Heroes Con 17: Southern Bastards & Early Deadpool/Harley Quinn Panels

Last weekend I attended HeroesCon 2017 in Charlotte NC. Being a primarily Indy driven, comics based show, it’s a speculator’s dream. I admit I am not a huge panel guy. I prefer the one on one interactions that can be found in the artist alley but I always try to find a few panels that seem to be spec opportunities. You never know what info you are going to get.

I have been lucky in the past. 2016 wasn’t so spec filled but in 2015 Jason Latour said to not buy Scalped #43 as it has no significance to Southern Bastards and Robbi Rodriguez said Gwenom was coming later in the year (a good 2 years before the actual storyline) so you never know.

This year I again attended a Southern Bastards panel which featured writer Jason Aaron, writer/artist Jason Latour, artist Chris Brunner, letterer Jared K. Fletcher and editor Sebastian Girner. I attempted to fish out any news on the FX series and I did get an exclusive CBSI update ……………………….. and that update is …………………………………………………………………… there is no update. I know, disappointing right?

However, Jason Latour said that they have been told by FX that the more story they write the better as it gives the network and them more to work with so spec on Southern Bastards fans. Another thing to look forward to is the arc for issues #21-24 which will feature the Roberta vs Coach Boss story that will probably be very focal to any show that airs in the future. So if you, like myself, are still on board this book, be on the look out for those issues later this year.

I also attended a Terry Dodson / Fabian Nicieza panel on the early works of Harley and Deadpool. It was fascinating to hear their takes on the character’s early days as well as where the creators who have taken over the characters have depicted them and the various changes to the mythos. No real spec value here but just a fun listen.

The one interesting thing for you hardcore art collectors is to check out Harley Quinn Vol. 1 #14 and #15. Terry Dodson told a story that he said not a lot of people know. He was experiencing some hand and arm pain while meeting deadlines and he switched to lefty for those issues. This stunned the audience and Fabian alike. I have a whole new respect for Mr. Dodson and those issues went right on my want list for coolness’ sake. Looking at some of the interiors, though, you wouldn’t be able to tell it:


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