The Day After Wednesday for 5/4/2017

Want to know which books from yesterday’s new deliveries are already heating up and which ones are cooling? Here’s a “Day After” list that we hope will help! This isn’t a reflection on the quality, collectability or long term potential of recently released books. This is based on today’s market price for books that came out on Wednesday, 5/3/17. They could still be at your shop.



PESTILENCE #1 (AFTERSHOCK) – It’s awesome to see a new book selling really well on day 1.  This book is one of those.  Therefore this is technically HOT.  By last night, the standard cover was selling for $15, the 1:10 variant for $30, the EH! 2 issue variant set for $50 and the Mike Rooth connecting cover set (4 books) at $175.  Here’s the problem, almost everyone picking these up yesterday had the intention of instantly flipping them.  So, the market floods, people panic and then the undercutting begin.  The undercutting hasn’t quite happened yet, but it will.  There are currently over 100 listings of this book.  That is crazy.  Usually, hot new “hard to find” books hit eBay with 20 or so copies.  But there are just so many of these listed.  Because of this, sales have frozen for the moment until the prices start dropping.   The Eh! Variants will probably hold the best out of the bunch.  Even the 1:10 might be okay.  The Rooth 4 issue pre-order set will most likely take a big tumble.

STAINED #1 (OF 5) 1:5 JOCK VARIANT (451 MEDIA) – So, apparently this 1:5 is selling for $20 shipped.  There are 10 copies currently listed.  The standard cover and blank variant are selling for a little over cover.



BRITANNIA: WE WHO ARE ABOUT TO DIE #1 (OF 4) 1:50 JOHNSON VARIANT (VALIANT) – This variant shot up to a high sale of $100.   However, several auctions are closing at about $46-$48.

ELEKTRA #3 1:25 DEODATO VARIANT (MARVEL) – After a high sale of $60, the current prices have been jumping between $30-$40.

MICRONAUTS WRATH OF KARZA #1 (OF 5) 1:25 POPE VARIANT (IDW) – Only one copy hit eBay last week and it sold for $100.  This week, 3 copies show up to eBay and were listed from $90 to $110.  Those copies have not moved at all.  It still seems pretty rare.  The question is, what will they sell for?

MIGHTY THOR #18 STEGMAN CABLE VARIANT (MARVEL) – This is still selling for about $12.

NAMWOLF #1 (ALBATROSS) – The standard two issue set is still selling well at $25 shipped.  The B&W variant was doing really well until one seller started blasting them out at around $16 each.  After those moved, the prices jumped back up to $30.

SUICIDE SQUAD #16 BERMEJO VARIANT (DC) – Prices have varied on this.  Some were as low as $5 and others as high as $15 (probably dependent on condition).  There was one seller who had a listing for two copies at the low price of $500 or best offer.  He accepted $17.

REDNECK #1 GOLD/SILVER FOIL (IMAGE) – These took a slight dip down to $30-$40.  These are great to hold on to as they could see a bump in price as copies disappear from eBay.


IRON FIST #3 1:50 JONES VARIANT (MARVEL) – This is a book to watch.  It was incredibly hard to find yesterday.  I doubt too many stores ordered 50 copies of Iron Fist to qualify for this.  There was one pre-sale at $50 and we only have a mere 5 copies on eBay right now.  There are two BIN at $130 and $160.  The 3 auctions currently running will help set the official price for this variant.  It will be interesting to see how those end.



AB IRATO #1 (OF 6) (LION FORGE) – This looks like it’s an English reprint of a French comic that came out several years ago.  The story sounds really interesting, so I might track this down.


ALL NEW GUARDIANS OF GALAXY #1 (MARVEL) – None of the incentive variants are performing well.  The Yu 1:50 is only selling for $15 to $20 right now.



BANE CONQUEST #1 (OF 12) (DC) – Poor Bane, still trying to conquest stuff.

BLACK BOLT #1 (MARVEL) – The 1:25 Pope variant is only selling for $15.



DAMNED #1 (ONI) – The Red Foil C2E2 variant is a decent $20.



IMAGE FIRSTS: BLACK MAGICK #1, FIX #1, GODDAMNED #1, HEAD LOPPER #1, KILL OR BE KILLED #1, RENATO JONES ONE PERCENT #1, SEVEN TO ETERNITY #1, SNOTGIRL #1, THINK TANK #1 – There are a lot new Image First that came out yesterday.  They rarely go up in value, however they’re great to grab and add into your listings for a bonus “reader copy”.

INJUSTICE 2 #1 (DC) – I kind of wish the INJUSTICE-verse was the main DC universe.  They are really fun reads.

JEAN GREY #1 (MARVEL) – The Hans 1:50 is selling for $20-$30.




SECRET EMPIRE #1 (MARVEL) – The premiere variant is selling for about $25-$35, The Campbell 1:50 is selling for $30-$40, 1:25 Granov at $10-$15 and the Party sketch is $25.  These seem okay but none of them are earth shattering.  Big event books like this always see sharp drop offs in value.  The print runs are just too big and copies are plentiful.


SPIDER-GWEN #19 CRAIN RESURRXION VARIANT (MARVEL) – There was some misunderstanding about the appearance of Gwenom in this issue.  To be fair, the Venom symbiote DOES appear, but there’s no Gwenom.  Luckily, I don’t see any high pre-sales or completed listings.  So, hopefully those that bought early copies didn’t get burned by buying too many.

SWORDQUEST #0 (DYNAMITE) – Multiple listings of the full cover set (including the 1:100, 1:50 and 1:25) sold for $25 total.  If you want it, there are several copies of the 1:100 still selling for $20.


WALKING DEAD #167 (IMAGE) – Selling at cover.

YOUNGBLOOD #1 (IMAGE) – I had a warm place in my heart for Youngblood.  It was my very first comic I ever owned as a kid and it is essentially responsible for my entry into this hobby/way of life.  While I don’t see myself picking up this current series, I do like the homage cover by Finch.


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    Snagged a copy of Pestilence and now I’m just planning on holding on to it for the foreseeable future, the sheer number of listings is ridiculous. Here’s hoping it becomes an HBO show or something.

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    I picked up Pestilence for the PC and was disappointed with it. Eventhough it wasn’t what I was hoping it to be it’s sad to see the number of listings. Everyone wants to make four bucks?!… Its not worth it for the troubles. Let someone who may be drawn to it in the store snag it instead.

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    I love the Micronauts, and the Pope cover is awesome, but $100 is too much. Has there ever been a Micronauts book that delivered significant Return on Investment?

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    Do you think the X-Men Gold #3 Campbell variant should be added to the warm section? It’s a 1:25 with most copies selling around $30. That’s on par with his 1:50 Secret Empire variant this week, and personally think it’s a nicer cover than the Store Exclusive for issue #1

  • tuffguyfinds

    I was the one who grabbed that Britannia variant for $48. I read the issue online and liked it. It held my attention throughout, so I have hope for it. Never really know how the market will go, but I’m juuuust learning how to “buy what you like” and live with the prices paid.

    • accustomfigures

      Glad you liked it. I liked the first series, but just this first issue of vol2 was even better. I grabbed 2 of the 1:50 for $40 ea and I’m sitting on them. Should be a solid series, and the first appearance of a very badass chick.

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