Market Report – June 2017 ComicLink Focused Auction

Hi all, today we’ll look through the results of ComicLink’s Focused Auction on 29 & 30 June 2017! Overall, I feel that prices were soft this auction (especially on 29 June, which featured artists with surnames starting with the letters A to L), with many lower to mid-tier pieces finishing below where I expected, including several under or around the $100 mark. This was good news for collectors of those artists/titles and bargain hunters, however! The artwork which did well this round really over-performed though, largely because they contained rare and/or high quality images of desirable characters by prominent artists. Of the pieces I was eyeing, most pulled in strong prices, along with a few under-performers.

Hulk #3, page 14 by Mark Bagley & Andrew Hennessy – $110

Hulk #6, pages 2 & 3 DPS by Mark Bagley & Andrew Hennessy – $1,000

Modern Bagley OA (Thunderbolts, Hulk, etc) continues to remain eminently affordable – that Hulk #3 page seems extremely cheap for a large, nicely-composed, dynamic Cap image. When compared to the price of that #6 double-page splash from the same run, which sold for ten times the amount, it appears even more of a bargain! It should be noted that the #3 Cap panel page is representative of prices for Bagley’s Hulk OA, and the huge sum for that ground-shaking #6 DPS simply illustrates yet again the ability of large images and splash pages to command high prices.

Iron Man #26, page 16 by Sean Chen & Rob Hunter – $2,150

Not sure what I’m missing here, but this (admittedly highly-detailed, heavily-rendered) page finished way above expectations. I didn’t think this piece would reach $500, let alone $2.2k! Chen OA normally goes for far less than this, so I’ll chalk it up to two bidders having a strong connection to the page and not being willing to back down!

Wonder Woman #90, page 1 by Mike Deodato – $3,277

Here’s an example of timing the market perfectly. On its own, this striking title-page splash marks the start of Deodato’s popular run on Wonder Woman, featuring a nice full-body shot of Diana, by an artist known for his skill at depicting the female form. Combine all that with the phenomenal success of DC’s recent movie and ensuing new-found adoration for Wonder Woman, and you have the recipe for a wonderful auction result!

Incredible Hulk #623, page 2 by Dale Eaglesham & Andrew Hennessy – $99

One of the many reasonably-priced pages in the auction, I feel this piece and others like it are ideal jumping-on points for collectors on a budget. Here’s a page with well-crafted, large images of the titular hero, from an issue of the long-running main title. While Eaglesham OA is unlikely to skyrocket in value, you do get a really solid piece of art that will hold up in any collection, while spending a relatively tiny sum!

Y: The Last Man #6, page 17 by Pia Guerra & Jose Marzan – $785

Y: The Last Man #9, page 12 by Pia Guerra & Jose Marzan – $2,100

Y: The Last Man pages appear to (finally) be taking off, perhaps due to the TV show that’s in the works? For a series as highly-regarded as this, its OA prices have remained rather middling up to now. $785 for the Agent 355 page is strong but understandable, given the large shots of her in action. $2.1k for that Yorick/Sonia kiss is a sky high amount for Y panel pages, but this is a memorable moment in the story, and obviously worth it to fans of the series! Also, both pages come from early in the title (within the first ten issues), further enhancing their value.

Punisher #12, page 12 by Tom Lyle & Robert Jones – $82

Punisher #13, page 2 by Tom Lyle & Robert Jones – $133

Yet more attractively-priced artwork in this auction – there were five Lyle Punisher pages which each sold for under $170. As seen from the action pages above, they represent good value for artwork from an established artist, featuring a popular character who’s going through a resurgence due to Netflix, and has a standalone TV series to come. I was tracking these and regret not throwing a few more bids at them!

Venom: Dark Origin #5, page 14 by Angel Medina & Scott Hanna – $333

In line with my previously admitted penchant for Angel Medina art, I pursued this page but unfortunately wound up as the underbidder. It went for a bit more than expected, but isn’t surprising given that Medina Venom pages which actually feature Eddie in the Symbiote very rarely appear for sale. Moreover, this is a recreation of the classic McFarlane scene, contains Angel’s always spectacular art, and could benefit from an uptick in Venom interest due to the upcoming Tom Hardy movie!

Silver Surfer #103, page 6 by Tom Morgan & Steve Mitchell – $575

$575 is a very healthy price for this page, but it does have some great, big and bold Surfer shots. I’ve noticed that strong Surfer images often command a premium, almost regardless of which title it appears in or who the artist is. This could be due to the strong visual aesthetic of pages featuring the Silver Surfer – Norrin’s eye-catching metallic skin, flashy displays of power and those groovy cosmic backgrounds really strike a chord with collectors!

Ghost Rider #67, page 21 by Don Perlin & Dave Simons – $454

I really like these Perlin GR pages – something about that classic leather jacket and the fiery skull with flames streaming from his eye sockets! $450+ was a fair price for this piece, in line with recent sales of other pages which have been popping up here and there.

Marc Spector: Moon Knight #55, page 16 by Stephen Platt & Al Vey – $3,055

Here’s what I consider to be the marquee piece of this auction. “SPlatt” artwork is in high demand, primarily due to his ‘McFarlane ramped up to the nth degree' style – featuring bulbously steroidal physiques, crazily-exaggerated action poses and hyper-intricately rendered art. Moon Knight was Platt’s breakout title, and #55 was where it started (still remember when this book ruled Wizard’s top ten list)! However, he only has a small body of work, penciling four issues of MK then some Image books, before disappearing from the comics scene. It appears that rarity and the ’90s Effect have really driven up Platt MK prices over the past year. $3.1k is about double my estimate, but entirely justifiable given that it features MK action shots in all panels, plus that trademark ‘pouring-milk' cape!

Thor #17, page 12 by John Romita, Jr. & Klaus Janson – $900

$900 is a crazy price, over double what I expected for this page. Decent covers from this JRJR Thor run go for around $3k, so I was totally blindsided when my ‘strong’ bid got blown out of the water! Although, good Juggernaut action pages are not easy to find, and this “Lego-block” Juggy shows just how massive and powerful he is! I’m already hurting from the dizzying run-up in the Thanos OA market… is Juggernaut’s market following suit?

Incredible Hulk #427, page 11 by Liam Sharpe & Robin Riggs – $351

This grotesquely over-veinated Hulk rather tickled my fancy due to its sheer absurdity – such ridiculousness is one of the things I love about comics! Rather than get all caught up in anatomically-correct physiques and physically-feasible feats, we should also remember to celebrate the fun and lightheartedness of this medium! After all, we’re talking about beings who can teleport, melt planets, travel through time, hurl mountains, etc!

Psylocke #3, page 1 by Harvey Tolibao & Paul Neary – $1,360

As previously confessed, I’m a fan of Tolibao’s Psylocke. However, even I feel this is too high a price for an otherwise attractive splash… but for those deformed feet! (So let it be written that Liefeld is far from the only artist with an aversion to them.) Although, I can understand why bidders’ eyes may have been captivated by the alluring upper-half of the page, and not quite made it down to Betsy’s feet 😉

Until next time, happy collecting!


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