Of Dominic Fortune, Stromm, Standish and more!

After taking a week off to see some fireworks I have returned with some new picks. Good luck hunting my friends…

Marvel Preview 2

First appearance of Dominic Fortune

Howard Chaykin’s international mercenary, Dominic Fortune is rumored to be a part of the Silver Sable/Black Cat movie. Fortune has never really been a huge part of the Marvel universe despite early encounters with Captain America, Dr Doom and an origin that put him in the mix with the earliest incarnations of the Marvel Universe.

Marvel Preview #2

Marvel Super Action 1

First Weirdworld & Origin of Dominic Fortune

Marvel Team-Up 120

First appearance of Jerry Fortunov

Fortune is not the character’s real name so it is entirely possible his son ( though unlikely ) could be the Fortune the film uses.

Iron Man 212

First appearance of Jerry Fortunov as Dominic Fortune 2

Sable and Fortune 1

This mini saw Fortune de-aged and working with Sable to uncover some serious issues with the Power Pack. There was a sort of Moonlighting vibe between the two. Fortune had not appeared since 1990 so there was quite a gap in appearances for him. I could easily see elements of this series being used as source material for a film.

The Amazing Spider-Man 37

First appearance of Mendel Stromm

Stromm is rumored to be in the film though his first is not cheap.

Wizard Avengers 0

First appearance of Charles Standish

Who the hell is Charles Standish? Well he’s a nobody but he does happen to be Norman Osborn’s right hand man. With his character rumored does that mean Osborn is involved?

Diamond Previews July 2017

So I have been staying away from the majority of Preview speculation recently but this one cannot be avoided. Due to the cover change for Chaykin’s United States of Hysteria 4, it just happens that this book is the only publication that will likely ever print it. I won’t be including the image here but not because I agree with the outrage. In my opinion Comics should be able to tell the stories they want. Maybe this image was designed to provoke outrage for a reason or maybe we won’t know why it was used until the story is finished. Shocking imagery is not new to comics and trust me there have been far worse images published. Maybe the cover ( though tasteless ) is essential to Chaykin’s narrative. Look, we all know there are plenty of creators and artists out there who use such tactics just to sell books. That doesn’t mean Chaykin is doing it. He has a long history as a competent writer and whether you like his art or not, he can tell a great story. Image should have defended the rights of the creator but in our modern, hypersensitive world all it takes is a little bad press to get publishers to change the vision. If I were Chaykin I would quit.

Winnebago Graveyard 1 ( American Dream Variant )

This book is flying under the radar but so far it’s got me hooked. This variant is limited to 500. I suggest giving it a try!

Superman Red Son 1-3

There was an interesting development concerning this legendary Elseworlds tale by Mark Millar. In late June there were some rumblings at Warner Brothers that a film could be possible. Millar has cooled the waters on this but didn’t slam the door. You all should own this series anyway.

The Umbrella Academy Notebook

So Netflix might be bringing this series from My Chemical Romance’s frontman to their format. This is a series that has seen past speculation thanks to popularity and rumors of a film. The first appearance is the FCBD issue and while it may be plentiful in terms of print run, it could be difficult to acquire in high grade, unstamped. There are variants for the mini series but they aren’t the first and anything besides that 1:100 will probably need to be a part of a full run to be worth the investment or flip. If you are looking for a hunt try this notebook. It is very hard to find.

The Uncanny X-Men 235

First appearance of Genosha

Since speculating on locations isn't too big a deal this one might not get people excited but Genosha is rumored to be prominently featured in Dark Phoenix where many x-men in space keys continue be available cheap.


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    I thought that the first appearance of weirdworld was Marvel Premiere #38 (October 1977)?

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      Marvel Super Action #1 is the 1st app of Weirdworld before Marvel Premiere #38. Its the whole 1st magazine app. before 1st comic book app. thing. Marvel Super Action #1 was published in early 1976.

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