Win Youngblood #1 M&M Comics Variant!

Time for another contest! This time it’s M&M Comics‘ Youngblood #1 variant by interior artist Jim Towe. This exclusive is limited to just 500 copies and looks pretty awesome:

M&M Comics have given us 2 copies to give away and this time we thought it’s time for a lot of you to come out as a Liefeld fan. To win this, just let us know about your favorite Liefeld moment … It could be an over the top moment, it could be a genuinely great bit of art or story (?), but let’s not bring up the feet or that Captain America ever again, please.

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  • redpandacomics

    My favorite Liefeld moment; it would be real easy to mention Deadpool here, but I most respect Liefeld for taking the chance on leaving a career and much success at Marvel and Co-founding Image. Not many would have done that 25 years ago.

  • Liefeld is synonymous with comics in the 90’s, in all their ludicrous glory. His take on Cable and Shatterstar are iconic 90’s cheese!

  • The first time he drew hands at the proper proportions to the rest of the characters body. (You only said feet).

  • The time he told his (agent? Person who hired him?) at a show to stop being an ass and did sketches on our comics for free.

  • Well I grew up on the 90’s X books and those first X force books were always fun to read. I didn’t really know names of artists or writers at the time but it was one of the books I had to have. Then having x force go against the juggernaut with spider man thrown into the mix was an all time favorite. Time to go home after work and reread that crossover

  • Gwenpool4President


    He was doing this show Nerdy Pop and he would spotlight comics he liked for the week. He did the most amazing retelling of Batman #1 from Rebirth. When I saw it I thought it was amazing. He did it with such vigor and childlike wonder, like he never lost his love for enjoying comics.

    I got this sense that he would have have retold the comic the same way even if the cameras were off.

    The dude is genuinely goofy and I love that about him. I think he found the perfect line of work for himself. He fits right in the comic world, perfectly.

  • For me, it was the introduction of Cable (not Deadpool) in New Mutants #87. Since the New Mutants v1 series is the first books I bought with my own money; seeing them become more edgy and have to grow up some really solidified my love for the series. Besides, this issue is also the first full appearances of the MLF including Stryfe so pouches be …..well you know the sentiment. Yes I do know that Louise S. was the writer…..

  • When he signed my New Mutants 87 and 98 eight years ago at a local convention show. We chatted it up when I was a pre-teen back then. He was a really cool fun guy. Nice smile and very personable. He told me he didn’t go to college for art. He said he was lucky enough to teach himself. Talent sure can’t be taught elsewhere!

  • My favorite Liefeld moment had to be when I first met him in person at WonderCon back in 2012. He was late to his booth and a lot of people had lined up waiting for him to sign his books. As he arrived, he greeted every fan in line and apologized for being late. Also, he normal charges for his sig, but because he was late he waived the price of his sig for the first 2 books. I thought this was really cool of him to do and tells me what kind of person he is. He may not be the best artist, but he’s a real nice guy.

  • accustomfigures

    My favorite Liefield moment was the day I met him at Wizard World Chicago probably about 9 or 10 years back now. His line was insane and Machete don’t do lines. As he was packing up for the night and stepping out to leave, My brother and I trapped him and asked it he had time for one last doodle. He was more than willing, grabbed the 2 back boards we had and much more than doodled, for each of us, a Deadpool sketch. Really cool guy! Still have the sketch.

    I know that breaks from the norm, so my comic moment is the cover to New Mutants #94. Badass Cable. Badass Wolverine. It has that old school X-Men vibe that is totally gone today.

  • Deathstroke and Lobo !!!! That would be the moment for me.

  • dpiercy

    I really enjoyed The Infinite, which was the Liefeld/Kirkman collaboration. Unfortunately, it was never finished.

  • The most memorable moment for me, even though a long time ago, was when Rob made the Levi’s commercial. Was super cool to see a comic book artist held to the respect to be a mainstream spokesperson.

  • Helping to start Image, after leaving Marvel, was a ballsy moment.

  • I love the cover of X-Force 9! It’s cool.

  • For me, it has to be leaving Marvel and helping to start Image – as a teenager, it opened up my eyes to possibility of books and stories outside of the Big Two.

  • misfit138

    I just met Rob for the first time at Tampa Megacon this past October. I didn’t realize, until years later, that I had first met Rob in 1988 in San Francisco at a show. The program for that show was done by Will Eisner and it is magazine size. Stan Lee was also there. I got Mr. Eisner to sign the cover (there was no one in line for him, and I thought, I’ll go get this old dude to sign this because no one is talking to him, I had no idea who he was then, and I’m glad I did). I just had Stan sign the book 2 weeks ago at C2E2 to complete it. Any ways, so in the back of the program is an area for sketches. I went around and had some of the artists do sketches. I got head sketches from Rob Liefeld, Eric Larson, Ron Lim and Bode Miller to name a few. Liefeld did a Hawk and Dove head for me (I’m not sure which of the 2 it is). So I took a picture of the sketch for him to show it to him at the show and he was genuinely blown away and said, oh my gosh, can I take a picture of your picture. At first, not thinking, I said, why don’t I just text it to you. 🙂 He took a picture and was thrilled to have seen some of his work from 28 years ago. Next time I see him I’ll bring the program and show him the sketch in person. By the way, Mrs. Liefeld is very hot!

  • When he let Cable form X-Force for the first time. That to me is when he started to roll.

  • I’m a huge Image fan…..without Rob, it may not have happened.

  • Well there was that time last year at Comikaze that I was getting my NM 87 signed and was $15 short and sporting the $150 VIP pass. Yeah…He made me go to the ATM.