The Unpressable Defects 64

In this issue … Deno guest-stars, SDCC hangover, Wizard magazine coming back and much more!!!

Language warning! Contains strong language …


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  • Scott Robertson
    Scott Robertson

    Awesome!! Deno!!!

  • sdalton32

    Appreciate the DC Universe variant discussion – really wasn’t aware of these until recently, and I’ve managed to pick up a few here and there the last few months. Looking forward to the upcoming article!

  • Avatar

    * WAR was very good but DAWN is the best of the three.
    * Lauren Cohan ( Maggie on WD ) played Martha in BvS and would be Flashpoint Joker.

  • Avatar

    Got some Supergirl 12 Artgerm cover coming. Looks really good.

  • dpiercy

    Definitely found the POTA love from Trey welcoming. Woody Harrelson was excellent in this and I was very apprehensive about his casting. I also thought Dawn was the best of the three. This series has been sooooooo good.

    Ok, lots of Iron Fist criticism. I actually think the way they are doing the character as this kind of naive, awkward person fumbling through everything is a fresh take. If he is a stoic, ass kicker, he isn’t much different than Batman.

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