The Day After Wednesday for 5/25/2017

Want to know which books from yesterday’s new deliveries are already heating up and which ones are cooling? Here’s a “Day After” list that we hope will help! This isn’t a reflection on the quality, collectability or long term potential of recently released books. This is based on today’s market price for books that came out on Wednesday, 5/24/17. They could still be at your shop.



MAGDALENA VOL 4 #3 SPAWN VARIANT (IMAGE) – This was definitely my favorite “Spawn month” cover. However, I didn’t see any at a single shop. Only a few are currently listed on eBay. $15 is the current asking price and there have been several sales hitting that.

MOON GIRL AND DEVIL DINOSAUR #19 1:25 MARTIN VARIANT (MARVEL) – I totally thought that this came out weeks ago. I guess that was just the early buzz for it. While I don’t love this cover, I can see the appeal. And it’s a first appearance too, which is rare for a hot variant to contain. It’s selling for about $60, with some sales as high as $70 and as low as $30. It’ll be interesting to see how this book holds up to all its’ buzz.

SEVEN TO ETERNITY #6 SPAWN VARIANTS (IMAGE) – Individually they are selling for $10 each. Even though it’s hot, sales seem to be slowing down on it right now. I’m really surprised that this specific Spawn cover isn’t doing better. 72E is still pretty hot and it was the title I heard several people asking for today.


GOD COUNTRY #5 SPAWN VARIANTS (IMAGE) – This is still doing well with both the set selling for $15-$20.

GOLD DIGGER #242 HE-MAN MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE HOMAGE (ANTARTIC) – This was the other hot book last week that was selling for $40 by Thursday. Very few copies had hit eBay. However, by the weekend, people found copies, listed them and then watched their copies just sit there with little to no movement. The current asking price for a NM copy is $25.

STREET FIGHTER VS DARKSTALKERS #1 (OF 8) ARTGERM 1:20 VARIANT (UDON) – This was easily the hottest book last week with a sales height of $75. Prices have stayed mostly consistent and is still selling between $60-$75.

ZOMBIE TRAMP #35 FISHER VARIANTS (ACTION LAB) – Prices dropped a little, but still doing decent at $25 for the set and about $10 individually.



ELEKTRA #4 VARIANT (MARVEL) – While the most recent copy sold for $26 shipped, there really aren’t many copies hitting eBay. If you have one, this seems like a great book to hold on to and see where the market goes.

OLD GUARD #4 SPAWN VARIANTS (IMAGE) – While not as high as the other Spawn variants, it’s seeing some sales a little over cover.

RAPTURE #1 (NINJAK/SHADOWMAN) 1:50 SUAYAN SKETCH VARIANT (VALIANT) – For some reason, this variant isn’t moving as high as some previous 1:50 variants have, it’s still selling at ratio ($50). It has seen some high sales of $80, which was most likely an eager Valiant fan getting their copy before it dried up. Don't fret valiant fans, there are several copies of this available, which will most likely drive the value down a little more.

VENOM #150 (MARVEL) – Man, where to begin with this book. There are a lot of variants for this. So, why warm? Most of the variants seem to be selling low. Some, like the Stokoe 1:25 (at $7), are selling for really low prices. The 1:25 Del’Otto seems to be pretty available.  My stores seemed to be charging MORE then eBay, so I passed. They’re selling for $25 shipped. The Crain 1:500 is surprisingly available on eBay, which is great for buyers as a good deal can be had. It’s jumping all around price wise from as low as $250 (in VF) and as high as $424. The average price seems to be around $375. The other big book is the Bagley 1:1000. It’s seeing most sales around $800. The biggest variant, 1:2000 Bagley B&W, had a copy sell for $1200 and a VF copy at $950. You can buy one right now for the low price of $1500. The big question for these variants are; do you think they’re worth it? I’m not a fan for these huge ratio variants. However, I get it. If you have one, it’s probably fun to be one of the few to own it. I do think that these will most likely go down…. but I take pause saying that. It’s Venom, and he does have a movie coming up. These could pay off for those who were able to buy in at a decent price.



DIE KITTY DIE HOLLYWOOD OR BUST #1 (CHAPTERHOUSE) – While these are mostly selling for cover, I absolutely love the Dan Parent 1:5 variant.  Probably my favorite of the week.


JUNGLE FANTASY SURVIVORS #1 (BOUNDLESS) – These Boundless titles make Zombie Tramp (and Zenescope for that matter) look exceptionally tame.

I AM GROOT #1 (MARVEL) – The variants seem to have some interest. They’re nothing hot to rush out for, but there’s decent interest out there. The 1:50 Scottie Young is doing decently at $40-$45. However, Marvel is La Mole’ing their own titles and reprinted this variant from the 2013 Guardians of the Galaxy #1 variant that sells for $8. I think it looks better in color.


NORMALS #1 (AFTERSHOCK) – The 1:10 Torque variant is doing okay at $15. This book didn’t quite capture the same buzz as Animosity or World Reader.



REDNECK #1 2ND PRINTING (IMAGE) – Seeing how hot the 1st print was, I was expecting this 2nd print to get a little more then it’s currently getting. It’s pretty available at cover price despite some sales of $8 and $5.


SECRET WARRIORS #2 PUTRI 1:25 VARIANT (MARVEL) – You can pick this up at around $10 right now. However, I thought it’s a nice cover and should get a mention, regardless if it’s cool.




WONDER WOMAN #23 FRISON “B” VARIANT (DC) – While this isn’t even selling for cover price, it’s an awesome cover. Frison is an artist on the rise. I love her work and would love to see her do a more exclusive variant.


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