The Day After Wednesday for 8/17/17

Want to know which books from yesterday’s new deliveries are already heating up and which ones are cooling? Here’s a “Day After” list that we hope will help! This isn’t a reflection on the quality, collectability or long term potential of recently released books. This is based on today’s market price for books that came out on Wednesday, 8/16/17. They could still be at your shop.



TOTALLY AWESOME HULK #22 (MARVEL) – If Marvel stuck with a similar print run to issue #21, then we’re looking at roughly 22,939 copies for issue #22.  That’s pretty tiny for a Marvel title.   I went to two different stores around noon and every copy was already gone.  If you have any, I highly suggest you hold your copies. Resist the urge to cash out at its going rate of $17-$20.   If this character has any legs (short term or long term), then this could be a great issue to own. 


MISTER MIRACLE #1 (OF 12) (DC) –  Not only is this book holding its value, but it’s going up.  Cover A is selling for $16 (shipped) and Cover B is selling for $18 (shipped), sets are still selling for $30 (shipped).  I expect these to go a little higher even.  There’s only a handful of listings currently and they’re priced accordingly.  I left 4 cover A’s on the shelf because I thought they would drop.  I was totally wrong.

SUPERGIRL #12 ARTGERM “B” VARIANT (DC) – Prices have been all over the place.  It’s been as low as $7 and as high as $15.  The average sale has been $10.  One seller has even moved over 122 copies at $15 (plus shipping!).

TOYETICA #1 (ACTION LAB) – Here’s another cautionary Indie spec.  When you hear that a book is hard to find and you see copies, resist the urge to buy them all.  This saw a height of $17 last week and then settled to $7-$10.  There are many copies listed and not a single copy has sold since August 14th.  For those holding out for $10, expect these to start selling for cover.



DARK NIGHTS METAL #1 (OF 6) (DC) – As a reader, I’m absolutely interested in this title.  As a speculator, I’m staying far, far away on it.  I can’t think of many big event books that retained any value when it was completed.  We’ve had a few books like Convergence #0 Hughes Catwoman bounce back from a $20 book to $150.  But, I think that’s all thanks to the power of Hughes.  The high volume of store variants on this also seem to wash each other out.  Some of the store exclusives are doing decently, but many of them have big buy-ins that offset that value.  Interested in which ones there are, check here for the full Store list:

Dark Nights: Metal #1

Metal definitely has some nice covers, but none of them are really making me see any long-term value.  Here’s the current rundown:

Capullo 1:100 Midnight Release B&W Variant: $45-60 shipped

Midnight Release Variant: $10 shipped

Jim Lee Wonder Woman Variant: $10 shipped

Standard Foil Variant: $10 shipped (no premium on NM copies)

Kubert “Batman on a T-Rex” Variant: $8 shipped

Romita Superman Variant: $6 shipped

There are numerous reports of “error” copies of each of these that are missing gloss or foil.  The errors seem fairly abundant and none are really being listed as error copies, nor selling at a premium.  That could change as more people list them as “error” copies on eBay.

HERCULES WRATH OF THE HEAVENS #1 (TITAN) – Only a few sales, but each cover is selling for $8.  Granted, it has a $6 cover price. 



ASTONISHING X-MEN #2 (MARVEL) – I expected a little more out the Torque 1:10 Mystique variant, as well as the Leinil 1:25 Apocalypse variant (cracks me up that sellers are calling this the Thanos variant).  I thought that Torque did a great job showing Mystique cycling through the various X characters.  At a quick glance, it looks like a hodgepodge mess.  However, if you look at it closely, you can see her creating that sense of movement of Mystique's powers.  Regardless, the 1:10 is selling for $5 and the 1:25 for $10.

CALEXIT #1 2ND PTG (BLACK MASK) – Did you see any at your LCS?  There was only one copy listed and it sold for cover.  Are people just passing it over or is it hard to find?  This is one to watch.

DIVINITY #0 (VALIANT) – While the standard variants aren’t doing anything, look for the Vans Warped Tour Variant for this title.  Valiant joined the 2017 Warped tour which concluded in Pomona, CA on August 6th.  Valiant’s art & characters were used as the main artwork for the Tour’s promotional material (tickets, flyers, banners, bags, etc.).  The highlight of that material was a copy of Divinity #0 using that main artwork as a virgin variant, given out only at the last Pomona/Los Angeles event.  Prices have ranged from a recent $152 to $222.  Imagine, a limited Valiant variant handed out to sweaty concert goers who could care less about a comic.  With that said (and having none listed currently), I expect that price to go WAY up when Valiant fans realize they need this.  There’s also a Faith #1 Warped Tour/ “Boobies” Keep a Breast Special Edition which sells for $60.  Those were given out throughout the tour for free.



GENERATIONS WOLVERINE & ALL-NEW WOLVERINE #1 (MARVEL) – The 1:50 Ross variant is selling for $35.





SHEENA #0 (DYNAMITE) – Hopefully Campbell fans didn’t pay too much for the 1:100 variant.  That’s selling for $20 (plus shipping), and there are A TON of copies listed. 

SPIDER-MEN II #2 (OF 5) 1:25 DEL’OTTO VARIANT (MARVEL) – Great cover and an okay seller.  $30 shipped right now… that’s borderline cool.  It's here in cool because the price seems to be dropping. 




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    Gosh dang it I should have held my TAH 22s! And not bought “spy seal” thanks as always, great article

  • Avatar

    everyone went nuts for the hulk 22. do you think you will make money on the marvel introduction of doomsday? and if marvel decides to shelve the character then all the speculation footwork will be for naught. neither company seems capable of shame. “Bone Protrusions?” why not just color him gray, give him a white man bun and be done with it? Next speculator frenzy is when the introduce Kamala Kahn’s newest enemy, ” the Choker…” with a white face and green lips or the questioner, who leaves clues in the form of a question…

    • Matt DeVoe

      Lol. I don’t think you’re wrong. I think we’re all aware that this is an obvious cash grab, which is why I think it flew low under the radar (not quite off, as people were paying attention). I know that’s exactly why I didn’t ask my store to get me a copy. But now, who knows. I just see the train pulling away from the station and I’m debating to get on. I think we need to see this character in action, speak and interact with other characters before we see if he’s going to last. But by then, if the character is even remotely interesting…. the train will be long gone. I remember as a wee lad, my LCS ranting about how Deadpool was a rip off of Spidey’s costume and was lame. You just never know.

  • Avatar

    I mean 8 for my two copies is a steal of a buy in. And it’s got a cool cover, 1st appearance, no variants, lower print run= a no brainer in my book. Actually went on the bay today and bought a copy of tah 19 1st print, which was the only issue I was missing to complete my set. So now I have a complete set plus an extra 22 and I’m holding em. Which isn’t saying much since I hold everything lol.

  • Avatar

    Sandman Special with the Paul Pope cover? Yes please! Plus it was a fun read!

    Saw Calexit at my lcs today, but wasn’t interested. Still found a copy of TAH 22 hanging round (bought it) & an undamaged Metal regular cover with no spine dings.

  • Ben Steiniger

    Great info as usual Matt!

  • Avatar

    They will redesign Weapon H and give him a different name later. Its one of the few books from Marvel that I think will do well for quite a while in the short term. What they do with the character will determine the long term value. Best Marvel investment I have seen in awhile.

  • Avatar

    Great article! I look forward to these every week. Thanks Matt!

  • UltraMaximus

    Sheena was a $0.25 cent regular cover, and the 1:100 selling around $25 shipped is right on. The 1:100 is also a preview for the regular cover #1 by Campbell.

  • Avatar

    I got me 2 copies of TAH #22 for 5$ each! I’m stoked!

    Also got my Sheena 4 book set in the mail today.

    The Campbell variant is alright, but the 1:50 Sook variant is simply amazing.

    Sheena looks more believable in her rendition of Sheena than Campbell’s.

    When I see Campbell’s portrail of Sheena it looms like she would be afraid to break a nail or smudge her maskara.

    Sook’s Sheena looks badass!

  • Avatar

    Thank you for this article. It is really my favorite one. I don’t follow Hulk but I added this one to my pull list expecting exactly this. I’m selling now.

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