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In the middle of some serious holidaying right now, but I thought I would take a few minutes to go over the new releases. Short list, so I will need you all to let me know what I have forgotten.

Mister Miracle #1

Tom King and Mitch Gerards on Jack Kirby’s Fourth World sounds like a great fit. Some of the early reviews have been really exciting … Could this be this year’s Vision?

Supergirl #12

Artgerm will be doing Supergirl covers for a while, which is great news for all Artgerm fans. Batgirl #12 (Artgerm’s iconic cover) sold 28K and regularly fetches a few dollars. Supergirl has been selling around 22K and this is cover B.

Red Sonja #7

Ben Caldwell’s back on Red Sonja with a great cover. This issue also has a Tyler Kirkham cover. Just saying!

The Shadow #1 Mike Kaluta Virgin Variant

Dynamite launches a new Shadow series and having The Shadow legend Kaluta doing the cover is a genius idea. I don’t think the intersection between Kaluta’s Shadow fans and variant collectors is too big, but you never know …

New week, two new Tom Whalen covers … Will these do anything in the back market? Whalen fans will want a set of this.

That’s it for this week. What would you buy? There can be only one!

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  • Looking forward to mister miracle. Thanks as always for the article!

  • Great article and enjoy your the rest of your holiday.

  • couchy

    Very happy I pre-ordered the Mister Miracle series B covers, don’t feel like going on a wild goose chase after work today.

  • Does anyone think these Artgerm Supergirl covers will be worth anything significant down the line? Thank u

    • Well it is already worth a few times cover at the moment. With the popularity of Artgerm and the Supergirl show I could see this being an easy 10-15$ book raw for years to come. Does it have that special something to become more then that? Well, it is not a ratio variant and he does have some more covers coming for Supergirl so I doubt it will go much higher, but who maybe.

  • … Just checked… Supergirl 12B Sold out at Midtown online…

  • Awesome stuff. Love this article. Thanks

  • That artgerm is nice, but it’ll be tuff to top that batgirl 12… that one is epic

  • Mr.Miracle #1 was such an amazing read! Props to Tom King on grabbing my attention! I can’t wait for the next issue to come

  • Supergirl might end up being worth something later on however it all depends on demand.

    The print rin on Supergirl isn’t astronomical so it does help in increasing the chances of the comic increasing in value down the road, but if there is no demand, then the value will stagnate.

    Seeing it’s artgerm though that helps.

    Just hope that CBSI runs an article on Supergirl 12 Artgerm cover in the future and once that article is up, quickly list the Supergirl issue on Feebay and hope for a profit! 😉

  • If the average print run for Supergirl is around 22k, and there are two covers, does that mean there are only about 11k Artgerm covers for #12? I don’t really know so that is why I ask.

    • Skot Whitman

      I’ve heard some retailers do not order cover B’s for the shelf because “it confuses customers” and I’ve also heard that some retailers only order the cover B’s for subscribers if they ask. So I’d wager the number of cover B’s is far less than half the print run.

      Retailers had the opportunity to increase their orders for this cover when the artwork was unveiled before the final cut off. From the looks of things online and from comments around the web, it looks like many retailers did not.

  • @Alanhom
    Seems the cover A has been more ordered than the B cover. Apparently it’s been happening a lot lately where DC B covers are less oredered. Now is this due to comic shops really ordering more Cover A’s than B’s or is it just that collectors buy mostly the B covers because most of the time they look better and it feels like B covers are less ordered… that’s anyones guess.

    But market dictates that B covers are harder to find. In the case of Supergirl #12 I higlhy doubt the print is 11k for each cover.

    And FYI, in my area all 5 LCS’s I vidited today were sold out of the Supergirl 12b artgerm cover. Plenty of the cover A available though!

  • My shop doesn’t order many of the B. It seems only lately that the B’s have become popular so I imagine shops are using previous ordering patterns for the B covers. Then add the uptick in spec on the Bs as to where the shops can’t meet the demand.

  • Mister Miracle #1 is incredible awesome. Haven’t read such a good “adult” script/art from a long time.

  • Automated programs that facilitate subscriptions typically default to the “A” cover. At least ours does – so any sub gets the A cover unless they specifically request otherwise. A few do, most don’t, so the A cover gets ordered most. The decision then comes down to how many to order for the wall and then what that split should be for those. I ordered extras for this but didn’t go crazy because I figured with it being freely orderable most stores would order extras (similar to the Adam Hughes cover on the 1st issue or the special whichever it was) – doesn’t seem to have been the case though. I figured Lau was a big enough name to be noticed – unlike, say Middleton, who has been doing some fantastic covers on Aquaman since the re-launch but only now is starting to get some attention.

  • The Shadow cover is fantastic. It was definitely the best of the bunch. Kaluta showing the kids how it’s done!

  • I think it’s odd that some comic stores wouldn’t order B covers at all and miss out on sales. My shop generally has plenty of each.

    • Our order for B covers are generally 1/3 of the cover A. Most subscribers / customers prefer the A cover for one reason or another but the one we hear most often is that the B covers don’t have the storyline title at the top (I.E. War of Jokes and Riddles).

  • I am surprise that there hasn’t been a mention in this article or the comment section about the Alex Ross 1:50 Virgin Connecting covers that Alex Ross is doing for Marvel across several different new series. The newest one just came out this week. The covers are going to look awesome as a set. =)

  • Also the Harley Quinn #25 “b” Frank Cho connecting cover is also another cover that hasn’t been mention at all which I think deserves to be. Definitely fits into the discussion that is going above in the comment section. Cheers! =)

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