Industry Giants Part 2 – Modern Cover Artists

OK these guys may not be household names but they are currently doing some of the best covers in the business. These are some of my favorite comic cover artists working today with a focus on their first pro work.

Felipe Massafera

Brazilian artist Felipe Massafera is an incredible cover artist who has done some amazing work on multitude of books including Green Lantern.

First pro work: Wolfskin 2006 HC

My favorites

Jeff Dekal

First pro work: Forgive me Father ( Comicxposure Variant )

Florida artist Dekal is fast becoming a favorite of mine. His work for Marvel has been some of the best in recent memory.

My favorites

Giuseppe Camuncoli

First pro work: Bonerest – Das Ende einer Welt ( Cover artist )

First American pro work: Swamp Thing 12 ( Pencils )

First American pro cover art: Bangkok 1

Most famous for his work on Spider-Man, Giuseppe’s cover art can be quite inspiring. Italy sure produces a lot of top talent in the comic industry!

My favorites

Captain Atom Armageddon #6 ( Collaboration with Dell’Otto )

Mark Brooks

First pro work: 10th Muse 7 ( Pencils )

Firstcover art: 10th Muse 1D ( 2002 )

Check out Mark’s Deviantart for advice on becoming a comic artist. It’s something everyone should read. There’s no easy answer, it’s all about dedication and Mark’s work reflects this.

My Favorites

Julian Totino Tedesco

First pro work: Kiss Comix 185 ( inks )

First cover art: The Remnant

Argentinian artist Julian Tedesco makes me wish I had put more time into drawing. He is one of the few artists I make a point to collect.

My favorites

Marco Checchetto

First pro work: Marvel Comics Presents 8 ( pencils & inks )

First cover art:Squadron Supreme 12

Marco has some really popular and tough to find variants. He’s done some really cool stuff you all should check out.

My favorites


  • I love Dekal’s work, especially his cover to Jessica Jones #4.

  • Love this article, and this captures “speculation investing” at its best IMO…educate on multiple artists who have what it takes to “pop” to next level of recognition and let the person reading make a call as to any follow-up. Worst outcome is I look at some dang good art. Kudos

  • I really enjoy Tedesco and Chechetto’s work, Dekal is quickly becoming a favorite as well.

  • misfit138

    Dekal and JTT are heads above the rest on this list. Ashley Witter is so amazing. Mention her.

  • This is a solid list. We like the same artists!

  • Massafara’s art reminds me a lot of the very underrated Bob Larkin, who did numerous painted covers for the old Marvel b/w magazines.

  • bryan.mcclay

    Awesome! Time to update the list.

  • Gwenpool4President

    Great picks! ?

    Jeff Dekal’s Poe Dameron #13 40th Anniversary cover is the truth.

    Mark Brooks is outstanding every time. Have you seen his cover for the upcoming Darth Vader #1? Out of left field for him, as far as style from his recent covers, but just as awesome – with a vintage twist. Knocked it out of the park.
    Related, Giuseppe Camuncoli will be doing the interior.

    Marco Checchetto is just ridiculously consistently good.

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