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Gobs! I must say, it's my fifth article and I can't express how much I appreciate the comments and kind words in regards to the articles. Once again, here in Diesel City, opinions are welcome and encouraged.

Now I consider myself an “A” lister in the speculation game, and I ask you not to judge me by my wins, but by my losses, because there are so few (Comment on the reference below). This week I was thinking, and thinking, and thinking. What are some good books to jump on? EUREKA!

I often reference movies and pop culture's influence on comic books, and rightfully so; because it's what is keeping young people interested. Let's face it, even youth sports numbers are dropping. Kids aren't into reading or much of anything (majority based) nowadays, sans video games. So when kids are still able to see cartoons or films, that stirs interest.

Disney is king. When Marvel and Disney mashed in 2008-2009 for $4 billion, which now seems like possibly the greatest investment of all time, the superhero genre became cemented. There's drama, comedy, horror, western, romance, war, and SUPERHERO. The Disney deal wasn't a home run, it was a grand slam in game 7 of the World Series.

So let me spell it for you…what Disney/Marvel own cinematically is king. Take for instance the Inhumans (which I feel will be the first fail of Marvel, and I hope I'm wrong). They've been building them up in Agents of Shield for years and have been attempting to push the Inhumans on us in comic books. Essentially, Marvel is attempting to alienate the X-Men. Magneto was right, humans will always hate what they don't understand!!!

Fox owns the cinematica rights to the X-men, and the closest thing Marvel has to them are the Inhumans. Try to debate me… Death of X, Terrigen Mist, all of the new inhuman characters, they even “killed” wolverine (but still left Old Man Logan…it's all about empty pockets to these people, yet we still buy).

The point is Marvel attempts to completely kill what they don't own, in the hopes of bully companies into selling rights. I get it, trust me I do, and I wish Sony and Fox sold their characters, because Marvel and Disney would make great films of them (WITH ACTUAL COSTUMES!) Nevertheless, there isn't even a Fantastic Four title right now, and there are about four X-men titles, none of which anyone can enjoy because they can't decide over the other. So the point I'm getting to (I promise there is one), buy X-men titles now!

Trust me, I don't hate on X-men. Quite the contrary. My brother and I grew up on Jim Lee X-men and the animated series. I love the X-men. And I don't care how many times X-Men (1991) # 1 was printed (something like 7 million+) they're the best X-men covers ever!!! Fox stubbornness has caused me to have a partial disdain but I digress. What I'm trying to say is, now is the time to jump on books that Marvel and Disney don't own cinematic rights to … Because once they do, you'll regret not buying them while they were affordable!

Obviously Wolverine (Hulk #181 … or 180 for the cameo enthusiasts) is out of the question. As well as Giant Size X-men #1 and certainly X-Men #1 you won't find for cheap, but you will find some great keys. At Philly con I bought and X-Men #12 and #17 for $60! First appearance of the Juggernaut?!? Get out of town! And just recently I spent $20 bucks on two off grade but complete issues of X-Men #8 and #11! As of right now, their significance isn't extraordinary, but these are money books!

So I stress to you, BUY VINTAGE X-MEN! I realize the movies have been semi successful, but they've run their course. FOX will fold… and sell. And once they do, us speculators will reap the benefits.

Book you missed out on

X-Men #101

X-Men #101

Yep, you missed it. Phoenix has a lot going for her. It's one of the most iconic story lines in the X-men saga, she's an awesome character, and she's super hot. This book is always HOTT, but once you mention her being the main concept of the upcoming film, forget it. You missed out, and this book won't be an easy get (in high-grade) any time soon.

You also missed the boat on New Mutants #87 and #98…but be patient…and you'll get both for a really fair price.

Books to buy

X-Men #109

First appearance of Weapon Alpha (Vindicator). It's a beautiful cover with an awesome character. John Byrne screwed us by killing him, but that's an easy fix. For God's sake Cable can travel back in time and change that.

X-Men #129

First appearance of Emma Frost and Kitty Pryde. Do I need to say anything more? Buy this book, there is really no downside.

X-Men #35

First Spider-Man crossover on an X-Men book?!! Forget about the Changeling. It's a great cover that can be had for cheap with an iconic meeting between two mega-comics!

X-men #221

Mr. Sinister. Excellent character, one of the all time villains. This will be a buy quick and flip while the going is still hot. There are a lot of these in the wild.

Character with huge upside potential

New X-men #128


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