The Unpressable Defects 55

In this issue …. Movies, Niobe, books with staying power and much more!!!

Language warning! Contains strong language …


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    It’s still adorable to hear people talk about Amazing Spider-Man #299 as the REAL 1st app of Venom. The hell with pretty much everyone else in the word, keep your freak flag alive, man.

    • Khoi Cakes

      So that’s not Venom on the last page in full view speaking? Sure, #300 is the more desired/pricey book but we all know 1st appearances (even if “proclaimed” as such by grading companies) don’t always follow fact.

    • Avatar

      Trying to push the infinitely cheaper, non-desired book as a spec, after the real book has exploded beyond the point of no return seems to be part and parcel of the hobby now. “Cameos” versus “first full story appearances” has been a recognized distinction in comics since Overstreet, and the commensurate difference in values is always the same 99.9999% of time, with the only two notable exceptions being JO 134 and FF 48. So now we get to watch people try to pump ASM 299, because it’s a cheap book, nevermind the fact that the actual story within has nothing to do with Venom, and the cover itself is one of the ugliest that McFarane did. It’s cheap compared to 300, so let’s pump, pump, pump away.

      • Khoi Cakes

        Who’s trying to pump and dump a book? The two posts about the ASM 299 have been about price, price, price. But did you guys even think about it from the perspective of collecting/comic history? If you guys want think everything is about the dollar value, that’s cool, but don’t start assuming everyone is seeing things from a market point of view.

  • Avatar

    Let’s not get started with ASM #360!!

    That issue has a full splash page of Carnage, with speach in the middle of the damn story not on the final panel?! How dare the market for making issue #361 as the 1st App of Carnage?!?! LOL

  • Avatar

    I believe that’s shots fired.

  • MZircher

    FF48 is not a cameo.

  • Scott Robertson
    Scott Robertson

    really?? really? SMH…

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