The Day After Wednesday for 5/17/2017 (LATE EDITION)

Want to know which books from yesterday’s new deliveries are already heating up and which ones are cooling? Here’s a “Day After Wednesday” LATE EDITION list that we hope will help! This isn’t a reflection on the quality, collectability or long term potential of recently released books. This is based on today’s market price for books that came out on Wednesday, 5/17/17. They could still be at your shop.



GOD COUNTRY #5 SPAWN VARIANT (IMAGE) – Both the color and B&W are selling for about $10, with some sales favoring one cover over another.  This was the one “Spawn month” cover that I wanted, but they went pretty quickly.

GOLD DIGGER #242 MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE HOMAGE (ANTARCTIC PRESS) – Totally forgot this one until Trey gently reminded me. The worst part of it is I’m a massive MOTU fan. Anywho…. it’s a solid $40 book right now. Want one? Try finding it. There are no more copies listed on eBay. I expect the next copy to go WAY higher.

STREET FIGHTER VS DARKSTALKERS #1 (OF 8) ARTGERM 1:20 VARIANT (UDON) – This was easily the hottest book of the week with a sales height of $75.  The majority of sales were around $60-65, which is where the current price seems to be (despite the large number of high asking prices).  It does appear to be drying up.   I have a feeling that once the online copies get delivered, a spike of new copies to the market should level the price down to $50/$60.

ZOMBIE TRAMP #35 FISHER VARIANT(S) (ACTION LAB) – I feel like this was a prank to just get people to ask out loud for “Zombie Tramp” at their LCS.  The heat on these Carrie Fisher variants (Risqué and Covered) seem to fizzle out on Wednesday when they were selling for a tad over cover.  However, yesterday, prices started moving up to about $12 for the covered and $18 for the risqué.  There have been some lower sales, but with not many listed or even sold, this will do well long term.  The current asking prices are $25 for each, with multiple watchers on the Risqué variant.


ALL STAR BATMAN #10 FIUMARA “C” VARIANT (DC) – Here’s a book I completely missed last week. Right out the gate it was selling for about $15. It started dipping a little over the weekend to $8 and then all the way down to $4 on Wednesday. But then, it bounced right back up to $15. B variants have definitely being moving up lately. It might be worth paying close attention to any “C” variants (still 1:1, order as you like) that come out in the future.

MINDBENDER #1 (SCOUT) – Cover A dropped to cover price, Cover B is a tad over cover and the 1:15 Hester Variant is selling between $20-$30. The ComicsPro Variant has been selling between $40 to $50. However, copies priced in that range are just sitting and one auction sale for a NM signed copy ended at $15. Is that a one-off or where the market is headed?

REGRESSION #1 (IMAGE) – The standard cover has dropped to a little over cover, the TCM Limited (to 700 copies) variant dropped to about $20 and the Spawn variants are selling for about $8. Cullen Bunn’s variant that he sold on his site (limited to 300 copies) dropped a bit to $60.

SUPERWOMAN #10 GUEDES VARIANT (DC) – Superwoman #10 is trending upwards and selling for $10 shipped.

ZOMBIES ASSEMBLE #1 (OF 4) TONY MOORE 1:50 VARIANT (MARVEL) – This is trending down. It’s most recent sales have been for $40 and $38, which one international sale as low as $17.



FLASH #22 “B” VARIANT (DC) – The Lenticular’s prices have been all over the place.  It’s sold from cover price to $15 (shipped).  I would say it’s pretty available at cover price right now.  My LCS had so many of these that I stayed away,

GRRL SCOUTS MAGIC SOCKS #1 SPAWN VARIANT (IMAGE) – Both the color and B&W seems to be selling for a tad over cover, with some sales as high as $8 and sets for $15.  You can still buy them for cover price on eBay.

ROSE #2 SPAWN VARIANT (IMAGE) – Prices have varied on these Spawn variants.  There have been some sales as high as $10, but it’s mostly available for cover right now.

SPAWN #1 25TH ANNIVERSARY DIRECTORS CUT (IMAGE) – These were surprisingly very hard to find yesterday.  One big shop nearby didn’t even order a single copy.  The McFarlane “Ultimate Spider-Man” variant is doing the best, selling from $6 to $12.  I love it and hate it.  I wish McFarlane did this “Greg Horn Deadpool style” (ala Deadpool #45 variant) with normal proportions, but he decided to do this Spidey skinny style body instead, which just doesn’t fit the character.  With that said….. I still bought one.  It’s still McFarlane.



AQUAMAN #23 “B” VARIANT (DC) – Because of the high interest and nice bumps the  “B” variants are seeing lately, I figure it’s time to add in the most talked about ones.  This “Quad-dent” variant is selling for cover.



IAN LIVINGSTONES FREEWAY FIGHTER #1 (OF 4) (TITAN) – All covers are selling for a little under cover.



SECRET EMPIRE #2 (OF 10) 1:50 CAMPBELL VARIANT (MARVEL) – Selling for $30.


SPAWN #273 (IMAGE) – Wait, no Spawn variant for this!?  Oh…… right.







  • The popularity of Gold Digger and Zombie Tramp is further proof that most people who buy comics are 30 year old teenagers that never get laid.

    • Matt DeVoe

      Sharon, you’re close. Specifically, one fits the needs of those who like topless decomposing zombie strippers. Which (thankfully) doesn’t quite exist outside of cosplayers. It’s a niche market, but who am I to judge. The other…. well….. technically He-Man’s boobs are bigger then hers. So, I don’t know what’s up with that. Maybe people love giant snarky Cheetahs? Look at that Cheetah! So sassy!!

    • These generalizations…. they’re so sweeping… and wrong.

      • I realize the error in my sweeping generalization. I should have put it’s proof that most people that buy THESE comics are 30 year old teenagers that never get laid. Sorry about that.

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