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There's an insane number of comics coming out today, but looking at my pull list I can't find much to get really excited about, Redneck #3 being the most promising of them all. The rest are just events and minis, which doesn't say much about my long-term interest in the industry right now. We all know how it works, though, a good comic will change the way we feel about all this, but the fact is that the moment you voluntarily unplug yourself from a Marvel event, it means you can stop reading 90% of their line … Nuff said!

Batman / Elmer Fudd

Can't blame you if you didn't pre-order this, but these specials seems to have been under-ordered all around. Tom King and Lee Weeks on this sounds completely awesome. Been moderately enjoying all of these, guessing this will be the one that makes or breaks the whole experiment.

Edge of Venomverse #1 Francesco Mattina 1:50 Variant

This is Marvel giving us what they think we want. Line of successful variants + Successful Spider-Man event = Happy customers throwing money at Marvel, right? Given that Stokoe is actually drawing an issue of this hopefully means that they are not phoning it in. Hope so, because I'm in for the whole mini.

Wonder Woman #25 Jenny Frison Cover

Another one in a beautiful collection of Frison covers, this one seems to be getting a lot of interest from fans. I think some of her other covers were far superior, but this one's pretty good too.

Suicide Squad #20 Whilce Portacio Cover

I didn't put this cover next to the WW cover by accident. Kinda unfortunate that they are coming the same day, both going for the same thing but one being so much better than the other one. Anyway, the regular Schmidt cover features Harley and is a lot better!!!

Blood Brothers #1 Virgin Variant

Namwolf‘s Fabian Rangel Jr launches a new series at Dynamite and it looks like it might have a similar vibe to his Tarantula, which I enjoyed a lot. Might be more interesting than we are all thinking.

Spawn Director's Cut Encore Edition

For those keeping track at home, this is a foil edition reprint of a director's cut edition of a comic that came out 25 years ago. Are we losing our minds? I think only a leather AND foil variant would have done this justice!

Flash #25

Thought I was giving up both Batman and Flash after The Button, but Batman already got me back with the Swamp Thing team-up and now Flash guarantees time travelling and Professor Zoom, so I guess “just when i think i'm out they pull me back in” does not only apply to crime families.

Detective Comics #959 Rafael Albuquerque Cover

Zatanna Alert! Both the Albuquerque variant and the Putri regular have her on the cover, but this one seems to capture Zatanna's personality perfectly. At least her old personality, no idea what she's supposed to be like these days.

There's also Spider-Gwen #21 coming out today … I don't know if Gwenom's finally appearing or not (yet) but Latour has been posting Gwenom designs for the last couple of days so I thought it would be nice to re-post them here, because they are awesome:

That's it for this week. What would you buy? There can be only one!

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