HeroesCon 2017: Lee Weeks on Superboy’s First App

Ever since the events that spawned DC's rebirth, one of the most popular new additions to DC's roster is Jonathan Kent. He has everything a speculator could want in a character in that he is accepted by old school fans, beloved by younger fans, the blood born son of DC's flagship character, and has an awesome dynamic between him and Damian Wayne. Jonathan is currently front and center of both the Superman story and his own team up book with Damian, Super Sons.

So whats the problem Jack? Sounds like spec gold. In the words of ESPN's Chris Berman “Not So Fast”. We have a controversy here. Amid all the glowing positives, the biggest glaring factor stopping Jonathan from hitting that stratosphere that other new characters such as Damian, Miles Morales, Laura Kinney, and Spider Gwen have is a debatable 1st appearance. Currently collectors are buying, and dealers are selling, both Convergence: Superman #2 and Superman: Lois and Clark #1 as 1st appearances. It almost doesn't matter who wins out, the fact that the debate exists detracts from both. Recently, CBSI member Matt LaCroix posed the question as to why Convergence: Superman #2, which features the birth of Jonathan Kent is not in a higher demand. This brought a spirited 37 comment debate on that ended no closer to settling this debate.

One school of thought is that he is a baby in Convergence and in Superman L& C he is the Jonathan we see in rebirth today. So is a 1st appearance chronological? Or is it based upon the current incarnation of the character? If it's the latter does Superman L& C #8 have and argument as 1st Superboy Jonathan Kent? Does the Superman L & C #1 1;25 variant affect people's opinions? It's all confusing!

So last week I set out to settle the debate once and for all by asking Lee Weeks, acclaimed veteran artist who did both amazing cover A's to Convergence: Superman #2 and Superman L & C #1 his opinion on the matter at HeroesCon 2017 in Charlotte, NC.

I took video but the Audio was nonexistent. Below is our transcribed discussion on the matter:

CBSI: *Explains debate* So we at CBSI were wondering what you would consider the 1st appearance?

Lee Weeks: HAHA. I wasn't even aware people didn't consider Convergence: Superman #2 his 1st appearance. Is it just because he is a baby?

CBSI: Yes. Some speculators feel that isn't enough.

Lee Weeks: So its like Hulk 181 and Hulk 180?!?. I recently read about those and wasn't even aware there was some debate there.

CBSI: Yes, in that case the market decided #181 and although you can make a case for #180 its tough to correct the market like that.

Lee Weeks: I can see that. Well I never thought about that.

CBSI: When you worked on Convergence: Superman #2 was the creation of Jonathan Kent intentional?

Lee Weeks: Ohh yea, those Superman stories were really fun and working with Jonathan Kent was something I really enjoyed. I got to humanize Superman a bit which was different.

CBSI: So if you had to say which was the 1st appearance which would be your vote?

Lee Weeks: I would have to say Convergence but that's me. That's when I first drew him.

So there you have it. Does that settle the debate? Probably not. But if your going to invest I think all the information you can gather is valuable and whose opinion should weight heavier than the creator? Or you can be like me and invest in both to hedge your bet. Only time will tell …

A special thanks to Lee Weeks for talking to us on a busy Sunday after a long weekend at HeroesCon 2017. Check out more of our HeroesCon 2017 coverage exclusively on Comicbookinvest.com and watch out for a contest later this week, where we will be giving away both comics mentioned in this article signed by Mr Weeks!!!

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  • Avatar

    So …….your saying that Uncanny 201 is Cable`s first appearance ;);) ….:) 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Earlybird

      Is his name not Changed to Jonathan White in L&C ?

      • Earlybird

        Clarke quotes “good thing we took White as our last name when we arrived”
        And he is not mentioned as Jonathan Kent in L&C 1 so his name is Jonathan White,so technically Convergence 2 is 1st appearance in my opinion

        • Avatar

          His name being White was only to cover up his real name which all readers know at that point. Having said that, my opinion is that Convergence: Superman #2 is the obvious 1st appearance in the truest sense of the words. Still, it seems, the debate rages on. Thanks for reading!

  • Christopher Hellyer
    Christopher Hellyer

    For me I’ve always believed in first time on paper is first appearance. Don’t forget there is B cover to Convergence #2 that nobody was buying. Picked up 4 high grade copies of each cover from a lcs last year. I asked the owner if he had any convergence back issues. He told me to follow him to the back of the store and pulled short box out from under a table, blew the dust off the top of lid and told me anything in that box was 25 cents. My fingers never so flipped through books so fast.

    • Avatar

      Totally agree on the Chip Kidd Variant. That Lee Weeks cover is amazing and will probably be “the” book. But as much as it is a slept on book, that B variant is even more slept on. Thanks for reading!

  • Duc

    Thanks for your investigative journalism. In the wise word of Fox Mulder “the truth is out there”.

  • Topher

    Well I can’t see how authorship doesn’t matter. This should settle the debate, although I remember people still arguing about Superior Spider-Man’s first even after Slott specifically stated his first appearance was in Daredevil.

  • Avatar

    All that matters is what CGC thinks, they’re the money and money is god.

  • Ben Steiniger

    Nice DeMayo! It’s always helpful getting information from the creators–wouldn’t it make sense for them( or the publisher) to just release this info periodically?

    And, btw, cgc may be king on slab sales, but they are behind on identifying 1st appearances, so they are not gospel.

  • Avatar

    I think the baby is the first appearance, but if the masses don’t want to except it, it is what it is. I personally really like to consider the 1st costumed character as the 1st app, but that’s me.

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