Introducing the CBSI Hall of Fame

Welcome to the inaugural CBSI Hall of Fame induction!

First and foremost, longevity is the key to all the inductees. There will not be any books, writers or artists who just entered the scene recently. These inductees have stood the test of time and are being rewarded for it!

All selections were voted on by CBSI contributors (in other words, comic book people) and are not the opinion of any 1 person. Results shown are in the exact order that they finished in the voting. There were several candidates that just missed out and will be up for voting in our next Hall of Fame voting. Please feel free to agree or disagree with any of the selections.

Enough talk, let’s get to the inductees!


  • Gwenpool4President

    Very solid lists. Nothing controversial and nothing really surprising.

    I’ll be interested to see who/what joins the list in the future for “writer”, “artist”, “incentive/exclusive variant”, and “modern age blue chip”.

  • Avatar

    I really enjoy the list. I was a little surprise that HOS 92 and SW 1 are in the same sphere as Hulk 181 and ASM 129 for Bronze Age collectibility.

    • DrunkWooky

      I remember enjoying a market dip in Bronze Age Star Wars comics during the late nineties/early 2000s. The prequels were coming out and the bronze age issues on ebay were available for couch change. I literally packed an envelope with $4.45 worth of change and sent it to my seller for my issue of Star Wars 42.

      I honestly think the prequels hurt Star Wars comic collectibility. The new flow of good media might be turning interest around and provide fertile ground for Star Wars #1 to earn its true value.

  • Avatar

    Outstanding job, great choices throughout.

  • tsouthammavong

    Great work Ben. I notice DC dominates the Golden Era and Marvel the Silver Era.

  • bryan.mcclay

    I am very impressed. It was kept short and not like a lot of other “Hall of Fame” lists where every single “inductee” you could think of was on there. Made them mean something. Keep up the amazing work. CBSI set the bar high and keeping it there with stuff like this. No fluff.

  • Avatar

    The modern incentive/exclusives list, which is mostly is obviously just a “favourites” list of books owned by the powers that be here (particularly the Saga 1 Reprint, which everybody seems to have at least one of and LOSH 23 which was still going in the $400 range as recently as January 2016, get rid of that, and replace it with the ASM 667 Dell’otto, which has sold for four figures+ practically since it came out and was the first $10k modern that put Dell’otto on the map and you might have something). Also agreed about HOS 92, and SW 1 about the Bronze section with the post above as well, swamp thing has no business being there and neither does star wars 1, which was anything but a “low printed” book. Replace that over printed star wars book with an x men 94 and you’ll have a winner even if you keep the HOS 92. Not sure Bone 1 belongs on the Copper list either. Hardly a mainline copper age key. Put in any of the following – wolverine 1 mini, punisher 1, mini, Sandman 1 or 8 and you’ll have something more in line with reality.

    Love debating lists like this. Keep up the good work !

    • Avatar

      Lol do you realize the star wars book is the 35 cent price, which is extremely rare and incredibly expensive.

    • Avatar

      Lol. U may think that everyone has a copy of the Saga RRP but there are loadsssss of ppl who want to obtain one. Plus a lot who sold their copies now regret it because they didn’t expect the prices to keep increasing at the rate that it has.

      Completely agree with u on the LOSH 23. It’s a great variant but there are a handful of others that deserved to get in b4 that one. Besides the one u mentioned, Ms Marvel 2 Molina, UXM 510 partial sketch, and Black Panther 1 partial sketch variant come to my mind.

    • Avatar

      Swamp Thing may not belong there, but Wrightson does. HoS 92 is possibly his most iconic work and his legion of fans will forever want that tough black cover in high grade. It will never lose value no matter how irrelevant Swamp Thing becomes.

    • Avatar

      Mighty fine trolling sir, ASM 667 deserves a spot on the list, but so does Saga #1 Variant. Hell, Saga’s 300 to 500 print run is smaller than ASM 667’s 712 print run, so the “everyone has one” thing is trash. As for Wolverine #1 or Sandman #8, the “favorites” bias cuts both ways. They could make the list, but much further down the road.

      • Avatar

        712 for ASM 667? Uh, no, try 225.
        300-500 for the Saga 1 Reprint? Uh, no, try 1000-1500.
        Any questions? See how many of each are on the census and have come up for sale in the last 5 years.

        • Avatar

          There are only 232 Saga RRPs on th census. Most people who own this book know to get this book slabbed due to the disparity is sales value on the secondary market.

          Please explain how u come up with 1000-1500. And actual research would be nice.

          • Avatar

            “Only 232” on the census? That’s a lot. That’s a whole lot. Especially when compared to other, older moderns, that sell for a whole lot more, and yet have a fraction of that amount. Not sure what the statement about “people knowing to slab it” proves. People slab almost anything if they think it can make them even a small profit.
            So other than recalled comics, which was itself just citing urban legend, why don’t you tell me what authoritative source is where “500 total printed” actually originally came from? Because I’ve seen the original solicitation for the Saga 1 reprint, and it doesn’t say anything about there “only” being 500 copies printed. In fact, it was an open ended print run.

      • Avatar

        My stats came from CBSI, Image comics and Brian K. Vaughan. This is not a random Saga #1 reprint, CGC does not state that this comic is a reprint of any kind. They do state that this is a “retailer incentive edition” and the only way you could get one was to be a retailer and sit through Vaughan’s Saga introduction at C2E2 like the owner of “Buy Me Toy’s” did which is where I picked up mine.

        • Avatar

          Then I guess you haven’t seen this before:

          Not only is it a reprint, it is a THIRD printing. It has a later publication date from the original first print, and that it has a separate record on the CGC’s census.

          Now where exactly did Image or BKV state that the print run was “500”? That has never been stated by any authority anywhere. Recalled comics and other sites parroting that figure do not count as “authorities”. The number seems entirely made up and simply repeated to the point where it is is believed as a fact. It is not a fact. Not only do the bloated census numbers suggest otherwise, the solicitation for the actual book linked above says that the book was, in fact, sent out “one per attendee” after the summit, along with several other books. These summits had been held annually for more than a decade at this point and were well known and well attended by that point. It was also the first one after the launch of DC’s New 52, so it was hardly a small, secret gathering of a few people. This of course does not include additionalcourtesy copies that would also have been given out, creator copies, organiser copies, etc. That, taken together with the hundreds of high grade copies already on the census, and it’s easy to see why that “500” number is nonsensical. There’s a well known picture of one person alone who had 20-25 copies by himself. A much more reasonable and realistic estimate, all things considered, is 1000-1500 for the Saga 1 reprint.

          • Avatar

            Can CBSI fact check the wishing troll, I’m not doing this forever. It’s their HOF not mine. Saga fans, BKV put the print run in the letter column somewhere, feel free to look through it.

    • Avatar

      Again, my man, state facts, not lies. Recalled comics website says that it was limited to 500 copies. Please re-read that article again. Whether u believe that or not is ur choice. so yeah, show me ur research that proves it otherwise.

    • Ben Steiniger

      Nowhere do I definitively state the print run to be 500 for the Saga 1 RRP. People that have attended and estimated the attendance at these events have stated that 500 attendees is pretty accurate. 1 per attendee = appx 500. Because these were sent out afterwards, they apparently arrived to the recipients in high grade.

      I’m not sure about where you visit, but I travel a lot and have never seen this book for sale, other than eBay–which shows only 1 sold in 90 days and none listed for sale. I’m sure it shows up at some of the big cons, but to say that everyone has one is way off base.

      Regardless of whether there are 500 or 1000, or whether it is a 2nd or 3rd print, this is a highly coveted book among variant collectors, which is why it was voted in. Hopefully this will end the back/forth that is going on. Thanks!

      • Avatar

        Hi Ben. Thanks for confirming a few things. Just a couple of points to add. There are way, way more than 500 people who show up to those retailer summits. And also, there are actually two copies for sale right now on eBay. A raw copy and a 9.8 slab. Is this a book someone should expect to find in the wild ? Of course not. The way it was distributed, it would never be thrown into a dollar bin. Retailers show up to those summits just to get those books to mark up and sell and help cover the cost of the trip and then some. That’s why those books are offered- to get retailers to show up. Obviously we don’t “know” what the print run is exactly. But half of existing copies being slabbed is not likely. Not even plausible. There are at least two retailers I know that got around 25 copies apiece. I also know a few other collectors with 2+ copies that they are sitting on. There’s a picture of one of the hoards on recalled comics right now. So we know it wasn’t just “one per attendee” in spite of what the solicitation said. These books are out there. They aren’t falling out of trees, but they can be found if you want one. The barcode on the Saga 1 reprint tells you it’s a third printing. It’s actually not a variant. It’s a reprint with a different cover. Some people don’t mind that it’s a reprint. Evidently a lot of people don’t realize that it is a reprint and not a variant. People shouldn’t get so up in arms when you point things like this out to them. These are just comics after all.

  • Iñigo

    Made a mistake adapting the article to the website, the Star Wars #1 version Ben wanted in the HOF was actually the 35 cent version. Updated now.

  • Avatar

    Great work Ben. Thanks for all the effort, can’t wait to see the next inductees

  • Simon Payne

    i wish i had one of those Saga RRP’s lol, everybody has one GTFOH

  • Avatar

    A Key that I think is missing from the Bronze Age is actually considered the first Bronze Age comic and that is Green Lantern #76.

    It could also possibly be considered a Bronze Age Classic Cover too but I would instead choose Green Lantern #85 for that Category.

  • Avatar

    I know the Legion of Super Heroes doesn’t have the popularity it used to have, but Adventure 247 is certainly more iconic than Hulk 1. My petty two cents.

  • Avatar

    Love the respect for the King — great work, thanks for this!

  • Avatar

    This was fun! Thank you for this Ben!

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