News broke yesterday that Venom’s ex-wife Ann Weying will be appearing in Sony’s Venom film. For fans that don’t know Anne became She-Venom in the Pages of Venom: Sinner takes all #2. That’s right I said 2 not 3. Issue 3 is the book collector’s have taken liking to for some time and with good reason, it's quite a cover.

Spec pages are already onto this casting but are reporting issue three as her first as She-Venom. The cover effect is in full force on this one. She appeared in full in issue 2:

It’s also important to note that she made her first appearance in issue 375 of ASM. This book has a massive print run and can be found in high grade quite easily. Look for the newsstand or DF signed exclusives on this and if you are buying 9.8’s I wouldn’t break the bank.

Remember there is NO guarantee she will be bonding with the symbiote. In fact it’s highly unlikely that will happen.

Credit goes to Shaun Leggitt, Skot Whitman and Jonathan M on this one!
Good luck hunting!


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    I remember having a Venom comic where Eddie Brock is in prison and the symbiote leaves him and attaches to a woman. Is this the same story? Away from my collection or I would check.

  • ender6988

    Wouldn’t a 1 panel appearance at the end of the book be more of a cameo like ASM 299? So Issue 2 would be like 299, but the 1st Full appearance would be #3 like ASM 300. Otherwise ASM 299 is the 1st Full Venom.

    • Topher

      I feel like I’ve had this argument already! The answer is no. 299 had nothing to do with Venom until the very end. Sinner 2 was the origin of the Bride of Venom culminating in a splash page first appearance of the Bride of Venom. Read the book and you will see it. Issue 3 is simply a continuation of the story. Also Cameo’s can be firsts and have been noted by CGC, Overstreet and others. If we say Sinner 2 is a cameo but not a first and 3 is first full then where’s the actual first appearance? It would have to be in 2 right. In 2 she fully appears in terms of both story and art!

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        2 thumbs up Topher….that was an awesome breakdown man!

      • A. J. Diesel

        Id have to say the first appearance of characters/costumes debate has become subjective. Just look at black suit Spider-Man. Every book from the 80s claims to be a “tie” for first now. If you appear in a comic for only one page it should be first appearance (in a cameo), and the book where you have actual dialogue and purpose should be considered your first “full” appearance, and be the sought after of the two.

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          The whole tied issue situation with the 1st Spidey black costume appearance is a crap shoot.
          ASM #252 is the 1st appearance. It was released before Marvel Team-Up #141 and Spectacular Spider-Man #90. Just a mistake by Overstreet. To even make it more confusing is Secret Wars #8 was released after all three books but the story happens before ASM #252.

          Based on what I see the 1st app. of She-Venom is issue #2 and maybe issue #3 could be 1st full app.
          I’ve never read these issues but definitely issue #3 is the 1st cover app. though.

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    I’ll take a first full and cover over a last page reveal on any book. But why debate buy both!

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    Shouldn’t it depend on how many copies of issue 2 you stocked up on verses your copiess of issue 3? Your argument will then make itself.

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    Wow that barcode is particularly hideous and obtrusive on that ASM 375.

  • Ben C

    Always fantastic, including the logic to explain the nuances of cameo and 299 v 300

    Thanks for taking the time brother, great read!

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