Boston Comic Con-test

With BCC coming up this weekend, Fan Expo have given us the chance to give away 2 sets of their Con variants:

You can find these (and many other cool things) at their online store. In order to have a chance to win, and in honor of the Artgerm foil cover, we thought we'd ask a double question: what's your favorite gimmick cover ever? What's the worst one?

Comment section will be closed on Sunday evening, Good luck everyone!!!

Comic Hero U Contest Winners!

As a reminder, here's the bounty:

Thanks all who took part and thanks to Comic Hero U for the opportunity. The winners are … FrancesQuinzel and brucewayne619sd. Congratulations!!! If you haven't won, worry not, as you can still find them on their site.


  • invinciblelatin

    The Die-cut covers are the worst, with the hologram a very very close second. I love the glow-in the dark covers. You don’t see many of these.

  • Avatar

    Well…. of all time … My fav gimmick cover is Spectacular Spider-Man 200 because of the silver shiny foil with gobs and spidey duking it out in the foreground. Nothing says anniversary issues (*cough* Buy me *cough*) like shiny foil.. The worst for me is Sensational She-Hulk 50 because it steals dollars out of my wallet when I come across it.. the Black cover with a quaint amount of green foil.. not the best looking she hulk cover

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    Love the glow in the dark covers ala Ghost Rider (1st & 2nd prints). I was not a fan of the hologram card covers that were plastered on X-Men related books.

  • Christopher Hellyer
    Christopher Hellyer

    Love this. So my favorite gimmick cover ever was Superman The Man of Steel #30. Had a ton of fun making my own cover.
    The one I hated the most was that Eclipso book with the diamond eye because you couldn’t put it in a box with other books. Eclipso The Darkness Within #1
    Thanks again for all you do Inigo!

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    The old lenticular covers were the worst. Really thick and the effect wasn’t exactly the best. They were on par with Sportflix cards. A cool concept that didn’t translate when the idea was put out there.

    The best is probably foil covers. They never seemed to be obtrusive towards the comic and always made any bland cover look pretty cool.

  • dpiercy

    I like the foil covers because…shiney. ?

    I really disliked that Image Blind Box campaign; that was the worst thing I have seen since I’ve been collecting comics. Duplicates, duds and damaged books, all for the lowly suggested retail price of $250.

  • Skot Whitman

    I think the Glow in the Dark ink is one of the best. The Ghost Rider #15 came out back in 1991 and the ink used is still reactive 26 years later. The worst in my opinion is the Die Cuts, they inevitably start to deteriorate quickly due to handling. (obviously don’t enter me in the contest lol)

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    Favorite is Ghost Rider 15 the glow in the dark cover.

    The worst is fantastic four 371 with the embossed white cover.

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    My favorite, hands down, is the Marvel Collectible Classics 1/ASM 300 Chromium cover.

    My least favorite is the Ren & Stimpy scratch and sniff, since I didn’t smell a thing (perhaps mine was defective?)

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    the purple eclipso gem glued onto the DC Eclipso special. it puts indent on the comic stored ahead of it in the box.
    the colorforms cling on given with the superman/ lobo issue of Man of Steel 30. bought multiple issues and put them on the window of my sons room

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    I liked What If (50). . . Hulk Killed Wolverine. And Silver Surfer 50 is a great cover.

    The Worst are the continuity comics polybagged with cards mainly because I got stuck with em when I bought a random comic book lot. Oh well them’s the breaks.

  • Avatar

    Any chance you can post the winning responses? I’d love to read them.

  • KravenHuntsAgain

    I really love covers that combine great artwork and tell a story. Early spider-man covers are my favorite because they do both, but for a gimmick cover, I would take ASM #375! That golden web background and battle between Spidey and Venom is epic!
    As for worst gimmick, the cosplay or blank covers are the worst offenders in my opinion.

  • Wastoid

    My favorite gimmick was the Valiant chromium covers, particularly XO Manowar 0. I just love the look of chromium. Worst was probably the Protectors issue with the “bullet hole” thru it. Although the aforementioned Eclipso book was a terrible idea as well.

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    The best were ones that used the enhanced element to make something pop out from regular comic art, like make the Surfer truly Silver on Silver Surfer #50, Darkhawk’s energy blast on Dark Hawk #25, or, and this is my pic, having Dr. Strange’s magic look truly otherworldly through the use of prism foil on Dr. Strange #50.

    The worst are ones that didn’t integrate the element at all, and I’ll specifically point to the X-Men: Fatal Attractions covers. They took some awesome wraparound covers and just slapped a trading card on them. Compare to the Spidey hologram covers the year before; the holograms didn’t look as good, but the covers were built around them, and they look better and classier as a result.

  • Demon Jim

    My favorite of the gimmicks were the Spider-Man Hologram covers from the early 90’s, in specific Amazing Spider-Man #365. I know they are not worth much, but I don’t care. As a kid I thought , and still think, holograms are cool. During my childhood my older brother had an ASM #365, and I vividly remember staring at it in awe. I’m now a grown man in my 30’s, and own a CGC 9.6 Signature Series copy signed by Stan Lee. I personally got it signed by Stan at SDCC 2015 while hanging out with him in his personal suite in the hotel next door. At the time I had some older stuff by Stan, but they were in such bad shape I couldn’t get it signed. I wanted something for presentation, and something he had something to do with personally. Enter my copy of ASM #365. There is a small story in the book that Stan had a hand in, and lo and behold it was the one comic I remember most as a kid. I do think it is some BS that it is a 9.6 because this book is flawless, but none the less I see it as amazing as somehow this book came full circle for me. It has become my most treasured book in my collection. Since then I completed my collection of these hologram covers and have no intention of ever getting rid of them. Gimmicky or not the 90’s covers had some charm to them that constantly get overlooked.

    As for the the cover that I did not like at all despite the fact that I own it haha is another Amazing Spider-Man issue, but this time it is the #400 White Embossed Variant. You’d think with the death of Aunt May this book would have had one of the most spectacular and touching covers you could think of, but that was not the case. I understand what they were going for, but the giant tombstone just looks stupid as you can’t really see anything. It looks like a huge clump of white clay. I guess if you put a piece of paper on the cover and rub it with a pencil you could see the image, but seriously this ended up looking more like a printing error.

    Honorable mention in the bad gimmick covers were those motion covers DC had in the 90s. I don’t remember much about them, but I know they had a card/insert that you could slide around to make the character move. I don’t know how many issues of those there were, but I do remember ripping my cover because of this.

  • Avatar

    My favorite has to be the blank covers. I just love putting my own art on them and giving them to people. But the ones i absoluteley hated were the hip hop variants. Im not sure what the copyright laws were or if they just put out so many that i missed the good ones. But the ones i saw were bad….Oh and i know i already said my favorite but the MAD covers are still taking my money today.

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    The BEST gimmick cover (in an ironic way) was Invisibles #5, which had to be Grant Morrison thumbing his nose to the gimmick cover craze of the mid-90’s. The cover was super low-quality and felt like it was made out of a beat-up old paper lunch bag. On top of that, there was four different variants for the issue that feature slight variations of the same basic graphic design.

    AS for the WORST gimmick cover, I choose Force Works #1 (Marvel’s poorly-named Avengers substitute from the 90’s). It had a section of the cover that was a weird origami fold-out page. For other bad gimmick covers, at least they looked cool or were shiny–when bagged and boarded, they were still fun to look at. For this one, the fold out panel made the main cover look stupid and clunky, and the fold-out page wasn’t even that cool. When it was bagged and boarded, it looked dumb. When it was folded out, it looked dumb. And, insult to injury, it was frustrating to put back together without damaging it. But hey,…at least it was the 1st appearance of Century!

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    Worst – Foil covers, which seem to be making a comeback! Double Ugggggg!
    Best gimmick – Adjoining covers!

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    Best gimmick covers: None. It’s called a gimmick for a reason and variant covers should be considered gimmick too.

    Worst gimmick covers: GI Joe Vol 5 #8 Scratch Off Cover. You’re better off buying a lottery ticket.

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    The best was the comic with a bullet hole, I forget who put it out Malibu maybe, the worst eclipso with the gem glued to the cover.

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    Worst gimmick: Malibu’s Protectors with the bullet hole through it. Runner up for worst – Continuity Comics’ “Indestructible” Tyvek covers.

    Best gimmick: The Glow in the dark enhanced covers, in particular the DC Spectre covers by Tom Mandrake.

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    The best gimmick cover that I like is the wraparound cover for Crisis on Infinite Earths 1 by George Perez at the height of his powers. This was a gimmick cover before they came up with gimmick covers. The worst for me is Eclipso: The Darkness Within 1 with that dark gem on the cover. You can’t really place that with your other comics because it’ll ruin them. Also, it doesn’t fit properly into any bags. These are my choices.

  • Avatar

    I personally like the Marvel 25th Anniversary Covers they did back in the 80’s the best. I have all the issues from the event. The gimmick cover that I hated the most was the Eclipso cover with the jewel glued to the cover. How the heck are you suppose to keep that in a box of comics?

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    All the foil covers are gimmicky, the convention exclusive foils of covers that already exist is just screaming.. ooh shiny!!! If the cover is original art and not just reused art, even if it a foil cover… then that is not so gimmicky to me. I guess a really bad gimmicky cover type is the foil lettering of Image comics that is a one per store deal.

    I own the Ren and Stimpy scratch and sniff cover, mine was not defective and was supposed to be like this weird smell. Does anyone remember Yak… the slime like material? The smell reminded me of that lol. I guess that would be my favorite, scratch and sniff comic.

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    Favorite gimmick is DC foil convention variants. Worst is the recent Jim lee trading card covers.

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    The wrap around chromium covers that started with Valiant are wonderful to behold. There are some Dynamic Forces X-Men books that look spectacular in this format.

    Gluing something to a cover (Eclipso) was a decision nobody thought through fully….

  • Avatar

    My favorite gimmick was Solar #10. It was cool just seeing an all black comic on the wall of new books. My least favorite are the holograms, the clarity sucked on these.

  • couchy

    Favourite gimmick cover ever is probably Venom Funeral Pyre #1 with that sick Venom & Punisher team up cover over gold holo-foil. That’s probably mostly nostalgia from when I was a kid but hey it’s still pretty cool.

    Least favourite is Justice League #40 Magic Mike movie poster gimmick cover.

  • Avatar

    I’ve been a Sergio Aragones fan forever, so id have to say Mighty Magnor 1 with the pop up cover is easily one of the coolest gimmick covers ever made. As for the worst my vote is Fantastic four 371, the all white embossed cover that constantly makes you think you just have a put the book backwards in your long box and that you are looking at the back of a board, causing you to take it out and flip it over everytime you flip through the box before realizing that its just that crappy FF book…

  • longballburrell

    My favorite cover gimmick wasn’t so much a cover gimmick but an INSIDE cover gimmick. Several years back Marvel ran some promotion in the Avengers books (Avengers, Secret Avengers, New Avengers, etc) where if you uploaded your picture there was a chance you’d appear in an Avengers book. Sure enough, Secret
    Avengers #2 had my face (along with about a hundred other people) plastered on the inside cover. “Appear in a Marvel comic” got checked off my bucket list with that one.

    As for gimmick’s I hate – the trio of color, black and white, and virgin variants. That got old really fast. Just print one variant cover. Whichever version looks the best (invariably it’s the virgin variant). Stop gouging us with three variants of the same piece of art.

  • bytemonkey

    My favorite comic book cover gimmick is simply the variant art covers. Variant covers also give artists, famous and newcomers alike, the chance to showcase their work. Plus, variant covers gives comic collectors something to chase after every week and gives collector communities something to talk about. Honestly, I don’t think I would have known about the amazing work of Artgerm until I saw one of his variant covers at my LCS and then read about him in the forums.

    The worst cover gimmick is the negative color covers. It’s just a lazy way to make a variant and they don’t look that great.