1 Amazing Spider-Man #361

WRITER: David Michelinie
ARTIST: Mark Bagley
Rumor (or was it confirmed, I get so confused nowadays, especially since Sony is going back and forth on whether they will be in the MCU) of Carnage in the Venom picture has pushed this book to all time highs.  Does this have the long term investment guarantee that ASM 300 does?

2 Spawn 25th Anniversary Director's Cut 2nd Print Gold Foil

WRITER: Todd McFarlane
ARTIST: Todd McFarlane
Collector's of the 90's SAY they hated all the gimmicks of the era, but it is clear they love them as they keep buying these throwback covers.

3 Amazing Spider-Man #344

WRITER: David Michelinie
ARTIST: Erik Larsen
Leading the ‘affordable' Carnage route, the 1st appearance of Cletus Kasady in this issue has moved from a $100 book in 9.8 to $200 since the movie news.

4 Wonder Woman (Vol. 5) #25 Jenny Frison Variant

WRITER: Greg Rucka
ARTIST: Liam Sharp
Needless to say, but with SDCC right around the corner, no significant price bumps on the higher dollar variant books right now.  And don't get excited Rucka, this isn't selling for triple cover price the week of because of your writing.  It is moving at a high clip because of the beautiful depiction of Diana on the cover.

5 Rick & Morty #1

WRITER: Zac Gorman
A raw hit $300+ at auction this week and even 4th prints are selling for $50+.  Someone mentioned there are no similar cartoons like this.  I would throw out Adventure Time, Bob's Burgers, etc. as possible others that might catch on (probably not as high as R&M though).

6 Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #1 John Cassaday eBay Variant

WRITER: Chip Zdarsky
ARTIST: Adam Kubert
Only sold on eBay, limited to 3000, and initially was selling for $6 just a couple weeks ago, is now selling for close to $20.  Be prepared though, most of the people that bought in at $6 bought multiple copies and will be looking to move their extras.

7 Batman/Elmer Fudd #1

WRITER: Tom King
ARTIST: Lee Weeks
What?  Inigo called it in his Wednesday One article.  Most likely underordered and a pretty interesting premise, both covers (cover B is shown) are selling for $15+ at the moment.

8 Batman #181

WRITER: Robert Kanigher
ARTIST: Sheldon Moldoff
This Silver Age beauty has been undervalued for far too long.  It is currently seeing price hikes in all grades and I can't really see it slowing down anytime soon.

9 Vampirella (Vol. 4, 2010) Lucio Parrillo Variants

WRITER: Various
ARTIST: Various
I couldn't narrow it down to 1 issue, but the B or C Parrillo covers are all on fire.  Highlights are #15, 19, 30 (shown) and 36.  Don't forget to check out Topher's ‘True Firsts' article that highlights Parrillo's first work.

10 Batman #24

WRITER: Tom King
ARTIST: David Finch
Still selling around $15 in droves, I would tend to think at this point, the price won't go down too much based on the sheer number of people that have bought in at this price point.

Captain Marvel #1 Adi Granov 1:25 Variant

WRITER: Kelly Sue DeConnick
ARTIST: Dexter Soy
Very little sales info out there at the moment, but this is definitely one to watch as being THE Carol Danvers variant to have.

Captain Battle Comics #3

WRITER: Various
ARTIST: Various
My Golden Age pick of the week goes to this bondage cover gem.  A 7.0 sold 4 years ago for $275.  This week, a 7.5 sold for $1550.

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  • Avatar

    Great list but you’re missing All New Wolverine 2 variant. 4 sales in the past week for $75 plus.

  • Avatar

    I’m not sure what Sony’s problem is but I think Venom and Carnage will be served better as villain’s in a Spidey flick first before being used in a solo film. I think ASM 300 has more staying power than ASM 361 IMHO. I like both the Granov and Hughes #1 Capt. Marvel Variants. Probably should have held onto my Batman 181 a little longer. Seems like some of the Spawn books are continuing to stay hot and do well in the market. That is a very nice sale increase on the Capt. Battle Comics #3. Those type of Golden Age covers are becoming more and more popular.

  • sdalton32

    Always look forward to the the Top 10 list!

  • Mugroantics

    Kick @ss list and on the money IMO… great pic on the CM no.1 Granov !

  • MZircher

    Great list, thanks for all the work you put into it.

  • Avatar

    Great job as always Stein

  • Khoi Cakes

    Always on point Ben!

  • Avatar

    Nice list. Didn’t ever expect to have so many books actually on the list. 7 out of 10. Did good on my Rick and Morty 1 first print when it was still going for under $20. Still waiting to get it signed as I missed out when Harmon was at a local show a year and a half ago.

  • Avatar

    Ben-tacular list! It’s a lot of fun tuning in to what shows up on the Hot-10!

  • Avatar

    I think one of the reasons Rick and Morty blew up, besides being featured on Comic Book Men, was the fact that it has been almost a two year wait for season 3. Rabid fans started eating up on the comic book for more stories to tide them over. Also, I heard you guys talking about it on the podcast. It is is not a kids show, its not Adventure Time, its more like a even darker and smarter Futuroma on acid.

  • Topher

    Great list! That Wonder Wiman cover is sick.

  • Avatar

    The only shows comparable to Rick and Morty are Community (also produced by Dan Harmon) and The Venture Brothers, without which R&M clearly wouldn’t exist. There’s no VB comic, but look for the art book Dark Horse is release in a couple months to sell out and blow up…

    Adventure Time is excellent, but it’s more this generation’s Transformers or GI Joe (albeit with a way better cartoon). in 10-20 years, the comics will be $$$.

  • Avatar

    I believe it’s time to list my Rick and Morty #1 first print. My only dilemma is that I truly believe it’s a 9.8, but it’s ungraded. I did get in at under $5 though.

  • Avatar

    Those lucio Parrillo variants are gorgeous. He really knocked it out of the park on those. Seriously makes campbell and hughes look like amateurs, I am grabbing all his covers that i can find.

    Loving that wonder woman variant, think that artist is an up and comer, picked up a few myself.

    361 still has a lot of room to grow. Carnage is the 2nd most loved spider villain next to venom.

    That spawn variant is pretty awesome.

  • Avatar

    Great List! Love the Granov Captain Marvel, but the Hughes I believe is the investment pick as her top cover

  • Avatar

    I have been buying the Jenny Frison Vampirella covers for years and it’s the Parillo covers that hit!? Shesh….what a kick in the pants.

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