Megacon Orlando Exclusive: Venom #150 by Francesco Mattina

Megacon Orlando is coming (May 25-28) and, if you are lucky enough to go, you could win the Internet by taking a picture with Stan Lee, Alice Cooper and a couple of the Stranger Things kids. Can you imagine all of that going on in the same picture?

For all of us who will not be making it, the Fan Expo gals and guys (organizers of Megacon Orlando), will, as they always do, offer their exclusive variants online, because (a) they're awesome (both Fan Expo and the covers) and (b) why not do it, right? I mean, if people are going to be buying these online, might as well do it from the original source.

Anyway, it looks like the good ol' Fan Expo organizers are taking it a bit easier this time (remember Dallas?) and just have two exclusives coming out, one of which is already on sale.

To be completely honest, I am not what you'd call a big fan of the ASM #678 variant or Venomized variants in general, but the concept has potential and when it's done right, it can be pretty bad-ass. Look no further than below for an example of things done right:

It comes in three flavors: color, B&W and virgin and, as I mentioned above, it's already on sale at, so if this is your kind of thing, don't wait too long.

Remember I mentioned two covers? The second one is DC, so it means it will only be available for sale online during the convention period. It's the final BA12 Fan Expo variant (they already have a cool idea in place for their next DC variants) and it's by Jonboy Meyers:

If you got the acetate version of the Dallas variant, you're probably saying ‘hey, this sounds familiar' and it should … The acetate cover had this image below the acetate layer. If you didn't get it or you prefer your Meyers in different comics, this is your chance. Well, not now, but the weekend of the con, whether you are there or you buy it online. (By the way, there's a chance that they might put for sale some of the Jim Lee Batmans from the last time too).

A couple of nice offerings and a contest to win both of them coming soon. Awesome, right?

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  • misfit138

    I’ll be there and I won’t be spending my money on these books. I love Mattina but this is not his best effort. His Captain America Road to War is sooooooooooooo much better. The Johnboy cover isn’t so great either. Disappointed this is what we get for Megacon this year. His BA12 Variant from last year were so much better. After last Summers variant BOOM I’m backing off unless it’s a Dell’Otto, Ross or Granov.

  • Avatar

    Man, I beg to differ. The seductive pose by MJ is juxtaposed beautifully with the grotesque nature of the Venom symbiote. The colors really pop too. Even the B&W one looks great. I personally love this cover and I had stopped splurging on these exclusive variants, but I believe this one’s a winner and will be very desirable now and down the road. Just my opinion though.

  • Avatar

    Awesome cover. I just ordered the B/W copy.

  • accustomfigures

    Predictable. Sex and slime and the sweaties come running with their straws. Not a fan of JBM either; everything he does looks like something from Killer Clowns From Outer Space.

  • tsouthammavong

    I hope they don’t sell the Jim Lee variants of Batman titles. I order two of each when it was on sale for the Dallas expo and I want it to be scarce as possible. I’m just selfish that way.

    I’m thinking the Venom 150 set will be mine soon. Great looking cover. Maybe I’m in the minority here but I like the colored version of variants covers better than the B&W. I think the color makes or break the cover. Color makes the cover stands out more.

    Keep up the great work Inigo.

  • Avatar

    Another Mattina cover that I love. Ordered the set.

  • Avatar

    Does anyone know the print run on the Megacon Orlando Venom 150 (Mattina) regular, B&W, and virgin? I just received mine in the mail and was curious.


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