Winners of the M&M Youngblood #1 announced! New Megacon Orlando Contest!!!

Winners of the M&M Youngblood #1!!!

As a reminder, this was for a chance to win M&M Comics‘ variant for Youngblood #1 limited to just 500 copies. Sorry for the delay with this, but here are the winners: Gwenpool4President and misfit138. Really enjoyed all of the entries but those two I particularly loved! Thanks to the generous souls at M&M Comics one more time!!!

New Contest: Win Megacon Orlando Variants

Now this contest is for the Megacon Orlando variants, the following Mattina and Meyers masterpieces:

Two sets up for grabs of these. To win one of them, you only need to answer the following question: what three comic books (TPBs/HCs/… included of course) would you take to a desert island?

Only one answer per account, comments will be closed next Thursday, one set will go to a random comment and the other one to the list of three I completely agree with, … Good luck and thanks, Fan Expo / Megacon Orlando!!!


  • I would take 3 omnibuses to have much to read ;o) : Fantastic Four #1 Omnibus, Batman by Neal Adams Omnibus, and Star Wars Omnibus 1.

  • Frank Miller’s Dark Knight. Alan Moore’s The Watchmen. Dave Stevens’ Complete Rocketeer.

  • Well, they’d need to be omnibuses, since I’ll be rereading them over and over again…

    Roger Stern Amazing Spider-Man Omnibus
    Star Wars: Darth Vader Omnibus
    X-Men: Age of Apocalypse Omnibus

    They’re nothing fancy, just some fun comics.

  • userX745

    Absolute edition Batman: Hush
    X-Men: Age of Apocalypse

  • jason jones

    Hulk: The End
    Infinity Gauntlet trade

  • Watchmen TPB with Commentary
    Y The Last Man Complete Collection
    Chew Complete Collection

  • DC Universe: The Stories of Alan Moore, especially for Superman Annual 11 and The Killing Joke
    Infinity Gauntlet Omnibus
    Rai 0 (1992)

  • I thought about this in 3 categories: Omnibus; Trade; Individual Comic (Comic)

    Omnibus: Absolute Dark Knight; Absolute Y: The Last Man, Volume 1; The Planetary Omnibus
    Trade: Superman: Red-Son; Daytripper; X-men: Days of Future Past
    Comic: The Killing Joke; Ultimate Spider-Men Issue 13 (Peter reveals he’s Spider-Man to Mary Jane); Ex Machina Issue 25.

  • 1. Neil Gaiman’s run on Sandman; 2. Alan Moore’s The Watchmen; 3. The Walking Dead

  • accustomfigures

    Pretty much any 3 Zenescope comics. Any three will do. And I’ll probably just need the covers.

  • 1. Planet Hulk
    2. The Watchmen
    3. Dark Knight Returns

  • I think an Omnibus would be too easy! I’ll be taking:

    Sandman: Preludes and Nocturnes
    X-Men: The Dark Phoenix Saga
    Maus I: My Father Bleeds History

    That’s all I need!


  • bryan.mcclay

    -Kingdom Come
    -Green Lantern: Will World

  • Omnibus all the way

    Punisher by Ennis
    Deadpool vol 1 for a laugh
    and Xmen vol 1

  • ECooper

    Green Lantern/Green Arrow Collection – Reprints Green Lantern 76-89, some of Neal Adams best work. Great social commentary that still holds up after all this time.
    X-Men: Dark Phoenix Saga – Reprints X-Men 129-138. Reading this story as a kid, this was the first time a “big time” super hero was killed. It was a powerful story by arguably the best Writer/Artist team-up on a series.
    Amazing Spider-Man: Kraven’s Last Hunt – This storyline was SOOOO dark for a Spider-Man book. Really well done.

  • I would bring (1) the Cerebus “High Society” TPB (which is thick enough to double as a pillow to sleep on), (2) “batman: the long Halloween” and try to pretend I don’t remember who Holiday was and (3) “promethea” because I’ll have plenty Of time to finally figure out the deeper meanings Alan Moore probably stuck in there. Thanks!

  • tsouthammavong

    Batman Hush – Kingdom Come – Superman Red Son

  • Vision Vol. 1 Little Worse Than a Man
    Vision Vol. 2 Little Better Than a Beast
    Low Vol. 1 The Delirium of Hope

  • 1. I would take the biggest/longest TPB I could find so I can use it as fire kindling.
    2. Spider-Verse to get me thru the day.
    3. Any zenescope comic for those lonely nights…

  • Watchmen tpb
    Infinity gauntlet tpb
    Killing joke

  • Batman: The Killing Joke
    Y: The Last Man

  • Starman Omnibus, Essential Captain America, Jack Kirby’s New Gods

  • Identity crisis
    Civil War
    Red son

  • Amazing Spider-man Omni
    Walking Dead Omni
    Anything from Desert Island Comics as a self humorous nail in the coffin

  • Omnibus for sure to have full reading material.

    1 – The Exiles from Marvel
    2 – Booster Gold Volume 2
    3 – Y the last Man (the irony)

  • Absolute Batman Hush
    Thor Walter Simonson Omnibus

  • Keith

    X Men the dark Phoenix saga
    Batman the killing joke

  • X-men vol 4 omnibus ,,,since I have the original comics I don’t mind using it for survival (fire protection pillow )
    Walking dead omnibus (survival guide)
    Silver surfer #50 cover to signal passing airplane or boat
    Wouldn’t want to take my collection due to weather damaging my beautiful collection

  • – Batman: Court of Owls absolute
    – Watchmen
    – Killing Joke

  • batman the long halloween. the walking dead tpb’s and absolute batman.

  • Justice
    Spider-Man Grim Hunt saga

  • Batman Judge Dredd Judgment on Gotham
    Complete Ghita TPB
    Indeh (Ethan Hawke)

  • Batman: Year One
    Batman: The Dark Knight Returns
    Batman: Hush

  • Jason Aaron’s Doctor Strange vol 1
    Rafael Albuquerque’s Ei8ht: Outcast
    Grant Morrison’s The Multiversity

  • Walking Dead Omnibus
    X-Men Omnibus
    Saga Omnibus

  • Watchmen.
    Invincible Compendium.
    Anything from Boundless Comics.. Jungle Fantasy would do. :))

  • Watchmen
    Absolute Batman Year One
    Astonishing X-Men by Joss Whedon Omnibus

  • Death of Superman
    Marvel’s Civil War
    Planet Hulk

  • I know this defeats the purpose of the question, but being completely honest. Stuck on an island solo…I am taking whatever the 3 largest Omnibus'(or is it Omnibi?) are and using the pages to wipe my ass once I finish reading it.

  • Demon Jim

    HC Civil War – hardcover would last longer in the elements plus Civil War is my favorite Marvel story

    The Incredible Hulk Omnibus Vol 1 – Hulk is tied with Hawkeye as my favorite superhero. Lots of classic stories here.

    Chew Smorgasbord Edition Vol 1 – I love Chew and it’s a shame their isn’t a complete collection so I’ll take what I can get.

  • longballburrell

    Wolverine: Origin HC
    The Amazing Spider-Man Omnibus Vol. 1
    Spider-Man: Kraven’s Last Hunt TPB

  • I would bring with me:
    Spiderman-Kraven’s Last Hunt TPB
    Captain America- The Bloodstone Hunt TPB
    Batman-Death in the Family TPB

  • The Walking Dead 100
    New Mutants 98
    The Amazing Spider-Man 129

  • bytemonkey

    1. Wildcats Issue № 2 (1992) – It’s chrome cover can be used as a light reflector to flag down/attract any rescue plane passing by.

    2. X-O Manowar Issue № 0 – The chromed plastic cover can be folded, shaped and formed for use as a cutting/stabbing tool for defense/hunting.

    3. X-Men by Chris Claremont & Jim Lee Omnibus (Volume 2) – This is for reading. The story and art in the comics of this omnibus is what got in me into comics.

  • 1 – Batman: Year One
    2 – The Dark Knight Returns
    3 – Watchmen

  • My idea is to take those:
    1) Batman Master Race
    2) Watchmen
    3) V for Vendetta

  • 1: Punisher: “Welcome Back Frank”
    2: Vertigo: “My Faith In Frankie”
    3: Dark Horse: “To Hell You Ride”

  • Any omnibus is the way to go.

    1. Y: The Last Man
    2. Walking Dead
    3. Bone

  • 1. The Nameless TPB because I would need all that time on the island just to figure out what the hell happened in that story

    2. The Tick Omnibus vol. 1 for some levity to distract me from such a dire situation

    3. Shanna She Devil TPB by Frank Cho in place of a real woman so I don’t get too lonely

  • misfit138

    Swamp Thing Bronze Age Omni
    My 1st print Dark Knight Returns HC
    The Amazing Spider-Man Epic Collection – Great Power

    Please contact me about the Youngblood #1 to my email I registered with.

  • Sandman Omnibus Vol 1, Vol 2, for reading material and the Battle Chasers Anthology for fap material because you know you are going to be tearing that sucker up non stop!

  • ‘Brief Lives’ by Neil Gaiman and Jill Thomson
    ”Crisis of Infinite Earths’ Absolute Edition by Marv Wolfman and George Perez
    ‘League of Extraordinary Gentlemen’ Vol 2. by Alan Moore and Kevin O’ Neill

  • Sandman Omnibus volumes 1 & 2
    Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind Box Set

    (part of my reasoning is that Mage: The Hero Discovered isn’t available in only one or two volumes, and I’ve already read Watchmen & Dark Knight Returns multiple times each.)

  • My comic list is the same as my “Eff, Marry, Murder” list in the same order.
    1. Wonder Woman by George Perez Omnibus Vol. 1
    2. Amazing Spider-man 601 JSC cover
    3. Amazing Spider-man 121 (You know becuase I am a A-hole like that and your really gonna need a twisted sense of humor to survive on an Island with only 3 comics.)

  • 1. Kraven’s Last Hunt
    2. Justice League #5. Batman one punching Guy Gardner is always a good read.
    3. Amazing Spider-man #283. First comic I ever bought.

  • Infinity Gauntlet Omnibus
    Batman: The Killing Joke
    The Ultimates Omnibus

  • 1. Neil Gaiman’s Season of Mist (collecting issues 21-18 of Sandman).
    2. Peter Bagge’s Buddy Does Seattle: The Complete Buddy Bradley Stories from “Hate” Comics
    3. Evan Dorkin’s The Eltingville Club

  • 1. The Killing Joke
    2. Civil War
    3. Essential Fantastic Four Vol 3

  • All star 58 (dat Kara….)
    Batman and robin adventures 8 (love Harley in this)
    Xmen 101 (just awesome)

  • Watchmen
    Frank Miller Daredevil Omnibus

  • Batman Year 1
    Batman The Long Halloween
    Batman: Hush

    When I start going mad I want all my hallucinations to know that they are a cowardly superstitious lot.

  • Chacho

    1. Saga of the Swamp Thing Vol1
    2. Batman: Arkham Asylum
    3. Watchmen

  • dpiercy

    Dark Knight Returns
    The Watchmen
    Planet Hulk

  • Black Hole (Charles Burns)
    Killing Joke
    Punisher Max

  • The Vision (Tom King)
    Batman: Hush