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Surprise! Most of the books this week are here for the promise of a good story. Don't know if my self-defense system has started filtering out the elitist variants or it's a just a relaxing week. Spawn variant month begins (Black Cloud #2, Regression #1 and Renato Jones Season 2 #1), Dan Mora seems to be doing half of Marvel's weekly covers (just two this week) and more, in the week of comics!!!

All-Star Batman #10

New villain and (if I didn't misread) the last Snyder Batman story in a while? This looks like a safe bet.

Superwoman #10 Renato Guedes Variant

Honestly I have no idea what this series is about, I know readers are enjoying it, but in the age of the Internet, people enjoy all sorts of weird stuff. In any case, this tribute cover seems to be heating up.

Bug! #1 Paul Pope Variant

Don't think this will be hot, but it's Allred let loose on Kirby's DC creations and you can go with a Paul Pope cover to complete a package of awesome.

All-New Wolverine #20 Helen Chen 1:25 Variant

The series is doing good and there are some changes introduced in this issue. I would have put this issue here regardless of the variant. People are excited. Marvel are pushing.

Deadpool #30 Rob Liefeld 1:100 Variant

It's been like 5 minutes since Liefeld's latest crazy ratio variant at Marvel (maybe he should work on the Deadpool OGN that should have come out 2 months ago instead). It's a 1:100 but it actually features 1.5 feet, which is pretty good for the Robster.

Old Man Logan #23 Bill Sienkiewicz 1:25 Variant

Kinda funny to have Liefeld and Sienkiewicz side by side … Everybody's loving his latest Marvel variants and I don't think they are going to stop the love with this one.

Zombies Assemble #1 Tony Moore 1:50 Variant

Possibly my favorite cover this week. I love Tony Moore doing superheroes. Will definitely try to get this and probably won't find it anywhere for a reasonable price, because who's ordering 50 copies of a translated Japanese manga?

Medisin #1

Healthcare for supervillains! reads the tagline. Funny timing, great concept, Action Lab doing a fantastic job with their latest new offerings.

Mindbender #1

Scout seemed to have found a bunch of interesting books. This new series looks pretty awesome and don't forget about Solar Flare #2 coming out today too.

Heathen #1 2nd Printing

Heathen going for a 2nd print and people who missed it the first time around will try to get it as it's been getting a lot of buzz.

Image April Fools Variants

Possibly the last two? Like the fact that The Fix / Curse Words crossover, which started in the Curse Words variant, continues in The Fix … This will probably end up happening. Invincible's finally here after the production error or whatever.

The Fix #9 Invincible #135

Dan Mora Marvel Covers

SwApe of the Week

Let's face it, I am going to be reminding you of these swipes until the series is over. What can I say? You have to admit, Taylor being a mutant would be a pretty big reveal, though! Love the work Rivoche is putting in these …

That's it for this week. What would you buy? There can be only one!

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  • accustomfigures

    Eternal Warrior Awakening One-Shot would have been a nice addition. Venditti returning to the character after having just written him in what is arguably Valiant’s best series to date. Plus a cool Clayton Crain cover to boot!

  • A really slow week, but not bad for Batman. There’s a beautiful Batgirl variant for Batman/Teenage mutant ninja turtles Adventures #6 and All Star Batman #10 C cover with the new character is hard to find in mint condition.

  • Sandy Sutherland

    I really liked both Superwoman covers this week. The one feature here was a tough one to find.

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