Tales from the Flipside 15

This week the guys talk Defcon and Black Hat Hacking conference, CBSI charity razz, the wild success of Fandom Fest 2017, and Guardians 3 …

Language warning! Contains strong language …


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  • seriously….why is it that there must be a strong language reminder for this……are people unable to hold a conversation without using profanity or whatever you want to call it…what is wrong with people…I really want to know the answer…

    • Paul

      We can definitely hold a conversation without using profanity. The reason we have a warning is to protect all our current and future listeners. Everyone defines profanity differently, and combining that with the laid back atmosphere we want to keep it’s easier to have a warning even if it doesn’t always apply.

  • Hi,

    Good episode guys. The spot on Defcon and Black-hat had awesome information. I am a software engineer looking to transition to cybersecurity and pen testing so hearing what goes on was interesting to hear.

    In July I bought Saga 1(CGC 9.2) for $192.50. A raw on eBay went for about the same price a day earlier so it could have been a reach or a steal. Only time will tell.

  • Herb sounds like you are just out of touch with the world today. We put the disclaimer so people know what to expect. I would ask this question, did you even listen to the pod cast? Or did you just want to throw negativity out there to make yourself feel good?

  • Scott Robertson
    Scott Robertson

    In today’s world, does a disclaimer hurt anyone? Smh… Dumb…that’s like asking why do movies have ratings… Do you say… “why is it that there must be a strong language reminder for this”… when you watch a PG movie on HBO and the rating is displayed before the movie starts?

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