Win Joe Benitez Metal #1 Variant Set (and more!!!)

We welcome Comic Hero U to the world of CBSI contests and they arrive with a killer variant!

The idea behind the cover?

We let Joe run with the steampunk idea and wanted a bit of a fantasy element like a DnD party. Wonder Woman is the Queen/leader/tank. Zatanna is the sorceror. Power Girl is the General/Barbarian type character. Starfire is your damage dealer/dps/thief type. Joe had fun with it!

The cover above is the base variant, set to a print run of 3000, and you can get it off their website for $15.

This being 2017, though, there's also a B&W version (limited to1500 and available with Cover A for $35):

The third cover is a virgin version with Wonder Woman on her own (limited to 1000, you can preorder this with cover A & B for $60):

So when Comic Hero U offered us to set up a contest for this set, what else could we say but Yes, please!!!

If you have been paying attention to their variants (as you should), their cover immediately reminded me of their Joe Benitez variant for Harley Quinn #1:

This cover is still my favorite (and I would say terribly underrated) Gotham City Sirens cover. So I brought it up with Comic Hero U saying how nice these would look with the new ones and, guess what, they offered to throw these two in for the contest too. So the two winners of the contest will get these five amazing covers!

Shut up, Iñigo, how do I win this? Well, it's really easy, just post a comment letting us know who would you rather have covering your back in a fight … Starfire, Zatanna, Wonder Woman and Power Girl or Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and Catwoman and why? You get points for not going with the obvious choice, you get disqualified if you don't keep it PG. Comments will be closed on Sunday night. Winners will be announced next week.


  • Definitely the group with Zatanna. Two backwards words from her and the fight is over!

    • I would have to pick Poison Ivy. In a fight, she has the power to control all plant life. She can easily fight with you and cover your back with her plants.

    • It’s an obvious choice really. If I am fighting through Hollywood gatekeepers…the army of lackeys and henchfolk of the big muckety muck producers there is only one team – one hero – who can vanquish that abominable horde. Wonder Woman. Her global box office gross will win the day and obliterate any doors to help get my script in the hands of the right person. The decision maker. The Money. I don’t even need Power Girl, Zatanna, and Starfire but they couldn’t hurt. Spinoffs.

  • Wonder Woman’s group would back me up no question. WW alone is the greatest martial fighter in the DC universe…add PG’s strength, Zatanna’s dynamic and unpredictable magic, and Starfire’s range and strength and not even plot device armored Batman is going to stand up to you.

  • Yeah this isn’t even a fair fight. Any one of the ladies from Wonder Woman’s team can finish Harley’s team. I’m with WW

  • No doubt Power Girl. She’s a near flawless warrior. She’s Superman, but Kryptonite has no affect on her.

    Her powers are super strength; flight; super speed; invulnerability; x-ray, telescopic, microscopic and heat vision; freeze breath; and super-hearing.

    I’d easily take that over someone who can grow weeds, scrath someone’s face, or hit someone with a mallot. Wonder Woman is her biggest competition, but all it would take is for Wonder Woman to forget to wear the right jewelry and she loses most of her powers. Power Girl meanwhile has built in powers and is only weakend by magic. So as long as David Copperfield isn’t attacking me, I would want Power Girl to have my back in a fight.

  • It would be Wonder Woman of course, because she would be the only one trained to fight and have a reliable arsenal to use in any situation.

  • I am going to go the less obvious route and want Gotham City Sirens to have my back. Catwoman and HQ are great fighters and Ivy can control plant life So the people wanting to fight me have to go through them and a bunch of trees and I live in Oregon(Google Image “Pacific NW”).

  • 4 against 3 doesn’t seem fair…I would have to go with the heroines on this one. All four can get airborne. WW is a god!

    The crown is already resting on her head in the cover for Pete sakes…let’s not debate any further. We have a winning team! ( The Fem-tastic Four)

  • poison ivy because there are microscopic bits if pollen in our lungs and seeds in all of our digestive systems. she can enlarge them and kill you from the inside. bursting your organs or clogging your throat…

  • brucewayne619sd

    I would have to go with Catwoman, Harley and Ivy. Ivy has controlled the likes of Superman and has poisoned or put to sleep Batman on multiple occasions. Harley and Catwoman can hold their own against the likes of Batman. Coupled with the fact that they do not have the moral restrictions that most heroes do, I would rather have them watching my back. They will do whatever it takes to come out on top.

  • Wonder Woman’s team hands down.
    1- they skews outnumber them 4 to 3
    2- with their powers they can neutralize basilcally anything the GCS’s try to do
    3- I love Starfire(Teen Titans tv show)

  • I would go with the crew with Zatanna. All she would have to do is say the following to defeat the group: Yvi peels, Yelrah enas.

    With Harley being sane and Ivy being asleep they are no threat.

    After that Catwoman would be smart enough to try and escape which would be prevented by the three that can fly.

  • invinciblelatin

    It has to be Starfire. It’s a bias answer as I love her character. I wish DC did better stories for her, but that’s for another article to discuss about.

  • Demon Jim

    I don’t care if it is the obvious choice, but the choice is easily Wonder Woman. I’m a sucker for classic heroes and as far as female heroins she is definitely the one who paved the way. She’s not only strong and cares, but is a hero by every definition of the word. She would have my back even if I didn’t pick her because she is just that kind of person. She makes me want to be an Amazon woman because she makes it looks so damn awesome, and I’m a man haha. She deserves all the attention she gets, and I would be honored for her to have my back.

  • After seeing Planet of the Apes and how the movie had human beings as antagonists vs. peace loving monkeys and feeling really awkward rooting for the extinction of human kind, I’m going to root for (wo)mankind and pick one of the non-alien/non-demigod (sorry WW/Power Girl/Starfire). That leaves two psychos (Harley, Poison Ivy), one magician, and a female virgin of Batman.

    Not really into psychos cause they can turn on you at any moment so that leaves me with Catwoman or Zatanna. I have a thing against magicians because in my eyes are they’re con artists so… that leaves Catwoman as the victor!

    That’s my choice and I’m sticking to it.

  • I’m gonna go with the villainous trio. Poison Ivy, Catwoman, and Harley Quinn.
    While the heroes team has the edge in strength and powers, the bad girls have the guile, skill, and cunning to turn an enemy’s attack around on them. Plus they have the advantage in going full attack mode, winner take all, no holding back or pulling your punches. They WILL do WHATEVER it takes to win. And they have a proven track record of operating together, in working as a team. The good girls have been on teams, but rarely has this particular group fought together. Starfire & Power Girl in particular are impulsive and rash.

  • i would have to go with the gotham city sirens. they would be able to do what it would take to get the job done.

  • I’d go with the heroine group just because Xatanna has been an underused favorite of mine since I was a kid. Here’s hoping she helps to “ekaM em a renniw”.

  • …please ignore the fact that I can’t seem to spell “Zatanna” in my previous post.

  • Would have to say Starfire, Zatanna, Wonder Woman and Power Girl in a fight. Not really for the overall beatdown power of this foursome, but rather the unrelenting sense of protection in this group. Somehow, I think with the trio, things may get a little distracting and someone would forget to watch it.

    However, if this were “normal” watching your back in the “hood”, I would have to go with Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and Catwoman. Using Harley as an example alone; she is extremely loyal to her friends and won’t stop until the abuser is taken care of. Even if you are Goat Boy!

  • ECooper

    I’d go with the Sirens. Ivy alone is pretty powerful – poison touch, immunity to poisons, power to charm people to do her bidding and control over plant life. That covers a lot of bases and her attacks could be varied depending on the foe. Catwoman is fierce, fast, and stealthy. Good for quick strikes or sneak attacks. Harley is the wild card. She does the unexpected and could be hard to counter because of her unpredictability. She can also be brutal, which has it’s advantages in a fight.

    Oh, and Benitez’s art is BANGING!

  • I would go with the Gotham City Sirens. Not only are they masters of sneakiness and subterfuge, I have a weak spot for redheads 🙂

  • hands down poison ivy.%100. the world is full of plants to control, plants contain elements for mind alternation for total control over your foes, and her beauty is danger to all men…

  • DrunkWooky

    Poison Ivy, Catwoman, and Harley. The other team is definitely more powerful considering superpowers, but I think Harley’s team would catch them by surprise with their cunning.

    Wonder Woman’s team would get caught up in their hubris, underestimating Harley’s team. They’d overlook a critical aspect of the fight.

    Think Batman vs. Superman, Superman was OP there, but Batman had the cunning.

  • I’d rather have Power Girl because she’s basically Superman….and you know..dem tittehz.

  • I’m going with Starfire. She was trained by the Warlords of Okaara to KILL using different weapons in different ways. You can easily underestimate her because of her demeanor, but leave no doubt that she is a warrior princess. Also, her ability to absorb solar energy has been shown near limitless in the past. With this she can create one deadly starbolt for the kill or a powerful energy sheath for protection. Give her any opening and she’s trained and fast enough to take advantage of it. In the reverse, she can also easily protect and escape quickly with her energy and flight powers. Finally, she can comprehend any language with a kiss, which will solve any communication barrier. So, you know you’ll always be on the same page with her…just with a kiss.

  • Bryan

    Definitely a toss up between Wonder Woman and Starfire for me. I feel Starfire is one of the most underrated heroes in DCU and I miss her and Dick Grayson as a couple. But if Wonder Woman in the “got my back” scenario looks anything like Gal Gadot in that last movie, I’m down.

  • Gotham City Sirens. Why? Because Zatanna is too much of goody-two shoes to use her mind control abilities to end the fight (it could lead into another event comic!!!) while Ivy would have no such qualms. Everyone else on the teams is really superfluous compared to those two.

  • I feel like if I need my back covered the heroic and elegant ladies of “Metal” would be most helpful. They would help me make fashion choices more in line of what I would want to wear into battle instead of the HQ #1 villains. I wouldn’t want to cover myself with their fashion choices.

    That’s what we were talking about, right?

  • The easy answer would be wonderful woman or powergirl right? But me I like to love on the wild side so I say if go with Harley Quinn. She’d crazy and if I could swoon her a bit she’d be willing to do anything for me. Plus she’d be fun to hang out with.

  • Starfire…I love everything about the character, including the view from behind…8)

  • Poison Ivy. She can choke to death any of the other girls and if that does not work she can use her poison attacks on them. She is very powerful and evil enough to do anything it takes to win. Pam for the win.

  • Wonder Woman, she can fly me to safety in her invisible jet! ?

  • PG?


    Starfire because….she…is really…umm…

    Nevermind. I give up.


  • Gotham City Sirens all the way. I’d want people with cunning and the ability to keep me hidden and out of harms way. Call me a pansy, but I’d rather stay out of trouble if at all possible.

  • The Wonder Woman team could rival any team. ANY team… heroes or villains. I’ll take them.

  • The Metal Team: Because 4 on 3 is always better than 3 on 4 if we are keeping this PG. Plus you have a black, brunette, blonde and red head, virtually unstoppable and it boggles the mind to even contemplate the possibilities….?

  • I’d pick ZATANNA to cover my back in a fight because she can make things happen with her magic to influence others (including possibly convincing the aggressor to cease and desist, as it’s best to walk away from a fight anyway) or in a worst case scenario, if I (we) lost, she can MIND-WIPE me and make me forget that I lost and erase the memories of any agony of defeat.

  • I’m kind of a milquetoast, so the only people I’d ever get into a fight with would be fellow comic nerds who would disagree with my answer to this question. And since, as a stereotyped whole, we are typically indoor creatures with limited punching abilities, picking the Wonder Woman team would be pointless and overkill. All the Amazonian goddess would need to do is lasso up my enemies and force them to answer whether or not, deep down, they truly love JarJar Binks. Half would die from embarrassment on the spot from the truth of their answer; the other half would pass out from an asthma attack. So I’d go with Harley’s team, and specifically request Catwoman and Poison Ivy sit it out. Harley would make the fight fun to watch. And after she’s done mopping the floor with my foes her and I would go out for a celebratory game of Putt-Putt.

  • tuffguyfinds

    Gotta go with the Sirens. Most likely, I’m not picking a fight with some roided out alien that needs to be handled with God like powers. I’m a street level gangster, so I need my backup to fight dirty. Plain and simple.

  • Catwoman because she’s not afraid to play dirty.. 😀 LOVE these covers btw thanks for the giveaway!

  • I choose you, Zatanna!
    1) Cause Harry Potter isn’t real but comic book characters are!
    2) Power Girl I’d be too distracted with umm…
    3) Wonder Woman would put the lasso on me and the truth hurts.
    4) Harley is fun… but I wouldn’t last the pain. lol
    5) Starfire is like #2

    But yeah.. I like a little magic cause it’s pretty!!


  • I’ld say Poison Ivy, She as close as you can get to mother nature. And we like to underestimate mother nature

  • Catwoman….she would scratch the enemies eyes out.

  • Zatanna starfire wonder woman power girl should be unstoppable. Period.
    Magic beats out all the villains powers from a distance. She could probably watch TV and fight crime from the inside of her home .

  • AZBarbarian

    Starfire needs to cover my back. She could cover whatever she wants.

  • I’m gonna go with Harley Quinn. Sure she has no super powers, but my girl fights dirty! And sometimes you have to fight dirty to survive a fight. Whereas most of the other ladies will have to follow their moral code, I think Harley will do whatever it takes for us to get out of any fight alive.

  • couchy

    I’ll say I’d rather have Wonder Woman. She has the reflexes, super strength, is bulletproof and is used to saving the civilians.

    Catwoman has nice reflexes and a whip but isn’t bulletproof and I don’t want to get shot. Zatanna can mess with anyone but I don’t trust her reflexes to save me before I get smoked. Starfire and Powergirl would be decent options but I’d still trust Wonder Woman over those two. Sorry girls the main woman wins out even though she is the obvious choice.

  • Definitely Starfire, Zatanna, Wonder Woman and Power Girl.

    I mean there is power there and leadership and Wonder Woman for crying out loud.
    She’s 1/3 of the Holy Trinity so yeah…

    But mostly my reason is that they come to my rescue and roles are reversed where the heroines come to my rescue and at the end one of the heroine’s get’s the boy.

    Me being the boy and Power Girl being the heroine who get’s me! ;oP

  • KravenHuntsAgain

    As a non-powered nerd, who I am to judge these two teams of super powered woman?
    It wouldn’t be right for me to simply choose a team based on who I think would protect me better, as all I could add to the fight is hitting someone with a pay day (Meowth style) or possibly a poorly timed and inaccurately placed round house kick.
    No, I could never insult these brave woman by asking them to fight at my side without giving them a chance to prove themselves in combat.
    So after having Power Girl sign my issue of Power Girl #27, I would have the two teams fight for the honor of protecting me in a totally appropriate and tasteful battle royal. The winning team gets to keep KravenHuntsAgain safe.
    But yeah, obviously Starfire, Zatanna, Wonder Woman and Power Girl…

  • dpiercy

    Wonder Woman – because she is a goddess and I have loved her since I was a kid.

    F O R M V O L T R O N !

  • Power Girl would be my choice as many have described, she’s Superman w/o any of his weaknesses. I’m going to need that kind of power when evil doers come a knocking.

  • I never enter these things, but these are sweet covers.

    So… Zatanna, who will give me more than three wishes.

  • I’d have to bet on Team Harley because the under dawg is where you make the serious money. BUT, I’d have to go with Team WW to watch my back cause they are uber powerful and sooooooo HOT……..and I can’t seem to stay outta trouble!!

  • There’s the obvious reason that 4 is greater than 3, but beyond that, what would you want three untrustworthy “bad” chicks watching your back?

    Especially when the team of four is made up of a magician, an alien, an amazon, and the largest rack in comics, nevermind that she is virtually indestructible.

  • I’d stick with Catwoman to back me in a fight.. she knows how to get out of tight situations. Probably the most seductive and deadliest of the group.. don’t underestimate her lasso skills.. she’s used to coming out on top

  • Coswrd

    Zantana for sure!!

  • Todd Santiago

    Starfire, I believe she would revert to her Amalgam identity of ……Shatterstarfire ! No one else in the Vegan system would stand a chance in Tamaran of deafeating that! Oh and then there is that prehensile tongue of hers ….

  • Both teams will crush the enemy, so I will go with the GC Sirens; because after the inevitable victory the celebrations will be much more fun.

  • Since there is absolutely zero chance that I would ever be in a fight with metahumans I don’t need the OP goody two shows team covering my back. I would much rather have a bunch of bad girls that will do whatever it takes to win.

  • Denman00

    Wonder Woman is the queen for a reason. She takes them all out easily…unless Zatanna conjures up something from her bag of tricks. It’s the Woman of Wonder for me!

  • Team Metal because you have every situation/terrain/environment covered. Magic, space and mythological gods. And most of the time 4 is better than 3. 🙂

  • kidbamboo

    Harleen Quinzel. As screwy as she is her psychiatric background gives her an edge to screw with peoples thoughts. She’s got mad acrobatic skills and will go up to bat for you anytime! And you got to recognize and give her mad props for being Joker’s henchgirl that’s got to mean something!

  • kidbamboo

    EDIT: Harleen Quinzel’s Team. As screwy as she is her psychiatric background gives her an edge to screw with peoples thoughts. She’s got mad acrobatic skills and will go up to bat for you anytime! And you got to recognize and give her mad props for being Joker’s henchgirl that’s got to mean something! Just to add…Poison Ivy no matter how it turn out for the team I know I have access to herbs anytime and Catwoman well all I gotta say I have a feline as a pet!

  • Dan Wozniak

    Wonder Woman’s team by far. Nothing against the other group, but considering a few in the first group have relatively unlimited power, why would you not go with them. Although the HQ, Ivy, and Catwoman squad would be more entertaining.

  • ender6988

    In a fight based on #’s alone I’d have to take WW’s group. You are getting so much more fighting experience and raw power from WW, PG, and SF and that’s not even counting the magic aspect with Z. Hand’s down the WW group.

  • Zatanna. Girl in a top hat wins every time.

  • BYo

    Going with Gotham City Sirens… They will pull out all the stops to get the job done, aren’t afraid to fight dirty, and provide a wildly unpredictable presence that can turn the tide. Expect the unexpected!

  • Power Girl all the way she can stand toe to toe with anyone male or female in the DCU nobody better in that group to watch your back.

  • A. J. Diesel

    I guess I would choose Harley’s team… not because I’m overly fond of that trio but because In a fight, there’s always a chance at defeat. And I’d pay to get beat up by Zatanna <3…wait…is that weird?

  • My team would be Wonder Woman, Starfire, and Catwoman. This Royal Trio is a force to be reckoned with. Wait what, did you say Selena isn’t royalty? Shut your mouth you filthy peasants. She is the Queen of Thieves. Her sneaky sneaky attacks will make all battles an assured victory. Kori will handle all of our groups wham bam heavy damage. Sending these dirty knaves to an early grave. Finally Diana, Queen of the Amazons will crush her enemies, see them driven before her, and hear the lamentation of thier women! All hail the victories of the Royal Trio!!!!

  • The Sirens because they don’t play by the rules. They know head to head fighting with Wonder Woman, Starfire, Power Girl, and Zatanna would be overly one sided. Knowing the Sirens, they’ll come up with a dastardly plan to level the playing field.

  • As I’m walking down the street, minding my own business, and Criss Angel pops out to distract me with a card trip while his partner-in-crime tries to steal my soul with his devil magic, I want Zatanna covering my back. With her magical prowess, she would be the only one capable of stopping those vile sorcerers in their tracks. Sure, John Constantine could probably stop them too, but he would probably keep my soul for his own gain–I would be able to trust Zatanna more (unless the Justice League pressures her to mind wipe me too).

  • jason jones

    Team GSC.

    Just because I see Gal Gadot enough as it is with her begging me to date her daily. It’s gotten rather embarrassing at this point.

  • Zatanna or is that too obvious

  • stevemcqueen

    They say that there is always a woman behind every man’s success. In this case, you can choose to fight alongside the most powerful women in the DC universe. What is manifested by this notion is that no matter how strong you are as a superhero or mortal, a man requires a balance that only a great woman can fill. If you stay with Starfire, yes you will feel like Robin the Boy Wonder. And you will also feel like Stevie Wonder singing when You Wish Upon a Star. If you go with Zatanna, you are like David Pomeranz happily singing Got To Believe In Magic. If you go with Harley Quinn, your name will be forgotten because she will always be remembered as Joker’s queen. If you go to a fight with Wonder Woman, oh yes glory will be yours. And the world will remember your name. Because fighting alongside Wonder Woman will not just make you a Superhero. You will become Wonder Woman’s love interest. And you will never ever lose in any fight because as Peter Cetera once said, You are now a Man who will fight for her honor. You are the hero she’s dreaming of. You’ll gonna live forever, knowing together that you did it all for the Glory Of Love.

  • Poison Ivy. At start of battle a bunch of plants release a poisonous soup of gas, end of fight.

  • Wonder woman, she’s not above killing a person see max lord.

  • Power Girl since she is basically Superman. And celebrating after would be fun.

  • tsouthammavong

    Wonder Woman, she was train to fight all her life. With training like that and enhanced powers and she was even the god of war. No contest.

  • Starfire, Zatanna, Wonder Woman and Power Girl would be my choice. Zatanna would turn Harley into a rat. Wonder Woman would chop down Ivy. Starfire would take care of Ivy’s plants. Powergirl would subdue Catwoman.

  • If it is which team would I want to be on to win then Wonder Woman’s If it was where does my Heart Lie its with Harley, I dunno why I just like crazy!

  • Catwoman. I want the person watching my back to not only be obvious but to also be unseen. She is a master of stealth and concealment. When I NEED her to get my back, it will be with the element of surprise and with solid fighting abilities and cunning.

  • Starfire…… Always been one of my favorite characters…

  • The Gotham City Sirens would have to be my choice. Not only would they do whatever was necessary to get out of a situation but are the most grounded of the two. So after the fight, they’d be the ones looking to hit a bar for food and beers the rest of the night.

  • Power girl is the obvious choice to fight on my back. I look at this question like this, as for all options given to choose who would be the best team up while I carry them piggy back style? Definitely would not want to give a piggy back ride into battle with. catwoman, ivy or Harley. Can’t trust any of the 3. Zatanna would probably need turn me to something more of use to her. W.W. Would be fun to battle piggy back style. But I would slow her down. Now power girl would be my match we would fly into battle with her riding/guiding me as she is the pilot in our piggyback fighting dual. I would be here eyes in the sky keeping her 1 step a head of any enemy attack. Then after we’re victorious we would fly through the grand canyon, then to the aurora borealis. The first piggy-back co-ed fighting duo.

  • I would take Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and Catwoman to watch my back any day of the week. Why? They have the real world street smarts compare to the other group. They know how criminals think. Plus, I like woman who are naughty. That’s why I am Batman.

  • It really depends on who you are fighting. If it were a fight in a fantasy world against super villians where the super powers of Wonder Woman, Starfire and Power Girl would really be necessary, they would be the obvious choice. However, Starfire and Power Girl gain their super powers from the sun, so if it were a fight against vampires or werewolves, they wouldn’t be of as much help. So, really, if you are fighting a fight of light (good versus evil), I would go with the Wonder Woman crew. If it were a fight a fight of darkness, destroying creatures of the night, I would go with Harley, Poison Ivy and Catwoman to fight like with like. Plus, the personalities of Harley and company are more interesting.

  • bytemonkey

    Wonder Woman. I mean she’s basically a god.

  • I don’t care as long as Gal Gadot is hugging me… 🙂