the rarest of that title. Several others are hitting $15 to $20 so maybe that one should be a little higher.
      I think you are pretty correct on all the rest. If they are somewhat common then they should not be more than double or triple what a regular one sells for. Anything between $5 and $10 seems like a good deal especially for someone trying to fill in holes in a collection.
      It’s fun to look out for all the HTF variant types as we browse through back issues. It’s just a minor thing that sometimes separates them apart and you have to have a good memory and a keen eye. My friends can try to keep dementia away from their future with crossword puzzles. I’ll take this route!

      • Avatar

        This is what I was talking about. Prices and rarity are all over the place for some of these issues and a single sale can usually be the result of a buyer and a seller converging at the right place at the right time. And what is hard for one person to find can be relatively easy for another.

        The Wonder Womans have all had a bump in price as the Bolland Covers have become quite hot but even still, many of the listings I’ve seen just sit there and get relisted time and time again and some are just way overpriced. Issue #85 is a classic Superman Mullet Cover (which, believe it or not, some people collect), #87 is a bondage cover and #90 is the first Mike Deodato, Jr. Wonder Woman so that might be a factor.

        For Nightwing #1, when looking at recent eBay sales for the regular edition, all I see are well below $30.00 so that seems to be the market. Who knows if the movie rumors will bump these up.

        Now the Batman #516 has never been hard for me to find. I’m not saying it isn’t one of the rarer DCUs but I’ve come across five of these in the past few years. I search longboxes for a few people besides myself and this book hasn’t posed much of a problem. Same goes for Batman #524 of which I’ve had four copies in the past two years. However, Batman #517, for me had been the toughest one to locate. Same goes for Detective Comics. For me, #685 was very easy to find in multiples but for some reason, #680 was the elusive one. For years I could not find that DCU until a random search through a $0.50 box in a store I go to all of the time yielded a copy. Since then, I have not come across even one other copy.

        I think one of the rarer DCUs is Batman: Shadow of the Bat #38 (a cool pink Joker Cover) which I found years ago on eBay and have not seen another copy since. However, the Green Lantern #36, which came from the 7 Issue Greatest Hits of Green Lantern Collector’s Set, is an issue where I see plenty of copies.

        With the publication of this article, the ongoing thread on the Collector’s Society Boards and a host of recent high dollar sales, I think many people are finally becoming aware of these DCUs and that is affecting the market. But there also still remains many collectors who don’t care similar to how they don’t care about Newsstands despite their rarity when compared to Direct Editions. If a handful of people have recently decided to collect the DCUs, then they’re willing to pay up. But once they find their wants, it remains to be seen if the market holds steady or if it was just influenced by a sudden influx of these new collectors.

        • Steve Horn

          Superman mullet collecting? What’s the world coming to? LOL

          Batman: SOTB #38: That one is a ghost for sure. And I agree with you, it’s one of the top DCU covers. Wish I could find one!

          I also agree with you on GL #36 – it does seem to be pretty common. I had found hints of the Greatest Hits of GL Collector Set while doing research, but was never able to confirm that it existed. I do know about the other 3 GL sets. Does it have similar packaging? Any chance that you could share front and back pics for the rest of us to look at in awe?

  • Avatar

    A word of warning to anyone buying DCU variants from Mike High Comics on EBay. Even though they display DCU variant covers in their listings that might not be the version they send you. Their listings offer disclaimers.

    Great job on the research and article guys! It’s been an invaluable resource.

    • Topher

      Great point here. Mile High treats most DCU variants like they do newsstand books and prices them very high. So if you see a cheap one the chances are they uploaded the wrong pic to their listings.

  • Avatar

    Love this article. Thanks for all you do guys. Gotta go buy some more long boxes now to fill haha!

  • Avatar

    Just found Superman MOS # 19(3rd print and super rare) on the bay last night for $5.00..right place ..right time…right price !

  • Avatar

    Seems like issues from 1995-96 are harder to find ,since they started to halt producing these in those years

  • Avatar

    I must give big props again to CBSI and this article. I had a blast going through my DCUs and checking against the list in the article. I thought I had a new one a couple of times. But They were all there. Very thorough research. I just checked on DCU variant sales and they seem to have REALLY picked up since the article dropped. On the cutting edge of comics influencing market trends! Pretty freaking cool guys!

  • Ben Steiniger

    Thanks to our own Steve Horn, 2 new, never before known about issues in this series have been discovered!!

    Robin #30
    Superman #113
    Also, Azrael #22, long thought to be in existence, but no photo evidence could be found, has now been confirmed!

    All have been added to the photo checklist!

  • Avatar

    Great summary! Someone asked what these are worth. Usually not much, because the number of collectors is about the same as the number of variants (both very small numbers). However, the rare and super rare ones can fetch a premium.

    I usually paid about $50 to $100 to buy rare and super rare ones (like Action 686, Superman 77, Adv of SM 499, Action 706, Batman 517, etc). I’ve sold a couple rare and super rare ones like Action 686 ($50) and Action 705 ($25). I paid $200 for Adv of Superman 531 (I know of no other copies). I also have a bounty out for Adv of SM 521 ($200, I know of only one copy and I don’t have it) and Superman 113 ($100). I also have $100 bounties out for Adv of SM 530, SM MOS 49, Superman 95, 117 (we aren’t sure those exist…. none have been seen my myself and the other die-hard DCU Collectors.

    kind regards,
    Captain Kirk

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    Star Trek and Star Trek: The Next Generation variants with DC Bullet or Star Trek logos in the UPC box which were published alongside DC Universe logo variants can be seen at https://www.startrekcomics.info/art/dc2logo.html

  • Avatar

    I have a few DCU variants, mostly Superman and Batman…they seem to always be in worse condition than the regular issues. My Superman Wedding Set unfortunately has mild water-damage.

  • Avatar

    Two years late but I’d like to point out that the Legends of the Dark Knight #50 is not the same as the original. They both have a cover date of 1993 but on the inside the new one has a print date of 1995. Some other things that are different are that there is no gold embossed foil obvious advertisement pages. Original book is on matte like stock the newer one is on glossy. Also there is a significant color difference on the Jim Lee page.

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