Another week another set of hip hop covers!

Monsters Unleashed 5 Jungle Brothers: Straight Out The Jungle
I don’t know many Jungle Brothers songs off the top of my head but Because I Got It Like That was a favorite of mine growing up.
X-Men Blue 1 Masters Of Ceremony: Dynamite
I have to admit, I have heard of Masters Of Ceremony but can’t tell you what songs they have released. This album was a little before I really started listening to hip hop.
Black Bolt 1 Pete Rock: Petestrumentals
Good Ol’ Pete Rock…a great DJ who teamed up with CL Smooth to release They Reminisce Over You…if you’ve never heard that song I implore you to listen to it!
Civil War II 1 Team Iron Man Onyx: Bacdafucup
How can I not love an album with the song Atak of da Bal-Hedz! Everyone knows the song that made Onyx famous, Slam but the rest of the album is great too!
Civil War II 1 Team Captain Marvel Ultramagnetic MC’s: Critical Beatdown
I will admit I have never heard of the Ultramagnetic MC’s…pretty cool name though.
Thunderbolts 1 Naughty By Nature: Naughty By Nature
Most people know Naughty’s famous O.P.P track but Uptown Anthem happens to be one of their better hits.

That’s all for this week…I’ll have more homages soon!

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