The Macabre Avengers

The rules don't apply in Diesel City and for that we're diving inception deep into a hypothetically fictitious new superhero team. We're going a dream within a dream here, talking about fictional (but published) characters, and we're placing them on a completely fictitious squad.

This particular idea came to me from reading Justice League Dark. So my brother and I exchanged a few hours of texting and came up with the most supernatural team of all, the Macabre Avengers! (Yes I'm well aware of Marvel Spotlight 28: Legion of Monsters…not nearly as cool as this squad!)

We went for a basic team format with five members … Let's start with the leader of this horror squad:

Moon Knight (Marc Spector): first appearing in Werewolf by Night #32, he's the perfect leader of a macabre team such as this. He's an incredibly tough combatant that just so happens to be schizophrenic. Whether he's Steve Grant, Jake Lockley, or the aforementioned Spector, a guy completely insane leading a team of supernatural wackos just seems fun. If you don't have his first appearance, you won't, unless you don't mind shelling out a couple hundred bucks (for an off-grade copy). This cover is easily one of the best of the 70s.

Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze): Since there are three Ghost Riders that anyone actually cares about (Blaze, Danny Ketch, and Robbie Reyes) I'm sticking with the original. His first appearance is Marvel Spotlight #5. Also a steep book, so it'll be tough grabbing this one for cheap. Ghost Rider adds an excellent supernatural element and has battled some of the baddest villains in the universe.

Doctor Voodoo (Jericho Drumm): First appearing in Strange Tales #169, I'm going to use Voodoo when he became Sorcerer Supreme. He's one of the coolest characters in the New Marvel Universe and adds some serious depth to the group. He also is the most level headed of the bunch. This is a first appearance you can still get at a fair price and I think you should jump on! Especially with the Easter egg of his brother getting killed in the Doctor Strange movie. BUY THIS BOOK!

That brings us to Magik (Illyana Rasputin): first appearing as a baby in Giant Size X-men #1, but her first appearance as Magik is New Mutants #14. I think Magik has the most potential of anyone in this group. If Marvel continues to echo DC and sex up their female characters, Magik is a go to choice. Some of covers she has appeared on are just fantastic and I think Magik books could sky rocket in the near future. She adds the Inferno element to this group and also¬†a more level head…well, when she's not possessed.

Tomb of Dracula #10

Finally we have Blade (Eric Brooks): first appearing in Tomb of Dracula #10, Blade will prove to be the rebel that every group needs. Rarely complying or following any rules whatsoever. He's the wild card out of this bunch, and I'm assuming he'll choose to leave the team after only a few issues. Also another book that will be tough to acquire.

Some main villains: The Hood, Mephisto, Morbius, Blackheart, Fin Fang Foom…and many many more!

Let me know your thoughts, and who your group would be! Sorry for the brief article this time around, but I had some ghouls to hunt down! Hopefully coming up with your own Macabre Avengers will satiate your Diesel City Fix.

As always, ignore the bright lights…until you can't anymore.


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    throw in the man thing (Brute strength, teleportation and the burnie touchie thing) and you’ve got a hit.

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    Regarding Magik, she is also a Sorceress Supreme in her own right as ruler of Limbo (Although that isn’t talked about as much with whatever number of reboot Marvel is at now). She has trained under a Demon Sorcerer and Doctor Strange, provides the teleportation ability mentioned from SMC above, and wields one of the most powerful magical objects in the Marvel Universe.

    • A. J. Diesel

      Didn’t know that info about Magik, that’s great! Thanks for the knowledge! She is certainly a character with untapped potential!

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        Agree. She has been one of my favorite characters since her New Mutants days. If you are interested, I would pick up the 4-issue Magik series or GN. It gives her origin backstory, etc.

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    Not a big fan of ManThing interacting with other heroes, I’m of the opinion he works best alone in more human interest style stories.
    I like Brother Voodoo & Magick. And Ghost Rider. Maybe add the Devil Slayer instead of Blade, and the Gargoyle (from the Defenders). And the Golem.
    And since Groot has been so successful, let’s revamp another old Marvel Monster, I dunno which one though.

    • A. J. Diesel

      Great ideas my friend! Another monster is certainly waiting to be revamped!

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      I agree with this idea as well. why limit the team to 5 or so ? Devil slayer!! Gargoyle !! also yes!! How about N’Kantu, the Living Mummy (Mummies seem to be big nowadays) or Simon Garth( Wikipedia him)

      • A. J. Diesel

        Fine question, and there will certainly be slots open after Marvel allows me to create this hypothetical squad. I chose five because I’m a fan of the original Avengers and X-men. Take the Avengers for instance, starts as five. Issue #2 the Hulk leaves, issue #4 Captain America joins. Issue #16 the Avengers have a new lineup, and now everyone is an Avenger. That’s how I see this team working out..going to have a lot of baggage and personalities in this bunch!

  • tsouthammavong

    Who wins between this team and Justice League Dark?

  • Sandy Sutherland

    I would give this a read for sure if it came out.. Maybe toss Dr Strange on team and maybe Blades daughter for fun. Also maybe Toss in that Else Bloodstone.

    The more I think of this the more I am interested. Would be even better if Marvel made it for $3 an issue!

  • Nicholas Hart

    I wish this was a real thing I would read the heck out of it. Cool idea & killer team what about elsa bloodstone being included into the roster?

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