Market Report – May 2017 ComicLink Focused Auction

Welcome back everyone, today we’ll look through the results of ComicLink’s Focused Auction on 4 May 2017! This auction included a ton of pages from lower profile superhero titles and artists from the early-’90s to late-2000’s. Many of these pieces sold for between $100 to $250, with some even going for under $100; who says OA is unaffordable? Overall, results were solid for these types of pages, with almost nothing going for below FMV. Aside from these lower value pieces, many of the higher value works from more prominent artists outperformed expectations, some greatly so. Alright, on to the OA!

Psylocke #1, page 4 by Harvey Tolibao – $375

Psylocke #4, page 10 by Harvey Tolibao & Sandu Florea – $390

I was an underbidder on both these pages; Psylocke is my favourite X-Lady and that Tolibao line art is just so darn pretty! However, what prevented me from bidding higher for them is the presence of a significant mold infestation, which is usually the result of moisture damage or storage in extremely high-humidity conditions. I think these pages still fetched respectable prices though – which once again illustrates that physical condition has a much smaller impact on the value of OA than it does comic books!

X-Men #13, page 9 by Art Thibert – $902

Further evidence of the booming demand for early-’90s artwork is the very respectable performance of this Thibert piece. It is a nice page featuring bold images of three X-Men, but the fact that a page by Art (who isn’t one of the more prominent X-artists), now fetches this kind of money, is illuminating indeed!

X-Men #16, page 20 by Andy Kubert – $739

Andy Kubert X-Men OA continues its string of solid results, as previously discussed in my April 2017 Market Report. This early-run Kubert page doesn’t feature any main team members or action shots, but still managed to pull in a strong price. There were also two other Kubert pages from later issues which fetched $390 and $455 in this auction.

X-Factor Annual #7, page 27 by Joe Quesada & Joe Rubinstein – $337

The buyer of this Quesada page, with large, visceral images of Wolfsbane and Spiral (love her distinctive design) tearing into each other, got a good deal! Given Joe Q’s popularity and industry prominence (the Marvel Knights imprint started a Marvel Comics renaissance which continued under his watch as Editor-in-Chief), I believe Quesada’s early-’90s Marvel OA should be more highly-valued, especially in light of the high prices for artwork from his Kevin Smith Daredevil run.

Sensational Spider-Man #25, page 5 by Angel Medina & Scott Hanna – $300

Sensational Spider-Man #27, page 20 by Angel Medina & Scott Hanna – $300

There were four Medina Spidey pages from 2006 in this auction, and they sold for a healthy $300 each. Full disclosure: Angel is probably my second favourite artist (behind the immortal Ron Lim!), so I’m happy that the OA market recognizes and values his talents too. This could be another instance of the ’90s Effect in action, as Angel rose to prominence during that period, with a hyper-intricate rendering style and OTT action poses reminiscent of Todd McFarlane. Values of his other mainstream superhero work such as Warlock and the Infinity Watch, Incredible Hulk, Spawn and Venom: Dark Origin could also be on the rise, which hopefully spurs sellers to release more Medina OA to the market!

Uncanny X-Men #316, page 11 by Joe Madureira & Dan Green – $1,251

Well, it seems that ’90s Joe Mad artwork still pulls in the dollars, even a mediocre page such as this one with nothing much going on! Maybe it’s due to the 1st Appearance of Monet St. Croix in this issue? More likely, it’s because Joe’s art was mad popular in the ’90s (and to this day apparently), especially his UXM and Battle Chasers runs, so ’90s Effect blah blah blah. Hey Joe if you’re reading this, we’d all appreciate if you finish Battle Chasers sometime soon!

Dark Knight III: The Master Race #3, page 3 by Andy Kubert – $1,544

Wait, what’s going on here? $1.5k for a 1-year old panel page with headshots of an elderly gent? Andy’s new artwork (or any other artist’s for that matter) doesn’t usually fetch this much, especially a non-action/costume page like this one. I’m putting the sale down as an outlier, but if anyone believes this is the open market value of such pages, they can head over here to snap them all up (FYI this page is still listed at $625)!

All-New X-Men #11, page 22 by Stuart Immonen & Wade von Grawbadger – $480

Immonen’s star continues to shine brightly, as he’s given increasingly high-profile projects, and prices for his OA rise commensurately. This could also be due to his art style, which is slightly reminiscent of the in-demand Olivier Coipel. Immonen’s pages are available for sale here, where I expect the above splash page would have been listed for about $1k. However, do note that an All-New X-Men #9 panel page also sold in this CLink auction for $504, about what it would have been listed for on Fanfare.

Punisher #42, page 5 by Leandro Fernandez – $230

Fernandez Punisher pages have resumed normal trading after prices went haywire in a recent French auction, as discussed in my March 2017 Market Report. The arbitrage opportunity may still be there though!

Until next time, happy collecting!


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