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It's been a while since we talked about CBSI Shops, so I thought I would bring them to the spotlight again.

What are CBSI Shops?

Well, we know many people who check out the website also buy and sell comics and many of them don't sound especially happy about any one of them, so we thought that we would provide an alternative environment to buy and sell their comics.

It's just that, a chance for people to sell their comics to the people who are looking for them.

Each shop is managed by its owner and transactions take place directly between the buyer and the seller, with no other interaction between them. We just provide sellers with the necessary tools.

The thing that you, as a seller, might find interesting is that if you are selling a comic that's featured in one of our articles, there will be a link to your product in our article, connecting a potential buyer directly to your shop.

What has changed? Why talk about it again?

Well, we developed a new homepage to make browsing through the different shops easier and About pages for every shop out there. We have more than 40 active shops right now with more than 2,000 comics for sale. These are not Psi-Force or Blue Devil either, these are hot comics, some of which you might not be able to find anywhere else. Take a look, I dare you! (If you have a Marketplace account, just fill in your wantlist and the system will let you know automatically what's up for sale from your wantlist on all the shops).

That's it? That's your pitch?

Well, there's something else I want to add … I think the CBSI Shops are a sound idea, so much so that I want to put my comics where my mouth is. All of the people who buy a comic from any of the shops starting this very moment and for the next two weeks will take part in a raffle. The prize will be a fresh NM French Dell'Otto Guardians of the Galaxy variant that came out last month:

Buy comics you want and a chance to win a free comic too? What are you waiting for?

Thanks for your time!!!

PS: If you are interested in getting your shop, we will re-open submissions soon. Thanks for your patience!


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    Great job ! :o) I’d like to open a shop but can’t right now (i don’t have a business paypal account) :'( Can’t wait to have mine…

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    Thanks for all the work you do Inigo! This is a great opportunity for buyers and sellers alike. Buy comics from people that KNOW comics. We are competitively priced and we know how to ship books and stock photos are NOT allowed. The browse function is key and the fact that the articles link you directly to books related to the article is awesome! Thanks again and keep up the good work!

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